Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 77 What a Big Pot


Coulson immediately knew that he wasn’t welcomed at the school as he climbed out of the helicopter.

Storm immediately approached Coulson and then asked what his purpose coming to the school was.

Coulson quickly introduced himself and said that he was from SHIELD.

Hearing that Coulson was an agent of SHIELD, Scott who had a bad time with them, immediately cut in and let Coulson knew that he was not welcomed there!

“I know that I wasn’t welcomed here, but whether we like it or not, there is something important that I need to convey to your headmaster.” Coulson said with a smile on his face.

“Jean, Let them in. I will wait in my study.” Professor X’s voice was heard in Jean Grey’s mind.

Jean immediately cut in and invited Coulson in and to follow her to Professor X’s study.

Coulson immediately said his thanks to Jean and smiled at Storm and Scott as he passed them.

Even though Scott could blast him with his eyes, he decided not to do so, as that would be making SHIELD their enemies, and they already had a lot on their hands!

In the study, Coulson finally came face to face with the famous Professor X.

“Hello Professor, I am sorry for taking your time, and thank you for welcoming me to your abode.” Coulson said politely.

“It is okay, agent Coulson. This is the second time we met if I remember correctly. So, what SHIELD wants this time from this old man?” Prof X said humbly.

“We believe that you already knew our intention, Professor.” Coulson said with a smile.

“No, I never used my power without asking for consent. Except for some special case.” Prof X said casually.

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“Well, if that’s the case, Professor. I am here regarding some kind of incident that happened in New York not too long ago. The victim is a mutant called Blob with a real name Frederick Dukes. We think that the suspect is also a mutant. We collected many clues regarding the identity of the suspect, we received many fingerprints on the crime scene and also various videos regarding the suspect. But here is where it gets interesting, it seems that the suspect has vanished into thin air! It’s like no one knows this man, nor even he exists in any database.” Coulson said trying to make the Professor intrigued by his fact.

“Your point is?” Prof X said as he didn’t find any connection as to why SHIELD needed him.

“So, not long ago, our people make a connection with another case that has already been solved years ago. It has some kind of resemblance to it, we assumed that the suspect is not afraid to show their form and other identity revealing stuff because they don’t have one, at least not a permanent one.” Coulson said explanatively.

Prof X’s eyes immediately widened as he knew who Coulson was talking about right now.

“Mystique!” He said in a surprised manner.

“You catch on, Professor. We’re afraid that Raven Darkholme’s involvement was a plan made by Magneto. So, we hope that you can help us with this situation. We don’t ask you to deal with this problem alone if our guesses were correct. We will help you deal with him as you see fit.” Coulson said while smiling to Prof X.

“Are you certain this is all Eric’s Plan?” Prof X said unsurely.

“No, that is why we came here today. To see if you catch any wind on the case, well Professor, that is all we need for today, we will come again if you already had the necessary information. I will take my leave right away, and again, I am sorry for taking your time.” Coulson said while bowing his head to Prof X with respect.

They both knew that if Magneto and Mystique already planned something, it would be catastrophic to the humans and the Mutants!

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