Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 79 Shopping


“Where to?” Jessica asked Dio.

“How about Coney Island? That place has many beautiful beaches and recreational places that we can go to. But it is a little bit too early to go there, we can always go elsewhere in the meantime.” Dio said casually.

“Well, if we’re going to the beach, then I need a swimsuit!” Jessica said while Irene also pitched in that she also needed one.

Dio became bothered to imagine Jessica wearing a sexy bikini while walking down the beach toward him, he immediately snapped himself out of his daydream as he didn’t want to have any problem down there.

“Have you already considered moving out of the restaurant or buying a car? You shouldn’t have a problem with your earning.” Jessica said curiously.

He thought about Jessica’s question for a moment, and he knew that she had a point.

He could have a better space for living, and he could have his own car so that Jessica or any other girl that he will date didn’t have to drive him around.

The only problem is the battle of New York that would take place in the near future.

He didn’t want to spend his money on something that will be destroyed!

So, instead of answering Jessica’s question, Dio just smiled at her knowingly.

But after quite a while, he knew that Jessica was right yet again.

“You have a point, Jessica. I will find a better house in a better environment soon. If you have any recommendations, I will definitely check it out.” Dio said casually.

“Of course, I will help you searching for one.” Jessica said excitedly.

What Jessica didn’t know was that Dio will buy neither a house nor a car.

Instead, he will rent a house and a car.

So instead of losing money from the Battle of New York, he will be getting them back!

In the mall, Dio was currently in a tough decision.

Jessica kept shoving him various types of bikini that she would wear later one after another, asking for his opinion.

But, every time Dio said that the bikini was good, Jessica still searched for another one.

Eventually, the clerk saw Dio’s situation and barged in to help Jessica found the perfect swimsuit.

The clerk finally found a revealing sky-blue swimsuit with a great fabric.

It also had a decoration on the back, which made it stand out from the other types of swimsuit that Jessica had picked so far.

Jessica looked at Dio for opinion, but Dio only nodded his head excitedly.

Seeing that the bikini the clerk showed was the sexiest out of all the bikinis that Jessica has brought out.

Jessica shook her head while sighing while thinking that Dio wasn’t that far off from another male species that he was.

They wanted to see some cleavage for sure!

Jessica immediately paid for the bikini that the clerk recommended, while doing so, Irene that saw Dio’s excited face while asking for his opinion about the last bikini, which really intrigued her.

“Dio! I want a bikini too!” Irene said while whining at Dio.

Dio was conflicted by Irene’s question, he didn’t know what to say to Irene’s request.

She was not at that age just yet.

Dio looked at the clerk and Jessica for some help, but the clerk also didn’t know what to say while Jessica was also surprised to hear her sister was asking for a bikini.

After a while, in spite of Irene’s whining and crying, Jessica still chose a one-piece swimsuit for her to use.

After shopping for a swimsuit, the three of them left the mall, and Jessica asked Dio where to go next.

“We still had time before going to the beach, here is my plan, Snowball is an adorable dog, and he always follows Irene around loyally. I’m also considering adopting a new pet because of that! So, can you guys help me with that?” Dio said while smiling to the two sisters.

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