Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 590


Danny Rand arrived at the address on the paper and saw that it was an ordinary house in a downtown area. He observed in case anyone entered or left the house as he had to remain vigilant no matter how weird it would be. After a while, he didn’t see anyone around and immediately opened the house with a key that the man gave earlier. 

As he entered the house, he didn’t find any trap on the door, but he immediately saw some strange documents on the table in front of him. Danny immediately checked the document and was surprised to see the content! He quickly flipped through the document to thoroughly check the content of the document. It was records of a peace conference and a document about the truth of his parent’s plane crash! 

He never thought that the one who murdered his family was none other than his father’s partner, Harold Meachum! He kept reading the document, and his complexion changed once again as he learned that Harold has already suffered from Cancer. Harold struck a deal with Mrs. Gao in despair to gain his health back, but the price for his deal was the death of three of his family! Unfortunately, Harold lived alone and the closest he had to a family was the Rand Family! 

In the past 15 years, Rand Corporation has been controlled by Harold Meachum and, secretly, by the Hand! Harold Meachum himself couldn’t do anything as the Hand wrapped him around their finger. These documents that contained all the truth of what happened after the death of his parent overwhelmed Danny! 

But one thing for sure was that Danny could trust the man from earlier. There was no doubt in his mind that the Five Fingers of the Hand had been killed, and the Hand should be in utter chaos right now! He had to inform his master as soon as possible because this was the right time to put an end to the Hand once and for all! 

. . . . . . . . . . . .

At night, a man in his 50s sat uncomfortably on a sofa, looking frightened as he poured a tea into a cup with shaking hands. The reason behind his fear sat across him, which was a man with a fiery blue skull! 

“The time has come. Now tell me your answer!” The Blue Ghost Rider said indifferently. The General was shaking to the point that he even accidentally poured the water out of the cup. He immediately took the kettle to the table and took a deep breath to calm himself down. 

“As long as I destroy the building that you specified, you promise me that my wife and children would be fine, right? They won’t go to hell later, right? But what kind of assurance do you have for all this?” the man asked frightenedly. 

“Maybe you want to experience hell again?” the ghost rider said with a smirk on his face. 

The man was instantly horrified by the Ghost Rider’s word. He couldn’t forget his experience in hell as the demon in front of him brought him to hell for a couple of seconds! The following fact that his family’s life was also in this demon’s hand took the choice away from him!

“Okay, I will do as you say!” The man said frightenedly. Although he didn’t know why the demon wanted him to destroy the building, it was better than killing another person! At most, he had to give a reasonable explanation to the public later! Furthermore, he could get some other benefit from this demon later, such as a longer age. 

Robbie, the Blue Ghost Rider, sarcastically laughed as he saw through the nature of the man in front of him. He knew that the man was full of greed and treasured his life the most! But that didn’t matter right now. As long as the man could do his task well, Robbie’s contract would be completed soon!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

It was calm and peaceful for the past two days, which bored Stephen and Steve’s team! But they know that the storm would come soon. Sure enough, at ten in the morning, a large number of troops showed up in the street of New York and London, and the army immediately blocked the street towards the two Sanctuaries in the city. 

Everyone who witnessed the situation immediately knew that there was something off, but as they saw so many soldiers with heavy artilleries, they were afraid to voice their minds. 

“Anyone inside the building, listen up! This building has been surrounded! We receive a report that an international wanted criminal has hijacked this building and used it as a hideout! Everyone has to come out now for an inspection!” The army general said via speaker towards the Sanctuary. Dio and Stephen that stayed in the respective Sanctuary, immediately noticed that something has gone terribly wrong! 

Dio himself began to think that his identity has been exposed, so Dio immediately changed his appearance before walking out to see what the army wanted. He ordered Pietro to take Wanda somewhere safe in the meantime. The moment he walked out, he was welcomed by so many guns pointed at him, so Dio immediately raised his hands as a way to say that he meant no harm and willing to cooperate with the army. 

The army saw that the man didn’t have any weapons and began charging inside the Sanctuary uninvited! “Report, sir! There is no one else inside, and we already set everything in order!” a soldier said to the general. Dio frowned as he didn’t understand what they were setting inside the Sanctuary, but it quickly hit him that the army was setting a bomb inside the Sanctuary.

Sure enough, the general pulled out a trigger and immediately pressed it! A blaring sound was heard from inside the Sanctuary as the bomb set off, but the general frowned as the building wasn’t destroyed, although he could see the fire raging inside the building!

“What is this? who set the bomb so poorly!” The general shouted angrily.

“No, we don’t know what happened, but we are sure that the bomb was set perfectly, sir!” The soldier said with a frown on his face.

“Doesn’t matter, now destroy the building and make sure that the surrounding building doesn’t receive any damage!” the general ordered coldly.

“Yes, sir!” the soldiers shouted at the same time as they pulled out a bazooka and aimed it directly at the Sanctuary. 

Dio immediately understood what was happening. It was clear that the army only wanted to destroy the building, not capturing anyone! He didn’t expect the Ghost Rider would use the army power to achieve its purpose! Fortunately, he already set up the Mirror Dimension in advance. Otherwise, the Sanctuary would’ve fallen by now!

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