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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 25


After a while, Qin Xiaotian noticed that more and more senior students appeared at his Cave Mansion’s door.

There are dozens of them! Most of these people are wearing blue robes, with a strong aura. Especially those provocative cultivators and cultivation bases are almost above the Foundation Establishment 6th Layer.

Are they trying to bully or something? Regardless, are they targeting me?

Qin Xiaotian’s expression is calm. He looked indifferent. Even though he was calm, Long Xiaoyao couldn’t calm down.

“Senior Xiaotian, the guy is Yang Tao, a student of the Martial Battle Department. His cultivation base has reached the Foundation Establishment 7th Layer. He ranked 10th among the previous year students. He’s always been with the previous First New Student, Luo Aotian. I’m afraid they came here today to pick on you!” Long Xiaoyao said in a low voice, quite daunting between words!

“Luo Aotian? When did I ever offend the previous student leader?” Qin Xiaotian was slanderous, but on the surface, he looked indifferent. “It’s okay. Don’t worry; it’s just trash. I don’t bother dealing with such trash!” Qin Xiaotian patted Long Xiaoyao’s arm. His voice was not too loud but just enough to be heard by everyone present.

Yang Tao’s complexion turned black when he heard this.

“Little bastard, who are you calling a trash?”

“Sorry, I’m not targeting you, I mean all of you here are trash!”

As soon as these words came out, all the old students collectively exploded!

“Fuck you uncle. I can’t bear it. How dare a baby be so arrogant?”

“Next door(?), I’m going to drain all his blood!”

“When I was still a freshman, I lacked discipline, and I didn’t even dare to look at seniors!”

For a while, the group was angry, but no one still dared to act.

“Senior Xiaotian, the Dao Academy has regulations that students are not allowed to fight and make troubles without permission; otherwise they will be heavily punished!” Long Xiaoyao reminded in a low voice.

Qin Xiaotian was stunned. It seems that these old churros clearly want to pit him intentionally!

Bullying the freshman who does not understand the rules—deliberately provoking him to make him act. In case, he couldn’t suppress his anger and make the first move; he will turn into a student leader who violated the school’s rules.

He wasn’t sure what punishment would befall upon him! In fact, these old fritters really intend to do this. But who would have thought that this brat’s mouth was so vile!

They haven’t annoyed each other that much, yet they almost vomited blood because of anger! He’s so despicable at such a young age! Offending everyone when he opens his mouth.

Making people die from an excess of anger! What is this strange thing?

Okay! Very good! Qin Xiaotian, right? I don’t care how arrogant you are on the outside, but when you enter the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy; if you are a tiger, crouch; if you are a dragon, hide*. This Xianling Tao Academy, it’s not a place where brats with no hairs can run wild! I, Yang Tao will remember what happened today. I hope you will have such a happy life in the future!”

*TL note: 是龙,你得盘着,是虎,你得卧着。 Shì lóng, nǐ dé pánzhe, shì hǔ, nǐ dé wòzhe. This sentence plays from the famous idiom: hidden dragon, crouching tiger; talented individuals in hiding.

Yang Tao sent a threatening gaze.

“Hehe! Rubbish like you dare learning how to show off? To put it bluntly, you are nothing but a henchman. I don’t know what’s so good about you. Your father and mother worked so hard to raise you so you can enter the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, just for you to be a dog for other people! Your master didn’t come out, so you bite people for him, really a good dog! If I were your father, I would have thrown you before you became a disgrace!”

“You······· I’m outraged!” Yang Tao was furious, his face was flushed, and his body was trembling with anger. Even the Power of True Essence in his body had can’t be controlled.

I wanted to tear this disgusting brat! But I didn’t dare to do it!


In the shocked eyes of everyone, Yang Tao spit out old blood!

Long Xiaoyao looked dumbfounded! He didn’t expect it.

This Senior Xiaotian has an extraordinary ability to curse people!

Can you even curse someone until they vomit blood?

His amazing ability makes people impressed.

He has never heard of that many cursing words. But in all those sentences, hit the point!

Worthy of being a senior.

His behavior is very understandable, of course, because Qin Xiaotian is a reincarnated person who grew up in the 21st century. He has been caught up in the wave of the Internet society all year round.

How can these silly curse skills be comparable to those pedantic people who only know how to cultivate!

Xiao Zhan was delighted with his current situation.

Initially, he thought that he was destined to be overwhelmed by the insidious and cunning brat as soon as he failed to get the first place on the examination. He might even be in the shadow of that brat in the days to come. However, the actual situation is not as bad as imagined.

He was spotted by the second elder “Zhou Yishan” of the Dao Academy Cabinet and was accepted as a direct disciple.

Who is Zhou Yishan? He is one of the seven famous Nascent Soul powerhouses in Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. He is a stronger existence than his father, Xiao Yanshan.

Being able to come under the wing of such a powerful person is equivalent to having a huge backing in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy! Not only that. Zhou Yishan’s lineage is rooted in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

Xiao Zhan also has three senior brothers, and all of them have reached the Golden Core Realm.

Eldest senior brother Lei Wanshan, was collected as a direct disciple by his master 150 years ago. Now the cultivation base has reached the Golden Core 9th Layer and is currently training abroad!

Second senior brother Feng Shaojie, Golden Core 4th Layer powerhouse, 5th Grade Alchemist, currently sits as the Medicine Pill Department Deputy Director. He is also an internal member of the Kyushu Alchemist.

Third senior brother Luo Aotian, Golden Core 1st Layer powerhouse, the First New Student 15 years ago; currently holding the position of Law Enforcement Hall Vice Hall Master!

Losing a horse, of course, is a bad thing, but who knows!** He joined such powerful vein.

**TL note: 塞翁失马,焉知非福 Sàiwēngshīmǎ, yān zhī fēi fú; Sai Weng Lost His Horse. One of the most famous horse proverbs is 塞翁失馬 (Sāi Wēng Shī Mǎ) or Sāi Wēng lost his horse. The meaning of the proverb is only apparent when one is familiar with the accompanying story of Sāi Wēng. Given its dual meaning, this proverb is commonly said when bad luck turns to good or when good luck turns to bad.

 Even if he failed to get the first place among freshmen, Xiao Zhan felt that he was not at a loss!

On the other hand, what about being the head of freshmen, Qin Xiaotian? That cannot even be called sitting on a cold bench***! Besides, it is not possible to be the First New Student forever.

TL note: “cold bench” one in which the person just sits silently and watches.

In order to prevent students from being unwilling to make progress, Immortal Spirit Dao Academy organizes a challenge every six months. In the challenge, if the disciples of the same year defeated the leader in public, they could take the leader’s place!

He is confident that he will be able to defeat the little brat in public and regain his position as the top student in half a year.

And these past two days, he wooed many freshmen and made friends with a lot of brothers from the Dao Academy. Many brothers even took the initiative to flatter him! He also does not refuse them.

As a direct disciple of a Nascent Soul supreme expert, almost no one would dare to underestimate him.

Although he is not the leader of students, he already has the momentum of being that leader!

He also made people speak out, intending to slander Qin Xiaotian for cheating on the Immortal Spirit Stairs. As the rumors spread, they intensified. Even he wondered if Qin Xiaotian really cheated!

Earlier this morning, a guy named Yang Tao under his third senior brother, took the initiative to ask him about the brat for a while. Xiao Zhan did not refuse either.

He should have known about the first-year students’ day off, so he took the initiative to show him his favor.

To please Xiao Zhan is to please Luo Aotian! I have to say what a guy Yang Tao is.

I wonder how that brat will be?

This is just the beginning. In the future, he will make this little bastard feel better to die!

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