Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 34


Qin Xiaotian ignored Gu Linger’s cynicism.

He just had his hands on his back and walked confidently and gracefully to the alchemist examination registration office.

“Hello, big sis. I want to do the exam Alchemist!”

The one who was in charge of the reception was a young female cultivator. Her sky-blue daoist robe had the pattern of Herb Inscription, which is unique to only the Alchemy Department students.

She was stunned when she looked at the child in front of her.

“Little brother, are you sure you are going to do the test? You are so young…”

“Does the Dao Academy stipulate that you cannot do the exam at a young age?” Qin Xiaotian asked indifferently.

“No, they don’t!” The female cultivator replied in shock.

At this time, many cultivators noticed Qin Xiaotian’s figure.

It was already bizarre that a child appeared in the Alchemy Pavilion. Listening to this kid, he wants to do the test…?

“Haha! Did I hear that right? This big bear kid wants to do the test too?”

“Does he even know what an alchemist is?”

“I have been studying alchemy since I was a child, and I have been studying in the Alchemy Department for three years, and even now, I dare not say that I can pass the 1st Grade Alchemist exam. What the hell is up with this kid?”

“Hey, isn’t he Qin Xiaotian? He took first place in the freshmen examination this year and broke the record of the Sword Immortal Chiyang. Don’t look at his young age. He is very powerful. I haven’t seen him for several days, and I haven’t heard of him joining any department. I didn’t expect to meet him here!” A young girl who looked like a freshman said in surprise.

“Is he Qin Xiaotian? He’s actually a little kid!”

“So what if he’s truly a peerless child prodigy?! Without a large reserve of pharmacological knowledge, it is impossible to become an alchemist. I don’t believe he has mastered superb pill refining technique when he is that young!”

“Hehe! I think he is too young to be an alchemist!”

Facing these spectating people’s criticism, Qin Xiaotian looked disdainful.

The world never understands the real genius! Only after proving their strength, these geniuses will then be admired!

It’s not that Qin Xiaotian wants to show off. It’s just that he is actually awesome!

“Little brother, you need to pay one hundred lower-grade spirit stones to do the 1st Grade Alchemist examination!” The beauty cultivator reminded in a gentle voice.

Qin Xiaotian nodded.

It was understandable to pay some spirit stones. After all, the medicinal ingredients were provided by the Alchemy Pavilion, so a certain fee was naturally charged.

“Then, how many spirit stones do I need to pay for the 3rd Grade Alchemist exam?” Qin Xiaotian continued to ask.

As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned!

“Haha! That’s just ridiculous! Just him alone? A kid? Doing the 3rd Grade Alchemist exam. Did hear that right?”

“Does he even know what 3rd Grade Alchemist is?”

“I have seen kids before, but seriously? Haha!”

TL note: 哄 hōng=roar of laughter (onom.)

“Yes, yes. Sure, he’s so strong. I like this kind of kid that can boast his head to Heaven!”

“Little brother, you need to pay a thousand lower-grade spirit stones for the 2nd Grade Alchemist exam and 10,000 lower-grade spirit stones for the 3rd Grade Alchemist exam. But only after you become a 1st Grade Alchemist, then you can do the 2nd Grade Alchemist exam. And after you become a 2nd Grade Alchemist, you can do the 3rd Grade Alchemist exam, and so on. Do you understand?”

Although the beautiful cultivator at the reception felt that this kid was purely asking for fun, she still answered patiently. It’s kind of her professional ethics!

“Let’s do it!” Qin Xiaotian readily paid one hundred lower-grade spirit stones.

Right then, at the entrance of the Alchemy Pavilion, a young cultivator wearing a black daoist robe walked in like all the stars cup themselves around the moon*.

*TL note: zhòng xīng pěng yuè= lit. all the stars cup themselves around the moon (idiom, from Analects); fig. to view somebody as core figure; to group around a revered leader; to revolve around somebody.

This person was in his early twenties, he looked gentle and elegant, and his aura was quite good. He has reached the nine-layer foundation building, and he was only one step away to break through the Golden Core realm.

Behind him were dozens of students from the Alchemy department. Almost every one of them has an Alchemist Badge. Although their grades are not high, only 1st and 2nd Grade. But even in the Dao Academy, not every student can obtain an Alchemist Grade. Obviously, this is a group of elites!

Qin Xiaotian knew two people among them. It was Long Xiaoyao and Tang Rou.

“It’s Senior Han Dong. I didn’t expect him to come!”

“I heard that Senior Han Dong is a well-deserved number one genius in the Alchemy Department. He entered the Immortal Dao Academy six years ago. In just one year, he successfully obtained the badge of the 2nd Grade Alchemist Badge and refined a 3rd Grade medicine pill one year ago. I’m afraid today he’s here to do the 3rd Grade Alchemist exam!”

“3rd Grade Alchemist? I’m envious!”

“As far as I know, our students at Immortal Spirit Dao Academy are different from other sect disciples. Dao Academy uses the academic year system. Every three years, there are five sessions, which add up to a total of fifteen years. If your time ran out, you need to leave on your own, but if you become a 3rd Grade Alchemist, you can truly join Dao Academy and become a part of Dao Academy, which is something that many people envy!”

TL note: from what I’m getting in this paragraph, you have three years as a student. After your time ran out(three years), you can still be a student again up to a maximum of 5 times. So, you can become a student for 15 years. If the 15 years ran out, you need to leave the Dao Academy. Basically, like a dropout in real life. But, if you obtained the 3rd Grade Alchemist Badge, maybe you can become a worker or a part of Dao Academy forever.

“The Immortal Spirit Dao Academy’s system is said to have been set by the founding ancestor Xianling Patriarch tens of thousands of years ago. No one, including the current dean, can change it. Otherwise, many disciples would unify together!”

“You can’t say that. Suppose the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is really the same as other sects. In that case, there will not be so many cultivation families, including other strong sects, sending their children to the Dao Academy. It’s thanks to the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy that there is no distinction between sects!”

“Excluding other amazing alchemists, Senior Han Dong has long been able to refine 3rd grade medicine pills, and it’s only now that he has come to the examination. He must have made sufficient preparations. Let’s wait and see. Maybe it will help us to improve our alchemy skills!”

“Senior Sister Tang Rou is also here. Someone said that she’s reaching the level of a 3rd Grade Alchemist. just a little bit, do you want to try your luck?”

Listening to everyone’s discussion, Han Dong sneered in his heart.

Everyone knows that he is a genius. He is the most talented student in the Alchemy Department in recent decades. After six years of enrollment, he was able to finally refine 3rd Grade medicine pills.

However, his true strength is far beyond everyone’s imagination! He had a special chance in his early years. He once got an inheritance from a 5th Grade Great Alchemist.

After entering the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, his alchemy technique has advanced by leaps and bounds.

Today, the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination is just an appetizer. His real goal is 4th Grade Great Alchemist.

After five years of dormancy, it was finally time for him to shine. He wants the entire Immortal Spirit Dao Academy to know who is the most powerful genius ever!

Qin Xiaotian and Luo Aotian are all shit!

“As long as Han Dong is there, I dare not say that I am a genius!” Someone in the crowd spoke out.

At this time, Long Xiaoyao also discovered the silhouette of Qin Xiaotian. He came to Qin Xiaotian in a short stride.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, you come to do the Alchemist examination too!”

In front of everyone, Long Xiaoyao didn’t show his respect for Qin Xiaotian. Instead, Long Xiaoyao greeted him like an ordinary fellow.

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