Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 36


“You… passed the examination? How is it this fast?” Wu Xin is a little confused!

Typically, 1st Grade Alchemist examination doesn’t take too long, but it took at least an incense stick of time*!

*TL note: a poetic way of referring to a short time span, generally 5 minutes. When it is used in a sentence, it generally means 5 minutes have gone by.

Qin Xiaotian went in for a cup of tea, and then came out! It is more than ten times faster than the average examinee.

She had never seen anyone pass the exam so quickly, and this person was just a little kid. “Could it be that the legendary child prodigy is really so awesome- Ahem! Little brother, I didn’t expect you to pass the test so quickly, you are too good!”

“It’s all basic anyway. Big sis, please hurry up and arrange for 2nd Grade Alchemist’s examination soon!” Qin Xiaotian waved his hands, looking very humble.

However, even though he was humble on the surface, his tone of voice had a hint of pressure no matter how hard he tried to hide it. It seems that he has already reached the realm of the invisible showoff. ‘Don’t dare to underestimate!’

“Little brother, the 2nd Grade Alchemist’s examination is different from that of 1st Grade Alchemist. You must be prepared!”

“Know it!” Qin Xiaotian smiled and nodded.

After paying a thousand lower-grade spirit stones, Wu Xin took him to the 2nd Grade Alchemist’s examination hall.

The examination hall layout for the 2nd Grade Alchemist exam and the examination hall for the 1st Grade Alchemist exam was similar. It’s just that the quality of the alchemy furnace is obviously better the 2nd Grade exam.

The person in charge of the examination is two 3rd Grade Alchemists and two Golden Core Early Stage powerhouses!

When Qin Xiaotian entered the hall, he found Gu Ling’er’s silhouette.

In the entire hall, only Gu Linger was doing alchemy, and hundreds of cultivators were onlookers! Many people talked, admired, and praised!

“This Gu Ling’er is worthy of being the daughter of the Misty Cloud Sect. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, her cultivation level has reached the Foundation Establishment 5th Layer. What is even rarer is that her accomplishments in pill refining have exceeded most senior students. So talented and intelligent. Her future achievements are limitless!”

“I see that she is her pill refining is very skillful, and her identification skill of medicinal materials is not bad. The whole alchemy process is not muddled and can be said to be done in one try. It seems that she can pass the 2nd Grade Alchemist examination smoothly!”

“This is the real genius. Compared to her, I feel like a waste!”

“As soon as she entered the Dao Academy, she was able to pass the 2nd Grade Alchemist examination. In the entire Dao Academy’s Alchemy Department, it seems that only Senior Han Dong can compete with her!”

“I think her future achievements may surpass Senior Han Dong. After all, Senior Han Dong came from a poor family, and Gu Ling’er was originally the proud daughter of heavens, and she is also a direct disciple of Elder Nalan.”

“You know, Elder Nalan is the only female Nascent Soul in the Dao Academy. She never accepts disciples. Now that she accepted Gu Ling’er as her disciple, how can she not teach Gu Ling’er everything?”

“In addition, Gu Ling’er’s father is also a master of Nascent Soul. There is the support of two Nascent Souls behind her back. Thinking about it, I feel so jealous!”

“What’s the use of jealousy? This is fate. Once a fortunate person is born, the starting point has already surpassed us!”

“I was thinking, if this Gu Linger can be my wife, she is not only cute, lively, and pleasant. She is also peerlessly talented and has a strong background. Wouldn’t it be less of the struggle of a century?”

“Don’t be delusional. Don’t let yourself be your delusion. An ugly toad dreams of eating swan meat?*” A cultivation base Foundation Establishment 4th Layer cultivator sneered at a Foundation Establishment 2nd Layer cultivator.

TL note: Chinese’s “An ugly toad dreams of eating swan meat” usually describes an ugly man wanting to marry a beautiful woman.

At this time, with his hands on his back, Qin Xiaotian walked into the examination hall with a calm and composed step.

As soon as he came in, Gu Ling’er spotted him. However, she was currently pill refining, and it was already at a critical moment, so she didn’t say hello to Qin Xiaotian!

Most of the senior students probably didn’t know Qin Xiaotian. But among the freshmen in this year, no one does not know him! After all, the scene on the Immortal Spirit Stairs left an indelible impression in the minds of all freshmen. This kid who looks only five or six years old, he’s strong. Until now, looking back, they felt shocked!

“It’s Qin Xiaotian! Shit! How come this abnormal little devil has appeared again?!”

“Him being in here seems that he passed the assessment of the first-rank alchemist, and now he is going to do 2nd Grade Alchemist’s exam? “

“Who is this little kid? Is he that amazing? Why are you new students seem to have seen a ghost?”

“Senior, this little kid is not only powerful. He is abnormal. Don’t look at his age. He is so awesome that you start to doubt life!”

“So terrifying, could it be this little devil that was recently rumored First New Student?”

“Hehe! A new student is a new student. He hasn’t seen anything in the world. Just a brat. Why did you make a fuss about nothing?”

“I heard that this little kid cheated on the assessment of the Immortal Spirit Stairs. That’s why he’s not taken seriously by the Dao Academy executives. I don’t know whether the rumors are true, though!”

Facing the criticisms of these spectating people, Qin Xiaotian always had an utterly indifferent expression.

No matter where he goes, such an awesome little kid is always eye-catching! Although he has always wanted to keep a low profile, it’s helpless! So much so that he couldn’t hide it no matter how much he tried to conceal it.

Soon, Qin Xiaotian filled out the list of medicinal materials.

Wu Xin looked at the medicinal materials on the list, then she frowned.

“Little brother, are you going to refine the Foundation Establishment Pill? This is the most difficult type of the 2nd Grade medicine pills, and its success rate is poor. Even 3rd Grade Alchemists may not be able to pill success immediately. Additionally, time is limited. Do you want to change it?”

“No. Foundation Establishment Pill is okay!” Qin Xiaotian shook his head, his tone very firm.

His goal is more than just a 2nd Grade Alchemist.

For others, this Foundation Establishment Pill is difficult to refine, but for him, it is no different from an ordinary 2nd Grade medicine pill.

Before devouring the Primordial Spirit of Green Robed Old Ancestor, his pill refining technique already had reached 3rd Grade. Now that he has four thousand years of practice experience from Green Robed Old Ancestor, he doesn’t even know what level he has achieved.

As a peerless big shot of the Dividing Spirit Late Stage, Green Robed Old Ancestor has good accomplishments in pill refining, artifact refining, and array. Although he majored in the Demon Path to kill innocents, his skills in other aspects are not comparable to ordinary cultivator!

Although Qin Xiaotian could not fully obtain his memory, even a small part was enough to make him infinitely useful!

After completing the examination procedures, Qin Xiaotian stepped forward to the alchemy furnace on the right side of Gu Linger. It’s almost as if he was doing pill refining with her.

A cold light flashed in Gu Ling’er’s eyes. For a moment, there seemed to be a strong smell of gunpowder** in the air!

**TL note: huǒ yào wèi shèn nóng=strong smell of gunpowder; fig. tense situation; stand-off

“Hmph! Brat, do you still want to compare your pill refining to me? This time, this Young Lady will make you call mommy!”

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