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A mutant has been found in Westboro High School, New York!

The news traveled fast, as the massacre to the teenager was considered a heinous crime.

Colonel William Stryker immediately headed to the location in excitement.

He expected things will finally go his way, he will make sure that the mutant became the enemy of mankind!

Not too far behind, SHIELD monitored the mutant’s behavior.

If the mutant was considered a threat, they would make sure to eliminate them!

The professor also dispatched Cyclops and Storm to retrieve the mutant from the school as the professor could feel the kid’s pain.

However, Dio, who knew nothing about it, was notified by Jessica not long after.

She was a lawyer, and a situation like that quickly reached her ears.

Dio was a little bit shocked to hear that the shy boy was actually a mutant.

He immediately notified Jessica to stand back as things could get a little hectic over there.

Jessica agreed and told Dio that the army has come, as well as the FBI, Police, and some others.

Jessica also told Dio that the kid was a victim of heavy bullying, Jessica also said that the kid’s house was recently burned down by an unknown group of people.

The police couldn’t find any lead that was supposed to lead to a certain suspect, until that moment, the parent of the mutant kid was still admitted in the hospital.

Jessica seemed to be blaming herself for not noticing the kid’s agony, which Dio said was useless, as to stop bullying.

You need to stop becoming a victim!

Jessica agreed to Dio’s word as she also knew that no matter what she did, there was no way she could predict that sort of thing.

Dio asked Jessica to check on the kid’s parents if, by any chance, they could help them out.

Jessica immediately agreed and hung up the call, for she would directly head to the hospital.

Dio immediately searched for any kind of live broadcast, which could help him observed the situation over there.

After a few minutes, he immediately called for his next dinner appointment, saying that he will not be available tonight and would like to reschedule the dinner for some other days with compensation.

The customer didn’t want to be rude and agreed upon Dio’s term.

From the sound of it, they knew there was a serious situation that Dio needed to attend, and they didn’t want to get into Dio’s blacklist!

However, some guests still expressed their disappointment and shouted at Dio to not cancel their appointment.

Dio retaliated by blocking the said guest’s number and putting him on the blacklist.

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Will, who didn’t know anything, was confused to see Dio gave him an envelope containing money while letting him go home early while saying that he wanted to go out somewhere for an important event.

Which Will agreed upon.

Will didn’t ask any question, for he believed in Dio deeply.

After sorting everything out, Dio immediately walked out of the restaurant to the direction of the high school!

He kind of regretted that he swapped his [Khnum] Stand to use [Gold Experience] yesterday to save Little Remo.

It would be much easier if he could use [Gold Experience] in that situation.

Arriving at Westboro High School, Dio noticed that the situation was much more chaotic than he originally thought.

Policemen, the army, SHIELD, FBI, Journalists, and even a regular citizen were swarming the place like an ant searching for sugar!

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