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At the time Pete the shy kid who has already turned into a mutant walked out from the front door of his school, Dio already recognized him from the crowd.

Although Pete’s appearance no longer looked like he was before, there was no doubt that he was indeed the boy that Dio punished at the beach.

Dio couldn’t help but wonder, what treatment that boy got from those bullies that such a shy, nervous kid, could turn into an enraged monster.

But while he was deep in his thought, Dio failed to notice that the army was already planning to kill the kid!

He was a little bit relieved to see that Cyclops and Storm were there to help the kid survived.

Dio knew that those who were loyal to Professor X, like both of them, wouldn’t let any mutant died unjustly.

While Cyclops was already close enough to Pete, the unthinkable things happen.

Pete attempted to attack Cyclops out of Desperation because, on his mind, those people came to either arrest him or kill him for what he has done.

He didn’t want to die yet.

At least he wanted to apologize to his parents for causing them troubles.

He hoped that his parents could forgive him for what he had done.

Cyclops saw the bone coming from Pete from his movement.

He immediately controlled the laser output on his glasses and melted the bone that spurted towards him.

He also avoided several dangerous attacks aimed towards him.

He didn’t want to hurt the kid as his objective was to bring the kid back to the school so he could have a normal life.

Cyclops was a mutant who was very much different from the others.

Other mutant in the school could easily control their power once they got the hang of it as if it was their extended limb.

They also tried to be more powerful so that they could no longer be pushed around in that cruel world.

But Scott Summer a.k.a Cyclops didn’t do any of those!

He already tried to cover up his power since he was a child.

He couldn’t control it no matter what he did.

The laser’s power was too powerful for him to control, at least that was what he thought.

The special glasses that he used right now were not meant to enhance his laser ability.

It was so that he couldn’t blow everything in his path as he saw them!

Storm, the black woman that headed everywhere the professor told her to, was like a god!

She flew in the sky while controlling the skies as she saw fit.

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She could make thunder struck anywhere she wanted while also controlling the wind, the clouds, and even rain!

She could even make an earthquake or even a tsunami if she ever felt like it.

She was one of the most powerful mutants who lived there in the Marvel Universe!

Fortunately, unlike Scott ‘The Cyclops’ Summer, she could control her power to perfection!

But as any other woman out there, once she became furious, it will undoubtedly be catastrophic!

“Come on, Scott! I can’t hold on not to squash this army’s head any longer!

Scott couldn’t seem to gain any more distant to the kid immediately resorted to the power of words.

He immediately coaxed the kid that he was a mutant.

He was in the same situation as the kid, and he was there to help the kid so he could live like a normal person.

He immediately urged the kid to calm down and came with him to the school that the mutants like them went to.

There will be no bullying there, as everyone there was treated as a family.

As Pete heard the words family, he gradually calmed down as his eyes become blurry with an unshed tear.

Cyclops put a smile on his face.

Finally he got through to that kid!

But he couldn’t celebrate for long for a rocket immediately blew outright to the kid’s retracted bone.

That little rocket dealt huge damage to the kid’s body.

Because he has been relaxed already from Cyclops coercion, as the consequences, he couldn’t protect his body from the rocket.

Everyone looked at the person who fired the small rocket, and they seemed to be a little surprised to see a flying man in a robot suit in the sky, seemed to be doing a hand pump from obviously hitting the target!

Dio immediately recognized the armor, there was no doubt in his heart that was none other than the infamous Tony Stark!

He could feel the smug aura coming off from the armor as it flew.

But everyone immediately snapped back to the current situation as Cyclops roared furiously.

He shot Tony with his Laser Beam, causing Tony to back up!

But Tony failed to react to the attack behind him, Storm was already waiting for her turn!

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