Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 91 Failed


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“Annoying flies!” Storm said while directing a thunder to strike Tony!

Too focused on Cyclops’ laser beam, Tony failed to notice a thunder was about to strike him.

In the blink of an eye, the iron man was struck down with a lot of smoke emitted from his iron man suit.

Coulson immediately told me to check Tony’s condition and took him to the hospital immediately.

Storm was now conflicted, after striking the iron armor, she looked around her surrounding.

She felt like some kind of villain after striking down Iron Man, but she also didn’t know what to at the moment!

Feeling the urge that she must help the kid, Storm rushed inside the school to find Cyclops and the kid earlier.

Realizing that finally the wind didn’t hinder them anymore, Colonel William Stryker quickly ordered his men to go inside the school and shot down all the mutants!

At the same time, Coulson asked his man whether the civilians in the school have already been evacuated or not.

He immediately received an answer from his man stating that the schools have been evacuated successfully, but due to the limited time, there was a possibility that a few civilians in the school still hid somewhere.

Coulson sighed and immediately ordered some of his men to enter the school, searched if there was any civilian inside, and rescued them if they found one.

Several agents immediately nodded and headed over to the school immediately.

That is supposed to be the army’s job but no!

William Stryker has already focused his forces on the mutant, which left Coulson no choice but to do their job for them.

While everything took place, Dio quietly sneaked his way inside the school to find the kid on his own. He used a hockey mask to prevent others from seeing his face before climbing up the school gate and trespassed.

Meanwhile, on the second floor, Dio saw Cyclops and Storm argued that keeping those people alive was harder than they thought.

They were already annoyed on all the gun blazing and grenades and bazooka that aimed at them!

Meanwhile, Colonel William Stryker was excitedly waiting for Storm and Cyclops to snap!

He wanted them to kill several of his men so that he could prove his point to his higher-ups that mutant needed to be contained!

Cyclops knew that already, therefore, he kept his calm and assured Storm to not kill anyone.

Because if they killed even only one person, Professor’s effort all these years will be wasted!

Meanwhile, Pete, who was hit by Tony’s palm gun was in a critical condition!

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The palm gun, hit Pete right on his neck, leaving serious wound, the bleeding couldn’t stop, it seemed that he didn’t have that long before he died!

“We need to get out of here! The kid won’t survive any longer! You blast through the wall or something, I will carry the kid!” Storm said frustratedly.

Colonel William Stryker had enough. He knew that if he didn’t take matters into his own hands, he will not get his bounty!

“Let the kid down and walk away! You hear me! If you take him away, I swear I will burn your school to the ground!” William Stryker said furiously.

At the same moment, Professor X’s voice could be heard on Storm and Cyclops’s mind. He told them to let the kid go and walked away, that situation worsened their position in the public’s eye.

The child was also in no condition to survive, there was nothing more that they could do to save the kid!

Hearing the Professor’s reasonable voice, Storm let the kid go and immediately left the place in silence.

They both didn’t know how to feel about that incident, they both were conflicted, for doing the right thing or not!

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