Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 83 Punishment


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“Hey, stop! Let him go! You will kill him like that! I will call the police if you don’t let go!” a man said as he saw that the situation was serious.

“Fuck off!” Dio said threateningly.

The man was visibly shocked and run away even though he dropped his phone while running.

Dio’s murderous intent could be really strong for those who were mentally weak.

Dio then pulled the kid out from the sand, letting him breathed a heavy breath.

“It is me! I am the one who told him to jerk off like that, I am sorry! It is my fault! I won’t bully again!” The kid was visibly shaken by Dio’s strong grip.

Hearing the kid confessed, his friend was relieved.

It will be over soon, Dio wouldn’t have any reason to be here anymore, or so they thought!

But much to their concern, Dio stuck the kid’s head back into the sand!

“Hey! He already confessed what else do you need!”

His friend said, worried about his friend’s safety.

“Wow, you think confessing would do you much? We don’t need the police then, huh?” Dio said challengingly.

“We didn’t commit any crime! It is just a prank!” The kid said, justifying their action.

“Well, I am pranking him too. This is a common prank, isn’t it? You guys do this at school, too, right? Except it may be in the toilet. Hmm, would you like me to bring him to the nearest toilet to dunk his face in the water?” Dio said casually.

Dio pulled out the kid’s head once more, he looked miserable.

His face was covered in sand while looking pale due to the lack of oxygen.

“What do you want then!” One of the kids shouted as he saw that Jerry, the one whom Dio was holding was already pale and weak.

“I want you all to kneel before me and shouts ‘I am gay, we are all gay! We are sorry for bullying and doing other disgusting things!’ and for you, you will run for a lap around the beach and I’d like to see you finish it in one go, if you stop for even a second you must do it all over again!” Dio said while pointing his finger to the shy kid.

He knew that the shy kid was only there because of the bully, but it was his own fault for not trying to run or anything.

Dio looked at the other kid, and it was clear that they didn’t want to do what Dio just ordered them to.

They all blurted out their excuse to escape Dio.

The other kids ran away from Dio while laughing.

Feeling that he was being challenged, Dio used the Turquoise Blue Overdrive to attack them.

With so much water vapor around, Dio could use the water combat technique freely, which was in his favor because the technique was a long-range one.

As Dio used his combat technique, the kids who ran away from him were all brought to their knees!

The kids panicked, they couldn’t seem to stand back up after falling down.

Dio dragged Jerry and threw him to the rest of his friend.

They all panicked and shouted so Dio left them alone.

At the same time, the two agents of SHIELD came over to stop Dio.

“Mr. Dio, you need to stop! We already sent the police away, but if you insist to do this in the open, we’re afraid that we may not be able to hold the police back.” The agent said calmly.

“Hmmm, you two were tasked to follow me? What about Natasha?” Dio asked curiously.

“She is currently having another impending mission, Mr. Dio.” The agent said calmly.

“Very well. Now that you are here, I want you to monitor these fucks as they do what I ordered them to do! If they once again try to run or slack off, I will make sure they can never use their legs to bully again!” Dio said threateningly.

The two agents looked reluctant to do that kind of stuff, their job was only to watch over Dio and reported back to Nick Fury.

But as the situation developed, they couldn’t let things slid anymore.

Now they have to watch over those kids while they were doing their punishment, they know that it was better than Dio doing it himself.

And Dio’s threat was real.

They were fully aware of that!

So, without saying anything unnecessary, the agent signaled for the kids to start what Dio has ordered.

They shouted that they were gay, and they were sorry and will not bully again harmoniously.

The shy kid also started to run around the beach, after a few meters, everybody who saw the shy kid ran a lap shook their head, he was already gasping for air with a red face due to fatigue!

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