Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 81 Haunted House


“Do you really want to adopt this pet?” Jessica said as she pointed towards Dio’s snail.

“Yeah, don’t you think it is cute?” Dio said excitedly.

Jessica didn’t know what Dio was thinking, they already came across many snails in a different shop that they visited before, but Dio didn’t adopt any of them.

The good news was that their search was over, and it was not in vain!

Dio finally had the pet he wanted, and they probably could go to the beach now.

Dio left the glass box containing the snail on the car and told Irene not to open it so that Snowball didn’t eat the snail.

Because it was still at high noon, Dio brought them to a Japanese restaurant to have lunch and to the amusement park right after.

While walking around to see if there was any attraction they wanted to ride, Irene pointed to a particular attraction, saying that she wanted to enter the place, it was a Haunted House!

Jessica didn’t want Irene to enter such a disturbing attraction and immediately told her sister that she couldn’t enter the haunted house.

Irene immediately taunted Jessica telling her that she was just afraid of the ghost inside, which immediately got a reaction from Jessica.

Before Jessica could say anything to worsen that sibling quarrel, Dio immediately took action.

He told Jessica to wait for them as they will enter the Haunted House.

Dio said that it would be fine and they will only go for a couple of minutes.

Irene jumped up and down in excitement, she immediately hugged Dio and kissed him on the face while giggling happily.

As they left for the attraction, Jessica immediately followed.

As they were waiting for their queue, Dio could still feel that Jessica was uncomfortable about being there.

As their turn to enter finally arrived, the staff in front of the haunted house told them all the rules about the attraction, which they agreed upon.

The staff immediately let them enter the haunted house and quietly scurried away.

Inside the house, there was only a little lighting that could be seen, which made the place became rather dim and scarier.

Irene was excited to finish the Haunted House as the staff earlier said that there was a reward for anyone who finished the House tour in 10 minutes.

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On the other hand, Jessica was already creeped out by the dim atmosphere of the house, which made her stuck to Dio as close as possible.

At the time they arrived at the room with a coffin in it, Jessica was screaming in horror as the bloodied zombie came out of the coffin.

Dio quickly grabbed her arm and dragged her away from the room before she damaged his eardrum.

Dio couldn’t help but admire the design of that house!

It was clever!

They encountered many entities as they continued onward, Irene was courageous as she was only startled for a second for seeing a ghost and immediately giggled for being scared and went on her merry way while Jessica has been a trembling mess beside him.

He sometimes had to hold himself as he was afraid that he might punch the living out of the staff for startling him.

After getting startled, Dio will laugh and applaud. It was not every day he could feel like that.

But as they continued, he felt awful for Jessica because at some point, she suddenly cried from the horror she felt.

Finally, after being chased by a group of zombies.

Dio dragged Jessica and Irene to the exit quickly.

They recorded their time, which took them 15 minutes to clear the haunted house.

They didn’t get the rewards as their time exceeded the time limit the staff has given.

Irene complained to her sister that she was too slow, if she didn’t come, Irene would’ve already gotten the rewards!

Jessica rolled her eyes seeing her sister whined like that, so she immediately went to the bathroom.

After she came back, she looked better already.

It seemed that she applied her cosmetics once again, but Dio still could see that she was trembling a little bit.

Dio knew that she still felt the horror of the Haunted House.

Dio immediately comforted Jessica, knowing that if she felt that way the entire time, it wouldn’t be a great experience anymore.

After some time, with Dio’s comfort, Jessica was finally no longer afraid, and the three finally thought of other fun things to do together.

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