Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 89 Scuffle


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“Coulson! Are you trying to help the criminal here?” Colonel William Stryker said accusingly.

He was mad at Coulson for trying to stop him from shooting Storm and Cyclops.

“Criminal? Isn’t it too much, Colonel? These two were trying to stop the enraged mutant!” Coulson said casually.

He knew not to extinguish a fire with fire, there will be no end to it!

Coulson immediately tapped his shoulder and then speak through a channel that Colonel William Stryker and the army use.

Coulson gave the order to stand down if they didn’t want to end up dead.

Coulson’s warning was heeded, and thus, the army began to stand down.

Colonel William Stryker became furious about Coulson’s action, but he couldn’t do anything.

If he said otherwise and then they will be decimated by the two mutants, his ass will be handed in a silver plater to the martial court!

His only plan right now was to capture the enraged mutant and thus pinned the blame of the mutant’s danger on him.

Everyone will see that the mutants were truly dangerous and thus have to be tied in a very strict leash!

He needed to make a deal with Coulson to make sure he got the mutant at the end.

“Coulson! I gave this one to you, but remember, the mutant is mine! I don’t want to see that mutant escape this place! you hear!” William Stryker said confidently.

“Relax, SHIELD only wants to minimize the damage in this incident. We don’t care about the life being of the mutant.” Coulson said casually.

Coulson knew that was the best answer he could give to William Stryker.

He didn’t know what will happen in the near future as the X-Man was here.

He also heard from his headpiece that William Stryker ordered his man to maintain their position and stood by for their next order.

As the army was prepared to storm the school, the target, Pete, the shy kid, suddenly ran outside while his bones still protruding from his side.

William Stryker quickly ordered the army to open fire and kill the boy immediately.

Originally, he wanted the boy alive as he could later use it for his experiment.

But with so many onlookers there, he couldn’t let anyone judge him.

But as soon as the army opened fire, Storm blocked the incoming bullet with her control of the wind.

She redirected the bullets toward the wall, but some of them still penetrated her defense and hit Pete.

But the bullet surely had no damage to Pete’s body, which was full of bones.

It only pushed him backward and staggered him a little bit.

With Storm helping the teenage mutant, Stryker bellowed!

“Coulson! They are indeed in cahoot! What do you have to say now!” Stryker said in anger.

Coulson only shrugged his shoulder and proceeded to evacuate civilians who watched the incident up close.

The SHIELD’s objective will always be the safety of the civilians.

He didn’t care about what happened to the army, they could do anything they wanted as long as they didn’t kill a civilian.

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With the chaotic situation, Cyclops immediately rushed for action.

He quickly rushed over toward the teenage mutant and quickly covered for him.

Cyclops, who already figured out the position of the army’s sniper hiding spot, immediately shot his eye’s laser toward the hiding spot, rendering the sniper ineffective.

He was angry at William Stryker, who ordered his man to kill the boy unjustly, who, until that moment, still not retaliated in any way!

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  1. Someone says:

    Honestly, I don’t really care about the dude being bullied, he killed people. 1 one of them could be considered self-defense, as for the other, that’s just murder…

    1. Ryan says:

      Manslaughter. I don’t believe the kid knew he had a “weapon” capable of murder nor the real intent to kill them. He was angry and probably scared by the people admitting without any shame to burning down a house and putting someone in the hospital then saying that the cops won’t save him because of their own money and influence

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