Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 31


Qin Xiaotian felt that his body had become a little different!

The land under his feet… there seemed to be an extraordinarily friendly feeling.

Every inch of soil, every rock, seemed to be breathing. The thick Earth Element spirit power surrounds him like a lively spirit.

As long as he stands on the ground, there is an inexplicable sense of security!

“Is this… is this really Earth Escape technique that I heard before? Let me try whether this escape technique is as magical as I imagined!” Qin Xiaotian whispered to himself.

In an instant, the little body that was one meter above suddenly burst into an earth colored light barrier! The ground under his feet instantly turned into water-like ripples.

Qin Xiaotian’s body sank in a very strange situation.

One meter… Two meters… Five meters… Ten meters…

Unconsciously, Qin Xiaotian already sank to a depth of fifty meters underground.

In the ground, as long as there is an earth element spiritual power, he can still breathe freely, and he can perceive anything within a kilometer centered on him without even using his eyes. This feeling is really amazing!

As if he had become one with the earth. There is no longer any distinction between them.

After getting a little familiar with this state, Qin Xiaotian was surprised to find that the speed at which he shuttled through the ground was extremely terrifying. Almost reaching a terrifying speed of 500 meters per second. This speed is more than three times faster than his flying speed!

Earth Escape technique is amazing. However, it seems that the faster you shuttle through the ground, the faster the Power of True Essence within the body will be consumed.

With his cultivation establishment 7th Layer’s cultivation base, it took less than ten minutes to spent one third of his True Essence.

Moreover, he can enter the depth of 100 meters underground at most, and it will be very uncomfortable to go down more than 100 meters. The terrifying pressure of the earth will make him overwhelmed!

Just when Qin Xiaotian was about to ascend to the ground, a strangely dark palace picture suddenly appeared in his mind. The palace was extremely cold, revealing an evil aura, and it was obviously built 100 meters below the ground.

Qin Xiaotian was immediately curious!

“Why is there such a weird palace in this academy? And it’s built deep underground, could there be secret?” Qin Xiaotian felt itchy for a while.

Although he knew that there might be some unknown dangers in the strange palace deep underground, he still couldn’t bear it.

When I went into the ground just for testing and nothing happened, then that’s all… but now that I’ve found something, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

“Damn! Curiosity killed the cat, so be careful. If the situation isn’t looking good, run away!” Qin Xiaotian made up his mind to go in and take a look.

He has mastered Earth Escape technique and his life-saving ability is ten times stronger than before. As long as he is careful, he cannot lose his life!

As the saying goes, art masters are bold.

Qin Xiaotian was very courageous now. He controlled his body to shuttle underground and soon approached the palace. The evil atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger.

It saw a tiny figure infiltrated through the wall in the extremely dark palace.

“Huh…? A little child, who has actually learned the Earth Escape technique, entered the seal of the deity by mistake. Okay, very good. Heaven helped me too apparently. Hahahaha!” In the palace that was originally very quiet, suddenly sounded a creepy evil laugh.

Qin Xiaotian panicked, but he still forced himself to remain calm.

“who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who this Lord is. What’s important is that you will soon become one with this Lord. For two thousand years, this Lord has been trapped in this dark hell. Little child, lend your body to this Lord. One day, your name will tremble the entire cultivation world!”

Accompanied by evil laughter, the entire underground palace began to tremble, and a thick black air overflowed from a coffin.

Qin Xiaotian wanted to use the earth escape technique to escape immediately. But strangely, his body was actually frozen!

It is impossible to move a single muscle. Nor use any Divine Ability magic spell!

“Hehe! Little child, do you think you can escape in front of this Lord with your ant-like Foundation Establishment cultivation base? Don’t be foolish!”

Qin Xiaotian regretted his decision!

Why the hell did I want to go to this palace playing adventure? Well now I’m dead!

“This me finally reincarnated from earth just to die like this?”

“Boom!” There was a loud noise.

The entire underground palace began to collapse in a large area, and a black transparent phantom seemed to have broken through the seal, mixed with a thick black air, desperately sweeping towards Qin Xiaotian. It instantly rushed into Qin Xiaotian’s body.

“Ding! An unnamed high-intensity Variation Spirit Body was detected in the main body of the host. Do you want to devour?”

“Fuck! Yes! What are you waiting for?! Hurry up and devour!” Qin Xiaotian was excited instantly!

Your sister! The system is awesome!

At this moment, the Black Nascent Soul, who was planning to seize control of Qin Xiaotian’s body, suddenly let out a cry of horror. “How is it possible?! How is the soul of this Lord dissipating?! What kind of monster are you? Quickly! Let me out!”

“Let you out? Are you dreaming? You old guy, didn’t you look so awesome just now? You dare to scare this little master? You want to get in this little master’s body and get out just like that?! You idiot! Learn from me and obediently wait to be devoured!”

“Don’t······!” The black snake primordial spirit roared frantically and struggled frantically, but he could not help it.

Qin Xiaotian’s body was like a cage, and he was firmly trapped!

Along with the screams of the black soul, Qin Xiaotian’s mental power became stronger and stronger, and there were some more memories in his mind.

Initially, the sealed fellow was called the Green Robed Old Ancestor(Lupao Patriarch). His cultivation base path was a form of taboo called Devil Path Almighty, and he was in the late stage of Dividing Spirit*. Having said that, Green Robed Old Ancestor is also a sad reminder.

*TL note: just for reminder, Dividing Spirit is the cultivation base stage after Nascent soul stage. So it is currently the highest and most powerful cultivation base stage in this series.

Four thousand years ago, Green Robed Old Ancestor was also a Righteous Path cultivator just like any normal cultivators, whose real name was Li Wufeng.

His dream since he was young is to punish evil, eliminate demons, and defend the dao, with the mission of saving the world! However, things won’t always go as expected.

During an outing, his family was framed for colluding with the Demon Path. More than 300 people in his family were massacred by an upright sect, including his beloved wife and his two-year-old son.

Under grief and hatred, Li Wufeng has since fallen into the Demon Path. He has completely turned into a murderous demon!

He did many evils throughout his life; indiscriminately killing innocents. Who knows how many Righteous Path cultivators who died in his hands, and he even slaughtered the entire city and country under his anger!

The fierce name of Green Robed Old Ancestor can stop children crying beyond ten thousand miles away!

Two thousand years later, his cultivation reached the Dividing Spirit late stage, which stirred the entire cultivation realm.

In the end, a combined cultivation experts was created to suppress him with monstrous might.

In order to avoid to be hunted, Green Robed Old Ancestor opened the Starry Sky Transmission Array came to the mainland of Kyushu. Because he was seriously injured and needed to find a place to cultivate, he happened to see Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

Initially, he intended to occupy and turned it into his base, but who knew there happens to be a Sword Immortal Chiyang in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy? His strength was astonishing and his cultivation had reached the Dividing Spirit middle stage. He joined dozens of Nascent Soul powerhouses to attack Li Wufeng!

After the Green Robed Old Ancestor had killed more than twenty powerful Nascent Souls, the Sword Immortal Chiyang actually fought alone at the expense of burning his own Primordial Spirit to destroy Green Robed Old Ancestor’s body and sealing his soul to the depths of the earth!

In this battle, where the mountains and rivers were destroyed, and the sun and the moon lost its radiance… it ended in a tragic victory for the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy!

After two thousand years, this past has become unimaginable fortune in Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. Only few people mention it to this very day.

What Qin Xiaotian could not imagine was that this Green Robed Old Ancestor was actually an alien cultivator!

TL note: Yes. Alien. It was not a mistranslation.
外星人 wài xīng rén=space alien; extraterrestrial

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