Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 93 Only Do What I Want


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When Dio asked Coulson to buy some time was heard in his head, Coulson didn’t have the time to think of anything else. He knew that Dio was the one who could help SHIELD in the future. He couldn’t disappoint such a person now!

However, the snail really amazed Coulson.

That thing could become a communication tool that was much more efficient than whatever they currently had.

Coulson told his agent to prepare a car to leave and waited for his next order. He knew that Dio will use him again to leave that place!

At the same time, Dio sneaked through the school and reached the rooftop and found a place less likely to be searched. He slowly lowered Pete’s weak body to the floor and used Little Remo’s healing ability right away.

Dio knew that using Little Remo’s healing ability won’t be enough.

Sure, it could prolong Pete’s life in some way, but the healing ability won’t be able to close the fatal injuries on Pete’s neck!

He immediately used [Golden Experience] to heal Pete’s neck.

Usually the person healed with [Golden Experience] will suffer excruciating pain, but thankfully Pete already fainted and therefore won’t thrash and struggle to getaway.

Pete’s complexion gradually returned to usual, and after a short while, Dio shook Pete’s body to wake him up.

“If you can hear me, stay down and bear the pain for a little while, I will treat your wound.” Dio said softly.

Pete gradually opened his eyes. He looked at Dio with emptiness in his eyes. He already saw too much and went through too much to care anymore.

All he wanted now was just to see his parents again and apologized for becoming so grotesque over a short period of time.

He looked at Dio, but since he didn’t know Dio was due to the hockey mask he wore earlier, he asked why a stranger would help him.

Pete tried to speak again, but he found that his throat was hoarse, and it was so painful to speak!

Dio told him to not force himself to speak, just stay quiet until the treatment was over.

The treatment took exactly 3 minutes of [Gold Experience] time, now Dio had 23 minutes left of [Gold Experience] to use! He needed to use it wisely in the future!

“Your treatment is done, but your bleeding hasn’t stopped yet! Don’t do anything stupid now, I will carry you to safety!” Dio said with a serious face.

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Pete nodded his head, and soon Dio picked Pete up from the ground and climbed down the outer wall of the school to reach a sole car that Dio knew Coulson has prepared for him.

Dio noticed along the way that Pete’s personality has changed dramatically due to that incident. He knew that the old Pete would’ve trembled in fear from the height or for the fact that he was being carried by a stranger.

But now, Pete was unusually calm!

It seemed that killing his bully made him unresponsive for certain emotions.

When Dio arrived at the car, he put Pete gently into the backseat of the car and jumped into the front seat himself!

Coulson saw Pete and couldn’t help but be amazed by Dio’s healing power! He saw it himself that Pete’s neck was mauled!

That kind of wound was not supposed to be treatable.

It was supposed to be a fatal injury!

“Are you sure the boy is saved? He won’t kill us and turn us into a honeycomb, will he? Coulson said in a fake nervousness.

“Maybe, maybe not! I don’t know, but I know that if you don’t leave this place quickly, you will be in big trouble!” Dio said as he pointed out that several soldiers walked toward them.

“Oh, shoot! Hold on!” Coulson said as he started the engine and drove casually and sped up gradually.

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