Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 94 A Mess


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While driving, Coulson ordered his men to meet him at the next intersection.

At the next intersection, Coulson’s car blended with several other SHIELD cars and drove away successfully from the school.

William Stryker, who was still looking for Pete, looked at SHIELD in disgust. He looked at the school and knew that something was off. He immediately ordered his men to stop every SHIELD’s car and searched for the mutant there.

The soldier immediately did as Stryker ordered and stopped SHIELD’s car in a certain perimeter.

“Sir! The soldier has begun stopping our car one by one!” One agent said to SHIELD intercom that was heard by Coulson.

“Tell them that we have an urgent task and can’t stay for a second longer if they still don’t listen, just drive away forcefully! I will bear all responsibilities!” Coulson said casually. He knew that the soldiers couldn’t do anything to stop them from leaving, they obviously couldn’t attack SHIELD’s car and vice versa.

When hearing that the SHIELD will not stay even for a second longer, William Stryker once again was enraged! He will ruin SHIELD if he ever got the chance to do so! He also knew that the mutant’s body currently must be in SHIELD’s hands, they will not leave in a hurry like that otherwise!

Since there was nothing else he could do, Stryker ordered his man to wrap up and leave the place to return to base immediately. He was eager to report back this problem to his higher-ups and put pressure on them so that SHIELD will give the mutant back to him! He didn’t care if SHIELD was really the one who took them or not! He still wanted to see SHIELD in trouble.

At the same time, once he felt that the soldier no longer pursued him.

Coulson asked Dio to explain himself.

Why would someone like him go out of his way to save a kid?

He needed a reason to help Director Nick Fury on his report later.

He knew that William Stryker would report back to his higher up and put pressure to SHIELD.

“There is no specific reason. I just felt that the kid needs saving, and I have spare time to waste. So, there is that.” Dio said casually.

Coulson frowned his face for hearing Dio’s blurry answer, while Pete was shocked to see the face behind the mask. He clearly remembered the day on the beach that a man came and punished them. The man was terrifying, he was like a beast who could do something amazing.

He didn’t expect that man would save him that day, and he was surprised that the man could do something magical like healing his fatal injury. He didn’t know what to think of the man and how he could thank the man from doing all this at the moment.

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“You know, Coulson. You can always ask the agent that you ordered to observe me about the kid, and then you will know my reason. There’s no need to make that face!” Dio said teasingly.

Coulson heard what he needed in order to confirm Dio’s reason. He knew that Pete was the kid whom Dio punished on the beach the other day. He already read all that in the agent report, and that was also why SHIELD came down to the school once the flag has been raised that the kid was a mutant and an accident has occurred!

“Could you stop the car near that hotel? I would like to go back to my restaurant now.” Dio said to Coulson casually.

“Wait, you are leaving? What about the kid?” Coulson asked confusedly. But he still slowed down the car to make a stop for Dio.

“It is up to you, I saved him for a few personal reasons, and I know I can leave this to SHIELD. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I already accomplished my task.” Dio said casually.

Coulson couldn’t help but frowned one more time, he didn’t like that Dio left him with a mess just like that.

Once the car was fully stopped, Dio got out of the car. Not once that Dio looked at Pete’s direction.

“I know I killed all those people who bullied me. I know what I have done is wrong! But at that moment, this is all that I can think of. They already burned my house down, hurts my parents, traumatize me, and couldn’t stop abusing me physically. Finally, when there is some hope that the law will judge them for all they did, they once again escaped using the power of money and connection that their parent has. I feel so hopeless, and I would never regret ever killing them like that.” Pete said to Dio with an emotion that made Dio turned around and looked at him.

“You are right! There is nothing fair for people in the minority in this country! But it is not as hopeless as you think! These people can help you find justice, but you have to pay for what you did to those people! But still, it is your choice. If you want, you can choose death as your option.” Dio said solemnly.

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