Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 87 Campus Shock


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Soon enough, the police arrived and investigated the arson which burns Pete’s house.

They did suspect several teenagers who bullied Pete as Pete has said everything that happened at the beach.

They already did some questioning regarding the teenagers’ whereabouts during the incident took place but, all saying the same thing so conveniently.

The police ultimately didn’t have any real evidence to convict them and thus immediately conducted another thorough investigation.

In the morning, a few days later, Pete came to school with several police officers who came along to ask some questions once again to Jerry and his friend.

They asked about the security cameras near their houses, which were conveniently out of service, leaving them without any evidence.

Jerry desperately said that he had nothing to do with any of it, while his friend really didn’t know anything.

After the police left, Jerry once again dragged Pete into the nearby toilets, followed by several other Jerry’s friends.

“What do you want now? Isn’t it enough to burn down my house?” Pete said challengingly.

That resistance which Pete showed really made Jerry mad, at first, he just wanted to scare Pete to drop the charge, but now he was furious seeing Pete had some balls to piss him off!

Jerry immediately punched Pete’s nose, and as Pete fell to the ground, Jerry immediately stepped on Pete’s head to hold him down.

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“You are lucky that you aren’t burned down with your house! You monkeys should all burn in hell anyway!” Jerry said while smirking in satisfactory.

“You all will go to jail for this! The police will soon find evidence for your crime!” Pete said while holding his tear.

“Do you really think the police will find anything? My dad has taken care of those! You know, with money, everything is easy!” Jerry said pridefully.

While Jerry’s statement had a little bit truth to it, it was not entirely true!

Jerry’s father surely held some power, but he couldn’t control the entire police in the precinct!

His father was only capable of destroying some evidence here and there.

But surely, Pete didn’t know any of those, as he fell into another lie that Jerry conveniently blurted out again.

Pete was falling deeper into the pit of desperation as he thought that nothing could help him now!

Jerry’s friend also followed suit, they held Pete down while laughing at Pete’s stupidity.

Pete’s body shivered as he looked at Jerry’s eyes in carnal hatred!

Everyone else but Jerry thought that Pete was shaking in fear as he should be due to the treatment he received every day.

However, Jerry knew something was wrong, but it was already too late!

Pete’s eyes suddenly turned red from his anger as his clothes were shredded!

As Jerry has shattered the last light of hope in Pete’s mind, the hidden power resided deep within Pete’s body began to manifest!

With a primal roar, Pete’s body began to spur out many sharp bones, completely protruding the entire place in the bathroom and even pierced the wall to the next room.

All of the bullies in the toilet with Pete were killed instantly, and Jerry was no exception!

This transformation actually was very hurtful to Pete’s body, but with an adrenaline rush, he ignored everything and walked out of the toilet.

He didn’t know that two of Jerry’s friends were waiting on the door outside as a lookout, and they didn’t get stabbed by those sharp bones.

As they saw that Pete’s body has malformed gruesomely, they began to shout monster at a high pitch, attracting many people into the scene!

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