Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 92 Run


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Colonel William Stryker immediately ordered his man to get the kid and checked if he was still breathing or not.

If he was still alive, they had to give him treatment immediately to keep him alive!

His men immediately did so without any question.

Coulson also checked the kid personally, maybe there was something he could salvage from that public disaster.

While seeing that the kid had suffered a heavy injury, Coulson immediately asked Stryker if they needed an ambulance to take the kid, which Stryker ignored while ordering his man to bring the kid back to their base.

Stryker has planned for the kid to become an experiment project!

He will drain the blood from the kid’s body personally. He needed to keep the kid alive a little longer!

Coulson didn’t do anything while the army was preparing to take the kid away. He already said that he wouldn’t intervene with the army today, so he’ll make sure not to do anything that implicated otherwise.

But after a couple of seconds later, an unexpected thing happens!

A man wearing a hockey mask immediately jumped out of the school building and threw away the soldier near the kid. He immediately snatched the kid from the ground and ran inside the school.

The soldier couldn’t shoot him as there were too many soldiers around Dio.

“Chase him! Kill him on sight! Don’t just stand there! Chase!” William Stryker said furiously.

Seeing that the Colonel will gladly shoot without a care in the world, Coulson brought his team towards the school entrance, preventing the soldier from firing any shot randomly!

“Coulson, what are you doing! Get out of the way! You will let him run away!” William Stryker said furiously.

“What? We are just trying to help here!” Coulson said while trying to act innocent.

“Don’t stand in front of me if you want to help! Chase that guy!” William Stryker said furiously.

“Oh sorry, it seems that I need to get back into my car! I can’t help you chase them after all.” Coulson said while acting a little bit annoyed.

“Whatever! Just get out of the way!” Stryker said while pushing Coulson aside. He already gave enough time for his agent to evacuate the civilians nearby from a stray bullet.

Not long after that, Stryker came back out and stared furiously at Coulson.

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“You have a knack on irritating people Coulson! Because of you, the man who snatched the mutant is nowhere to be found! I will report everything here to your superior Coulson! It’s best that SHIELD had a satisfactory explanation after this!” Stryker said while still staring at Coulson furiously.

“That is not something that I need to worry about. The director of SHIELD will personally solve that issue. You don’t have to worry about it, Colonel.” Coulson said casually.

Colonel Stryker then threw his gun randomly in a fit of rage and immediately ordered his men to seal all exits and created a parameter around the place while letting no one left the place!

The soldier immediately did so while Stryker left Coulson alone.

However, Coulson’s smiling face immediately changed to a serious one. He felt a snail on his neck and immediately took the snail and put it on his arm. He didn’t know when or how that snail has been there, but he at least knew that the snail was a meant of communication!

“Colonel Stryker has been delayed like you ask for. I can’t help you buy any more time!” Coulson said to the snail.

“That is quite enough, thank you, Agent Coulson!” Dio said cheerily.

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