Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 32


Qin Xiaotian already forgot about the system prompt sound in his mind.

His cultivation base has not increased in any way, but he felt that his soul seemed to have undergone a particular qualitative transformation.

This feeling is amazing.

He even had an illusion that even if his body died, his soul could independently walk. But isn’t the Primordial Spirit can only exist in the Dividing Spirit stage?

In other words, it is close to the height of the powerful Primordial Spirit of the Dividing Spirit Stage. Still, it is countless times weaker than the Primordial Spirit of the Dividing Spirit Stage powerhouse in terms of volume.

This kind of deformity exists, as if he was really an incarnation of a powerful cultivator.

The world began to look different in his eyes!

Qin Xiaotian had a lot of enlightenment in his heart. With a move of his mind, a powerful mental force came out, turning it into an oozing aura.

Under the support of this spiritual force, all the huge rocks that collapsed in this underground palace were all strangely frozen in space. Tens of thousands of kilograms of boulders floated.

This mind control or telekinesis ability seems to be grasped naturally by the strength of the soul.

With the extension of his spiritual power, Qin Xiaotian’s vision became wider and farther.

One kilometer······ Five kilometers······ Ten kilometers······ Twenty kilometers······

“Is this the legendary Divine Sense? When you just think, you can know everything that happens hundreds of miles away, as if you have opened up the perspective of God!” Although Qin Xiaotian’s current divine consciousness does not cover a hundred miles, only the furthest 20 kilometers, that is still ridiculous!

After all, he is not a real Dividing Spirit Stage powerhouse, just a brat in the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Qin Xiaotian swallowed the soul of a Dividing Spirit late-stage big shot that lived for four thousand years. Although this Primordial Spirit’s seal after two thousand years has weakened, even so, the benefits Qin Xiaotian gained are unimaginable! It wasn’t precisely the transformation of soul, but more importantly, there are four thousand years of cultivation experience!

Qin Xiaotian was completely confused about the journey of cultivation. He doesn’t even know how he should practice anymore. Anyway, he just needs to eat and eat! But now, even without system, he can take on a powerhouse on his own!

“This is all bloody! This cultivation world is much larger than I thought. It’s spread across tens of thousands of star fields in the universe. The Dividing Spirit stage powerhouse can cross the cosmic starry sky with their physical bodies, and the power of the Integration stage can master Void Great Teleportation and other Supreme Divine Ability. Tearing apart space for a spatial jump to instantly moved away in light-years. It’s too powerful that it cannot be described in words! It’s no wonder this Nine States Continent hasn’t heard of any Integration big shots! In this vast starry sky, there are countless powerful races, vampires, werewolves, angels, zombies, demon beasts, starry sky giant beasts, insects race, elves, mages, and so on. Could it be, on Earth, the creatures in Western mythology also came from alien races? It seems that aliens have invaded Earth!”

After getting Green Robed Old Ancestor’s memory, Qin Xiaotian’s worldview suddenly opened up a lot!

And just now, Qin Xiaotian found that several Nascent Soul cultivators with extremely powerful aura suddenly appeared within the coverage of his Divine Sense. The goal of these people is obviously to come toward the underground seal. And one of the cultivators with the strongest aura noticed his Divine Sense scan instantly.

“Not good! The devil’s Primordial Spirit has broken the seal. Don’t let him escape! Otherwise, Nine States Continent will be destroyed!”

“Dean, rest assured. I have opened the Immortal Spirit Great Array immediately. Immortal Spirit Dao Academy has been completely sealed off hundreds of kilometers, and there is only one Primordial Spirit left in the devil. I don’t believe that can allow him to escape!”

“Don’t underestimate the enemy!”

“Fuck! I was found out! Hurry up!”

Qin Xiaotian performed the Earth Escape technique almost immediately and escaped from the underground palace at an incredible speed.

In order to prevent being locked by Divine Sense of Nascent Soul powerhouse, he blocked all auras on his body immediately.

Fortunately, this Green Robed Old Ancestor was often hunted down during his lifetime, so he has already trained himself to escape, and his ability to shield aura is the state of perfection.

Just when the Dao Academy’s powerhouses were facing a crisis, Qin Xiaotian’s little head came out of a place where no one was there. Just like a groundhog. After observing that there was really no one around, his body got out of the ground.

He patted off the dust from his robe. He just looked like any ordinary passerby! As if everything has nothing to do with him!

I am just a very kind, innocent, and pure child!

Not only that, but he bounced like a kid to the Alchemy Peak, seemingly intending to assess the Alchemist grade.

His heart felt pleasant too!

Currently, there were many people on the Alchemy Peak. But these cultivators put aside the things at their hands to look up at the sky. They were watching a vast light mask that covered hundreds of kilometers.

The entire Immortal Spirit Dao Academy was sealed off. No one is allowed to enter or leave.

Many cultivators chatted.

“What the hell is going on? Is there a huge battle happening? The seven Taoist Nascent Soul powerhouses went out, and the entire Immortal Spirit Great Array was started?”

“I heard that there was an earthquake on the Formation System. It seems that a big demon broke through the seal! I don’t know what the demon is though. Even the dean who usually doesn’t ask about the world seems to be concerned!”

“This matter is a long story, and it’s also a secret past that is rare and well-known in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. Did you know why the Senior Chiyang who was born with peerless talents and created countless myths die?” A Golden Core old man asked quite emotionally.

“Senior, we have all heard of Senior Chiyang’s name, but why he fell, we don’t know!”

A young Foundation Establishment cultivator replied.

“This matter started two thousand years ago. It was when the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy reached its heyday. At that time, there were 31 strong masters in the Taoist Nascent Soul powerhouses, and several Dividing Spirit supreme experts, especially Senior Chiyang. At the age of one thousand, his cultivation base broke through the Dividing Spirit middle sage. He can be called one of the top ten masters in the Nine States Continent. And at this moment, a demon from the outside world descended on my Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. This man claimed to be the Green Robed Old Ancestor. He was full of demon power and was the best in the world, making countless powerful people fearful of him. After this demon came to my Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, he killed people at sight, almost turning the entire Immortal Spirit Dao Academy into purgatory on Earth. At this critical moment of survival, Senior Chiyang led all Dao Academy powerhouses and started a world-shaking battle. In this battle, the mountains and rivers were destroyed, and the sky and earth were torn apart. In the end, Senior Chiyang killed the demon at the expense of burning his Primordial Spirit. The enemy’s Primordial Spirit was sealed in the ground. At this point, Senior Chiyang has fallen, and the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy has suffered heavy losses. It can be described as a terrible victory! Look at the Sword Qi Peak in front of you! The Chiyang Sword Immortal cut it down during the Great War!”

After the Golden Core old man finished speaking, the cultivators were all shocked.

Looking at the thousand-zhang* mountain peak of Sword Qi Peak, it can be seen that it was split open. And even now, there is still a tragic sword intent. No one can imagine how terrifying the battle back then!

*TL note: 丈 zhàng=ten Chinese feet (3.3 m)

“In that case, the demon’s cultivation base is definitely heaven-defying. At this time, the Primordial Spirit has broken through the seal… can it be stopped?”

“It’s fine. No matter how powerful the demon is, it has been sealed for two thousand years. No need to fear. Now that the Immortal Spirit Great Array is open, the demon has nowhere to escape!”

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