Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 80 Looking For Pet


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“Yay! Do you want to adopt a dog too?” Irene said excitedly.

Dio only smiled and said that he will see if he had some sort of connection with any of the dog, he’ll definitely adopt any.

The three of them quickly drove to the nearest Pet Shop.

After months of having the Stand Arrow, Dio finally decided that he would use the arrow on an animal while taming it with the Pet Card.

That was the best option so that the new Stand User won’t betray him like the one in the original series.

He thought of many possibilities for what pet that he could have and the endless possibilities of the Stand that pet will possess.

After arriving at the first pet store, Dio immediately took out the Stand Arrow and hid it in his sleeve.

He waved his hand carefully to each animal to see the reaction of the Stand Arrow.

He already knew that the arrow would react to anything that had the potential to have a Stand.

He once got a reaction while walking down the street to buy groceries while Will was still cleaning the restaurant.

The arrow immediately pointed toward someone or something in the crowd, and shortly after the reaction was gone, Dio thought that whatever it is that got a reaction from the arrow has already walked away too far.

That was Dio’s personal understanding regarding the Stand Arrow, he still thought that there was more to it, but he didn’t know anything else.

“Good morning! How may I help you today?” Said the clerk of the pet shop politely.

“I want to adopt a pet for myself, but I still can’t decide on what pet I should adopt. Can I look around a little bit?” Dio said politely.

Hearing Dio’s word, she looked a little bit disappointed.

Dio’s word suggested that he will look around to see anything that interested him, those words showed that Dio wasn’t adopting a pet because he sincerely wanted to.

But she decided to ignore it as that was Dio’s personal way of thinking.

But she was really sad for the animal that Dio will eventually choose.

They will be nothing more than a possession that Dio would be bored with and threw away later.

“Okay! Call me if you need anything!” She said as she tried to sound as excited as she could be.

“Dio, look! This dog is so cute!” Irene said from a corner of the room.

She was with Snowball in her hands while looking at a white poodle with a red bow in her head.

Dio stroked the puppy’s head as he tried to see if there was any reaction from the Stand Arrow, and sadly there was none.

He didn’t show his disappointed look to Irene and said that he didn’t think the white poodle really suited him at all.

Irene nodded while giggling as she imagined Dio with a cute little poodle by his side.

Dio immediately looked at another animal as he let Irene looked at other pets.

After a lap around the store, Dio was slightly disappointed since no animal caused some sort of reaction from the Stand Arrow there.

He decided to leave the store after apologizing to the clerk that he couldn’t find any pet that suited him.

Fortunately, that street was full of many pet shops, and therefore Dio didn’t need to go far to take another look at the animal that he wanted to adopt.

He didn’t think it was a burden to find a pet that suited him.

If New York didn’t have the pet he needed, he would try to find it someplace else!

He walked to a dozen pet shops until noon, and he still couldn’t find any pet that the arrow gave a reaction to.

Jessica and Irene didn’t know what Dio really had in mind, but Dio seemed to reject every choice that Jessica and Irene have shown so far.

After leaving the last store, Dio noticed that both of them seemed to be tired of all that.

So, Dio decided to enter the next shop while promising that the shop would be the last.

After opening the door, Dio immediately noticed that the arrow gave a slight reaction to something in the store.

He immediately searched for the pet that gave a reaction to the arrow immediately, he petted the dogs and cats to see if the arrow responded and put his hand in the glass containment for fishes, reptiles and such.

He finally found the creature that the arrow reacted to in a small glass containment on the shelf, he was convinced that he will adopt this one!

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