Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 78 Going Picnic


Due to the involvement of Magneto, Professor X had to cooperate with SHIELD.

After all, Magneto was his best friend before it all began.

After getting the result that he wanted, Coulson left the school calmly.

Dio who didn’t know that his action has caused a conspiracy theory in SHIELD was currently working hard at the restaurant.

After spending every gold that he had for 41 times of draws, he didn’t even get a single stand nor a temporary stand!

All he got was a bunch of Hamon Beads and some useless miscellaneous stuff!

Dio was absolutely knackered by his own luck!

But he wasn’t entirely disappointed either, he now had a complete version of Stand Arrow!

He now could evolve his Stand or create a new Stand user with it.

But he had to be careful about the risk of using a Stand Arrow.

If the said person didn’t have the constitution of using a Stand, they could die as the Arrow hit them.

Plus, he needed to think of the consequences of creating a new Stand User first.

The only one that he trusted right now was only Will, but he didn’t think dragging Will to that kind of life was not wise.

So, with that in mind, Dio dropped the idea of making a new Stand User for now.

He also got 3 Hamon Combat Techniques from his recent draws.

Sunlight Yellow Overdrive – the strongest Hamon Combat Technique in the game!

Turquoise Blue Overdrive – The Hamon Combat Technique which was best used at the underwater fight.

Scarlet Overdrive – the Hamon Combat Technique which could create intense heat in the area the user commanded.

Dio was satisfied with those Hamon Combat Techniques he got from the draws.

He also consumed all the Hamon Beads that he got from the draw, and with a total of 160.000 Hamon Energy from his body, he successfully opened the third slot for his stand.

However, he needed a total of 500.000 Hamon Energy for the next slot!

If he didn’t get [Pearl Jam] at first, he really didn’t know how to get money as fast as he was now!

When the business time was over, Dio finally got to relax, and he immediately rejected Will’s offer to come with him to the bar again.

Dio rejected Will’s offer politely though, he didn’t want his friend to see him as some narcissistic rich guy or something.

The next day was a day off for the restaurant, so he called Jessica in advance saying that they should go for a picnic tomorrow if she had the time for it, to which she immediately said yes.

She also brought along her sister who was promised to have a picnic and a great time in New York since that day Dio stayed in their house.

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Irene who heard that tomorrow she would be meeting Dio immediately got excited.

She even forgot the resentment she felt toward her sister for that moment.

The next day came, and the weather seemed to be perfect for an outing activity.

At 8 A.M an expensive BMW stopped in front of the restaurant’s door, and from the car came out a beautiful Jessica and Irene, people started to stare as their beauties were really mesmerizing.

But they didn’t think of it as something unusual anymore, there were so many rich people and a famous artist that came and went to Dio’s restaurant.

People around often talked about Dio’s fortune for getting a bunch of rich people in his business like that.

Dio knew about him being the topic of the neighborhood, but he didn’t really care about them, as he knew nothing good came out from dealing with envy.

Dio immediately came out of the restaurant and greeted Irene and Jessica.

He dressed casually for this occasion, although he still looked very good with said clothing.

Irene immediately ran towards Dio and jumped to his embrace like an excited child she was, making Jessica a little bit embarrassed and shook her head in shame.

Dio looked at their surroundings and became uncomfortable seeing the two sisters being stared by a random stranger, so he immediately walked into the car, inviting them for a good visit to the zoo.

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