Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 85 Unexpected Tragedy


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These heinous people who threw the firecrackers were the kids Dio punished during the day.

They still did this kind of thing despite Dio’s punishment.

Nothing will stop them from bullying the shy Pete!

They didn’t get the nerve to pay Dio back but shy Pete, sure can!

They blamed shy Pete too.

If it was not because of his stupidity, they would have gotten away with it!

They threw firecrackers into shy Pete’s house as a warning, they didn’t want what transpired in the day to be known to school the next day!

What they didn’t realize was that the house caught fire due to the firecrackers they threw inside!

When Pete’s family checked the noise, it was already too late!

The fire has spread uncontrollably to the entire room!

The neighbors soon came out after seeing the unusual lights on their vicinity and were shocked to see a house in their neighborhood was on fire.

They quickly called the firefighter to help minimize the damage.

Meanwhile the bullies were terrified of what they have done!

That was not bullying anymore!

That was a bona fide act of crime!

Jerry, the one that Dio shoved into the sand earlier, was the calmest out of the bullies.

He made sure that no one will tell anyone regarding what happened that night.

He threatened them all that if anyone talked, then all of them will be going straight to juvenile prison, which they were afraid of.

Jerry made sure that everyone will follow his lead as he also said that there was no evidence that they were the arsonist, and if anyone asked, all they needed to answer was they were fast asleep in their own bed tonight!

With the help of firefighter, the fire was quickly extinguished before it could spread to nearby houses.

Pete and his parents were rescued.

Fortunately, there was no danger to their life.

But Pete’s parents still had to be hospitalized from their scald.

However, Pete was still in shock to see his house was on fire, and the only names that he thought of at that moment was Jerry!

He knew that was Jerry’s doing!

He was lost on silent anger, and a strange power seemed to be breaking the surface of Pete’s body!

On the other side, Dio had returned to the restaurant with Jessica.

Jessica kissed Dio’s cheek as a goodbye and got back to her car to return back to her house.

Dio was happy, that was the first time that he got to enjoy his day with a woman sincerely.

But then, there was something else that he needed to do!

Dio locked every door and window on the restaurant and made sure there was no camera, bugs, or something like that in the restaurant.

After careful preparation, Dio took out the Stand Arrow and brought the snail that he adopted earlier to the table in the dining room.

There was nothing extraordinary about that snail, it was just like other good ol’ snails.

It even behaved like an ordinary snail.

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It easily got scared as Dio pulled it out of the glass box!

Dio hesitated to use his White Pet Card, it was just too ordinary, and a snail wasn’t even a good pet, to begin with!

After some serious thinking, Dio finally gave in.

A pet that had the potential of using a stand was very rare, he was lucky to find one in a short amount of time!

Dio no longer hesitated.

He immediately used the Pet Card to the snail!

Dio prayed in his heart that it won’t end up in failure!

As he prayed, the Pet Card gradually disappeared and turned into a halo on top of the snail’s head.

Dio was happy!

He established a mental connection with the snail, implicating that the Pet Card had succeeded!

The snail’s behavior itself seemed to be different too.

It moved closer to Dio without hesitation or fear and climbed to Dio’s hand while rubbing its eyes to Dio’s hand intimately.

Dio was excited about that development, it was clear that snail was no longer ordinary!

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