Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 35


“Xiaoyao! Are you here for the examination too?”

“No, I’m here to watch Senior Brother Han Dong’s alchemy examination. For students in the Alchemy Department, seeing a powerful alchemist doing pill-refining on site is a precious learning opportunity. Under normal circumstances, alchemists do not allow others to disturb them when refining the pill, let alone let you watch! Only in the alchemy examination, we can watch with confidence!” Long Xiaoyao explained.

“I see. No wonder there are many cultivators in the alchemy pavilion. It turns out most of them are here just to spectate!” Qin Xiaotian nodded.

A famous alchemist was about to do the 3rd Grade Alchemist exam, so naturally, everyone was not interested in Qin Xiaotian, who was just a little kid.

After a while, Qin Xiaotian followed the beauty at the reception to the 1st Grade Alchemist’s examination hall.

The hall is very spacious! More than 1,000 square meters.

There are more than ten alchemy furnaces neatly placed inside. On the left side of the hall, there is a special medicine storage room. All are a dazzling array of low-level medicinal materials. On the right side of the hall, three young 2nd Grade Alchemists were sitting there as the examiners.

There were not many cultivators in the hall. There were only a dozen in total, and they were all new students of the Alchemy Department. This place looks a little deserted!

When Qin Xiaotian came in, he found three participants were sitting in front of the alchemy furnace. They control the flames and seem to be refining pills! This is normal. The 1st Grade Alchemist examination is not difficult.

Most of the students who can enter Dao Academy have suitable qualifications. Therefore, students from the Alchemy Department often come to do the Alchemy exam.

“Little brother, fill in the list of materials you need. The assessment will start soon. Don’t be nervous, just play according to your usual state. I believe you can definitely do it!”

Qin Xiaotian was speechless.

Tension? Like that exist for Qin Xiaotian?! “This little kid never experienced winds and waves.” “Nervous when taking a 1st Grade Alchemist?” Big sis, can you stop teasing?

The beauty cultivator in front of him is obviously treating him as a brat!

But my heart is still calm. At least symbolically encouraged!

After Qin Xiaotian filled out the list of medicinal materials, the medicinal materials of Fasting Pill were quickly handed over to him.

“Senior Sister Wu Xin, is this little child also coming to examination 1st Grade Alchemist?” A young examiner curiously asked.

“Yes. His name is Qin Xiaotian, and it is said that he is the First New Student this year!”

“So it turns out it’s him, the guy who broke the record on the Immortal Spirit Stairs!”

“Well, I have never seen such a small alchemist before, but looking at the appearance of this kid, he seems to have confidence in himself!”

After hearing that the little kid in front of them was the child prodigy who broke the Immortal Spirit Stairs’ record, the eyes of the three examiners were involuntarily focused on Qin Xiaotian.

Qin Xiaotian did not feel uncomfortable.

He chose an alchemy furnace at random. He began to refine pill directly. A hot flame suddenly appeared in his small palm. The terrifying temperature quickly burned the alchemy furnace red.

Right then Qin Xiaotian poured all the alchemy materials into the alchemy furnace.

“pu!” An examiner who was drinking tea sprayed it out on the spot.

“Fuck, what is this kid doing? Is there anyone else doing alchemy like this?”

“Are you sure he is making alchemy, not cooking?”

“This kid just playing around. He doesn’t understand what alchemy is. The properties of each medicinal materials are different, their heat-resistant temperature is different, and their requirement for controlling the fire is different. If there is a slight mistake in the order of delivery, it will cause pill-refining to fail. This is the most basic common knowledge for refining a medicine pill. Doesn’t he understand?”

“Don’t mention that it’s alchemy, I think even cooking is not this wild!”

“If that can somehow produce a pill, I will eat shit!”

When a young cultivator just finished speaking, Qin Xiaotian’s pill furnace suddenly shook.

The next second, Qin Xiaotian knotted his hands and printed magic seals one after another. The alchemy furnace shook more violently suddenly as if there was a sign of exploding at any time.

At this time, Qin Xiaotian made a small move. The pill furnace instantly stopped shaking and one after another, white pills flew out from the top of the furnace, there was the thick medicinal fragrance. There are fifteen in total!

This scene made everyone collectively dumbfounded!

“It’s… how is it possible that the refining succeeded, and fifteen at the same time?!”

“How exactly did it happen? Why can’t I understand it at all? Didn’t he violate the common knowledge of pill refining?”

“A messed up cooking method is an advanced pill refining technique?”

“Well, didn’t a certain guy just say he was going to eat shit?”

The moment Qin Xiaotian pill succeeded, everyone was trembling.

All the people there showed an incredible expression.

Although it is nothing unusual to refine a 1st grade medicine pill, Qin Xiaotian’s alchemy process was a bit “sloppy”. It makes people speechless. They even wondered if the alchemy they learned all this time was fake!

Of course, Qin Xiaotian’s “sloppy” method is not something that an ordinary alchemist can learn! If there is no super strong mental power, the control of the flame reaches the micro level, no rich pharmacological knowledge, and no super-strong pill refining technique; it is impossible to achieve such a violation of common sense for pill refining!

“Qin Xiaotian, with your 1st grade medicine pill, Fasting Pill, you passed the test!” One examiner said.

“Now it is announced that you have passed the examination and you are officially awarded the 1st Grade Alchemist Badge!” Another examiner said.

“I hope you will continue to work hard to improve yourself in the future study and strive to reach the 2nd Grade Alchemist level as soon as possible…” Another one said again.

“Excuse me, let me interrupt. Can I do the 2nd Grade Alchemist exam now?”

When these words came out, the examiners who were encouraging Qin Xiaotian suddenly froze!

The examiners became embarrassed!

“Your sister! I said to reach the 2nd Grade Alchemist as soon as possible, but not this early!”

“I didn’t even finish speaking, and you want to do the exam now?!”

“Can you give some face?”

“Shouldn’t a child have sympathy?”

The examiners were in an awkward situation. Their faces turned blue and purple for a while!

“If you want to do the 2nd Grade Alchemist exam, please go out and turn left. Pay the fee at the registration office. Naturally, someone will lead you to the 2nd Grade Alchemist examination hall!”

“Many thanks!”

Qin Xiaotian came to the examination registration office again, and now he had a first-grade alchemist badge in his hand.

“Little brother, why did you come out so soon? Did you fail the examination? It will be fine. You are still young, so even if you didn’t succeed right now, your success would come soon. Failure is the mother of success…”

“Big sis, I want to apply for the 2nd Grade Alchemist!” Qin Xiaotian finished speaking and took out the first-rank alchemist badge in his hand!

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