Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 74 Good Harvest


As soon as the Blob was finally killed, the rest of the mob ran away from Dio quickly.

They didn’t know how the kid killed their boss, but all they knew was the fact that the kid was probably a more powerful mutant than their boss!

Dio looked at the escaped Mob, but he didn’t have any interest in killing them.

Instead, he began to search every room for anything good as a souvenir to bring back.

He soon came across a basement in the room he thought the Blob resides.

He found numerous guns, bullets and 2 safe boxes.

Dio immediately took an interest in the safe box, he immediately ripped open the front side of the box with the help of [The World].

He immediately smirked as he felt satisfied with what he found!

Inside the box, there were pounds after pounds of gold bars!

Dio immediately transferred all the gold in the box into the system and found out that he had a total amount of 250 gold.

He opened another safe and immediately felt something was wrong.

With that huge amount of gold, they only had $500.000!

There was no way they only had that much money after selling so much gold, where did the money go?

William alone sold Dio nearly 1 million dollars worth of gold!

As the source, that guy was supposed to have more money than William!

Dio didn’t believe that guy would have a bank account to hide his money.

A bank account would question his money traffic definitely.

Dio kept searching until he was convinced that he already turned that place upside down, and he still couldn’t find anything else in this place.

He was a little bit disappointed but he knew that the amount of resources that he got now wasn’t small at all.

He intentionally left some fingerprint with [Khnum] as he knew that it could throw off the investigation.

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He also set fire to some room to make it like a crime of passion!

After some distance, Dio immediately changed his appearance to become someone else entirely.

He bought a new set of clothes from a nearby store and quickly changed all cash he got from the mob’s hideout earlier to gold!

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Nearly $800.000 has been spent for 16 Kg of legal gold!

He thought of finding another Illegal Gold Supplier but he immediately changed his mind.

He didn’t want the hassle like before happened again soon.

So, he felt fine paying for some amount of taxes for now.

In the dark alley behind some stores, after confirming that there was no one and camera around, he transferred the gold he bought earlier into the system and changed his clothes with the new one.

After doing all that, he immediately walked out of the alley.

Dio casually strolled among the morning New Yorker to the direction of the hotels he previously left two women in.

He was sure the two women wouldn’t wake up.

He already made sure of it!

As he strolled in front of the hotels, he looked around and noticed that the two agents from earlier were still there waiting for him.

They were extremely dedicated, Dio felt a little bit sad seeing people doing their job like this, but also the naughty side of him was laughing seeing that he has easily deceived a seasoned agent.

He immediately entered the hotel in a hurry, and he used [The World] once again to block the camera on the hall as he wanted to enter the room.

After he entered the room, he smirked one more time.

He felt satisfied to see that the women still slept soundly.

He immediately changed back his appearance to normal, as he no longer needed to change his appearance for now.

He now knew that [Khnum] was a super ability in that world!

No matter what people said, he already used it to prove his point!

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