Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 86 Stand-in Pet!


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After the White Pet Card was successfully used, the next thing Dio feared was whether the snail will be able to withstand after being pierced by the arrow or not.

Even though the snail had potential, nonetheless, it must receive a fatal injury from the arrow first to receive the Stand!

He unwillingly took out the arrow as it was too late to back down.

He immediately stabbed the snail’s protruding eye with the arrow to start the effect.

Dio could feel the snail’s agony trough the mental link.

Dio immediately knew that if he didn’t do anything to help the snail, it would die!

After some thought, Dio immediately activated his [Gold Experience] to help the snail survived.

He ended up using a full amount of 5 minutes of the time-limited [Gold Experience] Stand!

Dio’s heart was bleeding from knowing that he has invested a tremendous amount of time for the survival of that little snail!

Dio realized that if he ever used the arrow to a man, the man may not survive!

He might be able to use the arrow on a person if he ever got his hands on the permanent [Gold Experience] Stand!

As he thought of every possible loss and gain that he received that day, the snail finally ended its transformation.

Although from the outside, the snail didn’t look any different.

Dio knew that the snail has just received a stand from its connection through the mental link.

Mind Connection: A support stand, the snail could split its body into 10 while establishing a connection with each other. Anyone who has the snail in their possession received the ability to communicate with any other people who also possess the snail.

Dio immediately thought of giving one snail to Jessica or Irene, but then again cast away the thought immediately.

He won’t be able to explain everything to her, it would be too much of a hassle!

After a quick analysis on the snail’s Stand, Dio immediately knew that the snail also had the GPS tracking function, meaning that Dio will be able to track the location of the people who possessed his snail!

However, that was not all!

The snail also had a partial effect of the [Gold Experience]!

Maybe it was because of Dio’s intervention on saving the snail from death with his [Gold Experience]!

That second ability of the snail really made Dio happy!

With that ability, the 5 minutes of [Gold Experience] won’t be sacrificed for nothing!

Life Sacrifice: Transfer life energy to anyone, even to those who were already in the death’s door!

That ability is no doubt a weakened version of the [Gold Experience]!

This ability is also very compatible with the snail because it could keep splitting into 10 while its clone sacrificed itself using the life sacrifice to cure others!

Dio was very excited about the snail’s Stand!

It could help him reserve the [Gold Experience] Stand as much as he could, and therefore raised the snail worth in Dio’s eyes!

He immediately realized that every little investment that he did to the snail was worth it!

That ability could become another gold mine for him in the future!

But he still needed to take care of the snail carefully.

It was still the same snail with a weak body.

It didn’t have any enhancement to strengthen its body, nor could it attack!

It was still a weak animal!

Dio was afraid that he might somehow handle the snail too roughly, and it died!

If the snail died just because of something that trivial, Dio won’t be able to sleep at night thinking of his own stupidity!

“With this in mind, I’ll call you Little Remo! I hope you will stay strong as your name portrayed! Don’t you ever die on me, Little Remo! I will lose too much if you die!” Dio said while holding the snail high, like a scene in Lion King!

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