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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 76 Xavier School


What Dio did yesterday became big news in the next day, saying that a gangster was currently seeking out war or something like that.

SHIELD in the other hand was satisfied to find many clues in the crime scene.

They found so many fingerprints that they were sure to find the mutant in a matter of time.

They didn’t know that all of this was a setup, Dio intentionally left those fingerprints to mislead SHIELD especially!

Colonel William Stryker, who was currently in charge of the Weapon X program also joined SHIELD’s investigation on behalf of the US military.

His goal was to capture and control all of the mutants for the sake of humanity.

He even had the twisted thinking to eradicate all mutants that couldn’t be controlled.

He wanted to use this investigation as the base point of his proposal to make a registration bill on mutants!

Unfortunately for him, SHIELD didn’t really care about his obsession with the mutant.

Furthermore, SHIELD didn’t cooperate with any kind of institution.

All data that SHIELD got will be signed as confidential of the highest order immediately.

SHIELD immediately retrieved all the public camera tape around the crime scene and found out the image of the suspect.

William Stryker who was currently at the crime scene also took a look at the image before SHIELD redacted it.

SHIELD also got information from William the gold shop owner.

William has been secretly investigated as he was known to make contact with Dio.

It was clear that SHIELD had the upper hand on this investigation compared to William Stryker who didn’t have a vast amount of information networks like SHIELD.

Half a month has passed, but the investigation has reached a stalemate.

They couldn’t find anyone with matching fingerprint and image.

No matter how vast SHIELD’s resource was, they couldn’t find the suspect.

It was like the suspect has vanished from the world!

As a result, a new idea came to light from SHIELD’s investigator.

They thought since it was a mutant case, did the mutant have the power to change their appearance, and that was why no one could find them?

This thinking was quickly responded by Nick Fury.

He was aware of the existence of Mystique.

The mutant who was able to shapeshift to whoever she pleased!

He knew how dangerous she could be, so for the sake of world peace, he needed to find out her intention!

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“Coulson! Take a flight to Manchester immediately! You are going to Xavier School for the Gifted Youngster!” Nick Fury ordered Coulson.

After a few hours, Coulson finally arrived at Xavier School. He looked at the building and the people inside with awe.

Inside the school, Professor Xavier noticed Coulson’s arrival and immediately called Jean to his studies with telepathy.

Immediately a tall, long-haired beautiful woman arrived at the professor’s door asking was there anything that she could help the professor with.

“A guest is coming, Jean, you need to accommodate the children to go back to their classes. Cut today’s lunchbreak short.”  Prof. X said, ordering Jean.

“Yes Professor, right away!” Jean said loyally.

She had known the professor long enough to understand that the professor knew something that she didn’t.

“What happened, Jean?” Scott said as he saw Jean came out of the professor’s studies.

“Professor said that there will be guests coming shortly. Therefore the children need to remain inside the classes. Would you like to help me, Scott?” Jean said while smiling lightly.

“Of course, Jean, I’m also curious about this guest.  I hope there is nothing weird happened while they are visiting.” Scott said while walking side by side with Jean.

As they came to the field, they were soon welcomed by Ororo Monroe, better known as Storm.

She had a beautiful complexity with silver hair and black skin.

Making her stuck out like a sore thumb!

They quickly expressed the professor’s intention to Ororo to help them get the kids to the classroom as soon as possible.

Ororo felt a little bit sad, as some of the kids were still eating their food and converse happily with their peers.

But she knew that if the professor already made a decree, it was for the kids’ safety.

Which meant their visitor that time couldn’t be trusted!

She immediately ordered the kids to go back to their respective classrooms, as she finished, the kids immediately whined as they still have 40 more minutes for their recess.

She immediately said that was the professor’s order!

Which meant they had to comply for their own safety.

As soon as Ororo told the kids that it was the professor’s order, they immediately complied and immediately marched toward their respective classrooms.

At the same time, the chopper that brought Coulson was finally closing to the Xavier School to land.

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