Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 95 Fight Over Him


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“Choose? Do I still have the right to choose?” Pete said hopefully.

“I will do whatever you want as long as I get to see my parents for the last time!” Pete said hopefully.

Coulson nodded his head and immediately ordered his agent to pick up Pete’s parent from the hospital and avoided conflict with the army once they got there.

After giving the order, Coulson spoke to Pete that he would give him an anesthetic so that he will be asleep for the rest of the way, but he will not do that if Pete could convince Dio to come along with them.

Pete knew that Dio helped him out of his own moral compass; Pete couldn’t trouble such a man again, so he agreed to Coulson’s proposal to anesthetize him.

Coulson immediately did so while increasing the dose so Pete won’t wake up before reaching SHIELD’s HQ.

“Do you want me to make another stop?” Coulson said politely.

“No, but I need my snail back.” Dio said while being amused that Coulson thought he would forget something like that.

“Oh no! I accidentally dropped it in the commotion earlier! I will buy you a snail with the same features next time! Now, I need to report back to the Director. See you later.” Coulson said hurriedly.

Dio looked at Coulson in amusement; he knew Coulson got his snail.

The snail was in some kind of isolated containment, which meant that Coulson had no intention to give it back to Dio. He knew that Coulson wanted to research the snail so they could improve their communication technology. But Coulson didn’t know that the snail will die anytime Dio wanted.

A few hours later, in the SHIELD’s HQ, Nick Fury was lost in thought after hearing Coulson’s report. He concluded that the incident was all because of school bullying, which was unsolvable there in the USA.

With all the things they had done to Pete, it was not strange that Pete would go berserk like that.

However, that was not the real problem; Pete has become a mutant, which meant that many powers in that country would fight over him.

SHIELD had no way to cover that up either.

The army has already asked reporters beforehand to watch and record the incident, and the family of the deceased keep on blabbering their mouth without mentioning anything about their own kid’s atrocities.

Nick Fury couldn’t find any answer on how to cover that up, and there was no choice but to wait until things calmed down a little.

There was no doubt that Pete has killed all that kid in the school, that fact itself was the main problem SHIELD had now if it was not because Dio, SHIELD would’ve disposed of Pete immediately.

Nick quickly asked Coulson on what he thought on that matter.

They were already in a hot seat.

The Secretary General has just called and would like to know what SHIELD’s agenda on that mutant problem was and would like them to explain themselves to the army.

Coulson immediately thought that SHIELD wouldn’t have anything to explain, let’s just say that the mutant kid was already dead anyway and that the one who stole the body from the army has been dealt with in a secretive way.

Coulson also said that Nick Fury had to take the first initiative there.

Nick quietly thought over Coulson’s suggestion.

He had to admit that Coulson’s plan was full of holes and not clever at all, but it could be eased up with some politics!

All he had to do was blabbered his mouth in a way that made him looked like a highly intelligent person while talking some nonsense!

That wouldn’t be the first time, Nick said to himself.

“How about the kid’s parent, how should we explain everything to them? And how would we explain the parent’s sudden disappearance from the hospital?” Nick asked curiously.

“How about we said that we brought in the parent for some questioning while informing lightly that their kid had died? And true enough to that, the parent hasn’t seen their kid yet. The kid will see his parents through a one-way glass.” Coulson said confidently.

Nick Fury nodded his head while smirking, he finally satisfied by Coulson’s quick-witted thinking.

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