Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 82 Bullying


Dio heard a few whistles blown near him, and he immediately turned around to see the commotion.

He saw that Irene and Jessica were already on his way towards him with Jessica’s sexy bikini and Irene’s cuteness.

The two of them already attracted so much attention as they were like a gem in a sea of dirt!

Jessica and Irene immediately sat beside Dio respectively, and thus attracted many jealous glares at Dio’s direction.

But as Dio took off his sunglasses and shirt, the crowd was silenced in an instant!

And know, many women were staring at Dio lustfully and staring at Jessica with jealousy.

Jessica however, didn’t feel so bad being stared like that by so many women.

It was like reaffirming her beauty.

Jessica couldn’t help but teased Dio and flirted with him to make them even more jealous!

Jessica even suggested Dio help her applied sunscreen to her body, to which Irene immediately jumped up in excitement saying that she would do it instead, and she hoped that her sister will apply sunscreen to her later.

Dio wasn’t regretting the fact that he won’t be able to apply sunscreen to Jessica’s beautiful body.

In fact, he was thoroughly enjoying Jessica’s beauty, laughed, and had fun with her sister.

While Dio was watching, he saw a young boy walked towards them and stopped not too far from them.

Dio watched as the young boy seemed to be in a huge dilemma and gritted his teeth with his eyes closed.

He then took his pants off and began to jerk off, Dio was surprised to see the boy’s action, and thus he acted immediately before Jessica and Irene noticed that indecent act!

Dio immediately rushed over and kicked the boy lightly and silently whispered to the boy that he better ran, which the boy complied immediately.

Dio kept watching at the boy as he ran away since he felt curious about how could a shy boy like that do something that indecent.

He didn’t understand anything until he saw that the boy ran into a group of boys and seemed to be pushed around.

He knew immediately that the boy was a victim of a bully!

He immediately said to Irene and Jessica that he will be going to the bathroom, and they nodded immediately.

Dio immediately walked towards the group of boys as they were still bullying the shy kid.

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Dio knew that a school bullying was an everyday occurrence in the USA.

It was known that a fat kid, a nerd, and people of color will be the target of bullying.

If they didn’t have some sort of way to protect themselves, then their experience in school would surely be a nightmare!

Dio was lucky enough to befriended Will during his school days.

Will was known to be a gang member even in their school days, which prevented anyone from messing with him and thus Dio as Will’s friend.

Dio finally had enough after seeing the kid who got bullied finally shed tears while his head was pushed into the sand.

“Hey, what are you going to do! Kill the kid?” Dio said coldly, startling the group of boys in front of him.

He immediately grabbed the kid who was currently shoving his foot on the shy kid’s head.

Some of the boys looked at Dio in fear while some of them told Dio to let go of their friend!

“Well now, who was the one that told this kid to jerk off near my girl earlier?” Dio said coldly.

The kid in Dio’s hand immediately thrashed around, struggling to get away from Dio.

“I asked you a question, you bunch of wusses!” Dio said as he dragged down the boy in his hand to hold him down while throwing the boy’s body into the sand in the process.

The kid felt the air on his lungs left his body from the impact of Dio’s throws.

He felt fear for the first time in his life, he knew immediately that Dio wasn’t a person that he could defy, at least if he didn’t want to die that is!

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