Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 33


The atmosphere was depressing!

While the cultivators were all talking about it, Dean Jin Chenzi and several other Nascent Soul elders have arrived at the underground palace.

Looking at the ruins in front of him, Jin Chenzi frowned.

“It seems that we are a step late. The seal is broken, and the Primordial Spirit aura of the Green Robed Old Ancestor is gone without a trace!”

“Dean, as far as I can see, precisely because this Green Robed Old Ancestor escaped the Seal of the Earth Palace, he must have only a sliver of Primordial Spirit left. He should not be far away. Besides, I opened the Immortal Spirit Great Array as soon as possible. This demon should still be hidden in the Dao Academy!” Zhou Yishan analyzed.

“Elder Zhou, this is exactly what I worry about. In order to hide himself, this demon will definitely look for a physical body. There are thousands of disciples in the Dao Academy. I am afraid that some disciples have been possessed by now.”

“Dean, I don’t think it’s a bad thing if the problem is just a possession problem. You must have known that Primordial Spirit possession and physical body possession is heaven-defying. It’s a huge injury, sure, but if the devil body-possess one of our disciples, he will become weak. Let alone us; even an ordinary Golden Core cultivator can easily kill him!” Zhou Yishan said here.

Several other Nascent Soul cultivators looked at each other.

He didn’t look so good.

In any case, any Dao Academy student who may be possessed by the devil is considered to be under their sect. It’s still a human life.

If you really find yourself being possessed by the devil, you must be put to death!

As Righteous Path cultivators, how can the Dao Academy seniors see the lives of their disciples as nothing?

Although in order to save the whole world, someone still had to take justice into their own hands.

But what he said felt awkward no matter how you twist it.

It seems that they need to sacrifice their disciple deliberately!

“Hmph! Elder Zhou made it sound so easy. How about finding out who’s possessed instead?” Another female Nascent Soul cultivator said coldly.

“This matter is easy to handle. As long as the investigation is done one by one, the demon will seize the physical body. Cultivators above the Golden Core stage can’t be possessed with the demon’s current strength. Therefore, we only need to investigate the cultivators below the Foundation Establishment 9th Layer!” Zhou Yishan seems to be confident when he speaks of this.

“How do you look for it? Do you want to search the soul one by one? I can’t do this kind of thing unless your perimeter dares to take the world by storm!” The female Nascent Soul cultivator curled her lips and sneered even more sarcastically.

“Soul search is naturally impossible. I believe that no disciple in Dao Academy can accept this kind of thing. Everyone has their own secret, after all. It’s also a method of Demon Path.” Elder Zhou stated everyone’s concerns.

“Listening to Elder Zhou, it seems that you have an idea?”

“Actually, this Zhou just happen to get a Surveying Soul Stone ten years ago. Everyone should have heard of this Surveying Soul Stone, right? You only need to refine this Surveying Soul Stone into a Magical Artifact that measures soul strength. Gather all disciples one by one and test them. Then, the real demon will have nowhere to hide!”

As soon as Zhou Yishan said this, Dean Jin Chenzi nodded.

“That is one of many ways. If anyone has a new idea, let me know. Tomorrow noon, all the disciples below the Golden Core stage in the Dao Academy will gather in the martial arts field whether they are in seclusion, enlightenment, detention or punishment, or doing other things. No one is allowed to be absent!”


Qin Xiaotian didn’t know what the Nascent Soul big shots were currently planning.

It’s just that Immortal Spirit Great Array was quickly removed.

The students assumed the devil broke the seal. They imagined the scene of devil running amok… did not appear at all.

Everything is calm as if it was just a farce from beginning to end!

Qin Xiaotian had a relaxed and casual expression on his face. He didn’t hide it at all instead was hopping towards Alchemy Pavillion.

Not far away, Qin Xiaotian suddenly heard an eccentric voice.

“Haha! Qin Xiaotian, you brat! I knew you would come to the examination!”

Qin Xiaotian looked around and saw that Gu Ling’er had already been waiting in the Alchemy Pavilion’s hall.

So, she planned this from the start… it made her feel like an omniscient god.

TL note: 运筹帷幄 yùn chóu wéi wò= lit. to devise battle plan in a tent (idiom); fig. planning strategies.
料事如神 liào shì rú shén=to prophesy with supernatural accuracy (idiom); to have an incredible foresight

“Why are you following me? Could it be that you have fallen in love with my handsome face?”

“Haha! Don’t be funny. How can a brat be handsome? At most, you look a little cute. Let me tell you. This lady is not here to wait for you. You’re here to do the exam, so is this young lady not allowed to do the exam too?” Gu Linger said with a proud face.

“Hey! I don’t see that you even have time for alchemy.” Qin Xiaotian gave her an unexpected look.

“That’s not it. This lady is so talented and versatile. A brat like you comparing yourself to me? Just because you beat me in the examination stairs, doesn’t mean you can beat me in everything!” When Gu Ling’er said this, a strange feeling suddenly rose in her heart.

Why is it that I behave like a child every time I meet Qin Xiaotian, while Qin Xiaotian, a little kid, obviously only a big fart, but his mannerism is calm, appearing to be more mature than me? Shouldn’t children be naive? Or could it be, the mind of this lady is more immature than a six-year-old brat?

Noticing this, Gu Ling’er lost her composure.

“Okay, okay! You are great and talented and beautiful. Since you are also preparing for the exam, then you must have understood the process of the examination of alchemists, so please tell me about it!” Qin Xiaotian said with a faint smile.

Although his tone was calm, he looked like a baby full of curiosity.

“Hehe! A brat really doesn’t understand a thing. Well, let me tell you, the Examination of Alchemist is simple and easy. Examination 1st Grade Alchemist qualification is the simplest; refining a random 1st grade medicine pill successfully on the spot. Then, the process of examination 2nd Grade Alchemist is slightly different. You need to declare the 2nd Grade pill dan medical ingredient that you want to refine. However, some of the materials provided for you by the Dao Academy may be fake. You need carefully distinguish it, and there is a prescribed time limit. Even if you successfully refine a qualified 2nd Grade pill, but not within the prescribed time, you will fail the exam! As for the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination, there will be a person 4th Grade Great Alchemist as the examiner. Not only will there be more fake materials, but you also need to refine more than three 3rd grade medicine pills at the same time, and the pill’s success rate must exceed 30%!”

“So, do you know the process of examination for 4th Grade Alchemist?” Qin Xiaotian asked again.

“Hehe! Do you think anyone can become a 4th Grade Alchemist? A Golden Core expert and even a Nascent Soul powerhouse must be very polite to a 4th Grade Alchemist. A brat like you can’t aim too high!”

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