Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 75 Poor Will


Dio took off his clothes and immediately lied between the two women to complete his alibi.

After an hour, the woman began to wake up one after another.

They seem to be confused as they saw each other and Dio, he knew that those two ladies probably forgot what happened last night.

Dio woke up and smiled at them, and he immediately asked them to join him for breakfast.

After having breakfast, the women reluctantly left Dio, but they didn’t forget to leave their real name and number to Dio.

Dio only smiled as he took the number from the women and made his way back to the restaurant.

On his way out, Dio noticed the two SHIELD agents were looking at him jealously.

They didn’t have the time to play around like Dio did last night, thus making them felt somewhat sad for their life.

After arriving at his restaurant, Dio immediately brewed a pot of tea for him to enjoy.

He wanted to relax after a hard night.

Furthermore, he needed Will to clean up the restaurant first.

Without anything to do, he better sat down and relaxed.

After quite some time, Dio was already bored of waiting. He immediately called Will’s phone for a quick reminder that he still had work to do that day.

After a few calls, Will finally answered and by the sound of it, Will was currently ’busy’!

Will immediately hung up after a few words, as Dio was shaking his head in amusement.

At the very least, he knew that his money wasn’t wasted last night.

At noon, Will finally arrived at the restaurant with a frown on his face.

“Bro, what’s with the long face? Aren’t you happy to have sex so early in the morning?” Dio asked curiously.

“Those damn bitches! They took all my money while I was in the shower and immediately left! They are no different than a damn prostitute!” Will said furiously.

Dio immediately laughed out loud, he found Will’s misfortune to be really funny.

Will didn’t know that the two ladies who accompanied him last night probably were prostitutes.

But after seeing his friend was really distressed, Dio decided not to say anything regarding that matter.

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“Come on, let’s get you something to eat. You must be starving, right?” Dio said as he assured Will to come inside.

“Did you also experience the same thing as me last night?” Will said curiously.

“Nah, I only gave my money to the hotel and to pay for last night’s expenses.” Dio said while smirking.

Dio also threw the notes that the women gave that morning, he knew that notes will rile Will some more.

After taking a look at the notes Dio threw at him, Will immediately got up and do his job while a quite murmur could still be heard from his mouth.

It seemed that Will was cursing Dio’s luck!

“By the way, how about your date last night? aren’t you supposed to go with the IRS beauty?” Will said curiously.

“Yeah, but I guess after hanging out with you, I’d rather go out with her another time. So, I said some excuse, and that’s about it.” Dio said indifferently.

He knew that Will wouldn’t ask any more questions about Natasha, Will didn’t like to invade anyone’s privacy and Dio knew it too well.

“Okay, I will give you the day off for now. You clearly need it, go home and take some rest. Don’t say I never did anything for you!” Dio said to Will as he decided that today he would use all his gold to draw from the golden pool.

However, it seems like Will couldn’t hear Dio clearly as he remained still on his spot.

Dio knew Will’s problem now, he didn’t have any money as his last penny was taken away by the two women last night.

So, Dio quickly took out his wallet and gave Will’s payment early.

“Hurry up, take it before I change my mind!” Dio said while pretending to be annoyed.

Will quickly snatched the money on the table and left the restaurant while giving Dio the middle finger as he walked out the door.

“Don’t spend it all on a woman like last night!” Dio shouted teasingly.

He knew that Will had a problem with drinking and women, but he felt really relaxed when Will was around.

So, he gave Will the money.

He only hoped that someday there will be a woman who could soothe Will’s lonely spirit

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