Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 84 You Are Too Violent


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“You are too short-tempered, Dio, but it’s okay. If it were me, maybe I will do so much worse!” Jessica said while smiling lightly to Dio.

Irene also said her thanks to Dio as she knew what the kid did after some nice lady told them what happened.

“It’s okay. Hey, it’s getting dark! Let’s go eat something, there will be a firework show tonight, might as well watch it since we’re already here.” Dio said to change the topic.

Irene and Jessica quickly nodded and discussed what they should eat for dinner, and soon enough, the three of them headed to the nearest restroom to change their clothes.

On their way to the restroom, Jessica couldn’t help but ask about the two men in suit.

Did Dio hire a bodyguard or did Dio actually was a son of some mafia or something?

Dio answered while laughing at Jessica’s creative imagination, he only said that those two men earlier were only there to prevent him from going any further, so he just delegated his job to them if they felt pity for the kids.

Jessica nodded in understanding.

She knew that those kids already did something disgusting, and bullying was a tragic thing in the USA because there was no concrete way to solve it.

Jessica and Dio hoped that the shy kid could break his shell and decided to start to toughen up!

There was no other way to escape bullying than be tougher than your bully.

Dio dropped this subject and forgot about it later on, but little did he knew that the problem with the shy kid and his bully will worsen then on.

After watching the beautiful fireworks, Jessica drove them back to her house in New York to drop Irene first.

Jessica will drive Dio back to his restaurant alone.

Irene, who felt that today was her best day of the year visibly saddened seeing Dio left and couldn’t help but ask if Dio will revisit them tomorrow.

Dio felt somewhat complicated to hear that question.

He would be busy tomorrow, so he reluctantly said sorry and that he will revisit Irene when she least expected it.

In the car, Dio voiced his worry that Irene may already know that they were having sex that night Dio stayed in their house.

Jessica however, didn’t see it as a problem unless Dio wanted to keep up the innocent act in front of Irene, which Jessica won’t tolerate!

Dio immediately diffused the situation, saying that it was not what he meant, and he wouldn’t dream of it.

Irene was still a child, and therefore Dio didn’t have any interest in her like that.

Jessica glanced at Dio with a satisfied expression, she immediately turned the steering wheel to go the other way.

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Dio saw the look on Jessica’s face, he immediately knew that Jessica was in the mood for some action.

Seeing the lustful expression on Jessica’s face, Dio just gave in without asking.

As soon as Jessica reached an abandoned parking lot, Jessica turned all lights off and kissed Dio passionately.

“Isn’t it better to go to the restaurant to finish this?” Dio said between the kiss.

“No, I’ve never done it in a car before.” Jessica said lustfully.

“Okay, me too!” Dio said excitedly.

They soon stripped while Dio was soon brought to his boxer, Jessica was still wearing the bikini under her shirt.

“Do you like it? It is too wasteful to wear only once.” Jessica said teasingly.

“Yes, I like it very much!” Dio said lustfully.

They soon began to savor each other company, the car shook violently, but their position was completely hidden, so there was no reason to feel anxious that someone might see.

After more than an hour, the car stopped shaking.

Dio was a little bit uncomfortable due to the lack of space, he even considered buying an RV when he decided to buy a car, so he won’t regret it next time.

After a while, Jessica and Dio dressed neatly and immediately left the parking lot and headed toward Dio’s restaurant.

At the same time, in a New York residential area.

Three to four people quietly approached a family house and then took out a firecracker that they prepared in advance.

They immediately lit up the firecracker and threw it into the house!

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