Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 37


Gu Ling’er glanced at Qin Xiaotian, secretly competing in her heart.

Although she is usually eccentric, she cares about a lot of things. One thing for sure is that she has a lot of pride! As the daughter of Misty Cloud Sect Sect Master, Gu Ling’er was born with honor.

She has been a genius among others since she was young. Many tried to chase her, but not one person ever surpassed her!

Although Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is the place where the supreme talents gather, she never thinks that she will lose to anyone! …Until a few days ago, she was surpassed by a six-year-old brat! Very heartbroken! It’s absurd! And it happened for real!

She was not as jealous as Xiao Zhan, but she would never allow herself to lose again and again to a brat with a big fart.

People say that the ruler has its strengths and the inch has its shortcomings. Everyone must treat their own strengths and weaknesses correctly.

Gu Ling’er has been learning the way of alchemy for ten years, and alchemy masters have taught her since the age of six. She didn’t believe in what she had learned for ten years couldn’t compare to a kid who was only six years old in total!

Gu Ling’er’s fire jumped like some sort of spirit was possessing the fire.

There seemed to be a smell of medicinal fragrance from the alchemy furnace. Obviously, she has reached the most critical step in alchemy. A fusion of medicinal properties… a condensation of pill success!

At this time, Qin Xiaotian focused his attention on the medicinal materials in front of him!

He only glanced casually, and he discovered that there were problems with the two herbs. Invariably

The first is Dragon Whisker Grass(Longxucao), the material that is always needed to refine Foundation Establishment Pill(Zhujidan), contained a large amount of Yin Dragon Grass(Yinlongcao).

This Dragon Whisker Grass and Yin Dragon Grass look almost exactly the same.

Ordinary cultivators would have a hard time distinguishing.

The medicinal properties of these two medicinal materials are very different. Dragon Whisker Grass contains a lot of Yang. In contrast, the Yin Dragon Grass contains a lot of Yin, which contains the power of Yin. It just so happens that the medicinal properties of these two medicinal materials are very obscure.

Once the Yin Dragon Grass is put into the alchemy furnace, the Foundation Establishment Pill will be scrapped instantly!

The other medicinal material that went wrong was “Heavenly Red Flower(Tiantonghua)”. This Heavenly Red Flower is a crucial medicinal ingredient with comprehensive medicinal properties, but it was sprinkled with Silver Heart Powder.

Who is so lacking in morality?

The combination of Silver Heart Powder and Heavenly Red Flower will cause violent conflict. If Qin Xiaotian took this flower directly to refine medicine, it would explode in all likelihood!

Qin Xiaotian did not recklessly start pill refining. Instead, he patiently picked out the Yin Dragon Grass one by one and then used Power of True Essence to wash away the Silver Heart Powder on Heavenly Red Flower!

His operation made the 3rd Grade Alchemists frequently nodded.

“Yes, even though this little boy is young, he has a vicious vision. He can accurately distinguish the difference between Dragon Whisker Grass and Yin Dragon Grass, and his mind is very delicate. He can detect the Silver Heart Powder on Heavenly Red Flower at a glance!”

“It seems that there are many talents in this kid. Many alchemists have failed in the past because of their carelessness!”

Two 3rd Grade Alchemist just praised Qin Xiaotian. Meanwhile, the next move of this little kid caused everyone’s glasses to fall!

They saw him throw all the medicinal materials into the pill furnace indiscriminately and then began to refine a pill!

The onlookers all looked dumbfounded!

“Fuck, what is this kid doing?”

“Is there any Senior who can tell me what this pill refining technique is?”

“Silly beep, this little kid was fine just now. Has a donkey kicked his head just now?”

“Awesome! I am a long-time expert, but I didn’t know that there are people who pill refine to cook a pot of potpourri*!”

*TL note: a mixture of dried petals and leaves from various flowers and plants that is used to give a room a pleasant smell.

“If he can successfully refine a medicine pill, I will eat the alchemy furnace.”

Right then, the expressions of the two Golden Core examiners suddenly became ugly. Like being slapped in the face.

Your damn brat! Did you come here to make trouble deliberately? Just praised you, you floated! If I praise you more, would you go to heaven? If pill refining is wilder than cooking, why don’t you just learn to cook?

At this moment, almost no one would believe that Qin Xiaotian could successfully refine the pill.

Next second, as everyone expected, Qin Xiaotian’s alchemy furnace was shaking extremely unstable! And as time goes by, it seemed like it might explode any time.

The dashing medical power rammed into the alchemy furnace. Everyone kept their eyes on, waiting for Qin Xiaotian to fail.

And it is at this time, Qin Xiaotian suddenly knotted his hands, making complicated hand seals one after another.

The flame at the bottom of the alchemy furnace suddenly turned into an azure fire dragon. The fire dragon was caught inside the alchemy furnace. All the medicinal ingredients are refined instantly. But the flame temperature is too high. Although with that temperature, the medicinal materials can be refined quickly, it is also extremely easy to completely burn the medicinal materials.

At this time, Qin Xiaotian’s right hand suddenly showed an Ice Cold Power.

The Ice Cold Power poured into the alchemy furnace. While preventing the medicinal essence from being completely burned, the Ice Cold Power also accelerates the fusion of the pill that is already not easy to fuse! Soon everything condensed into a golden Foundation Establishment Pill.

At this moment, whether it was the examiner or the spectating people on the scene, all showed a dumbfounded look! The whole audience was silent!

“This… Is this the Ice-Fire Alchemy? Fuck! It turns out that there really is such a legendary pill refining technique!”

“Is Ice-Fire Alchemy amazing? Why have I never heard of it?”

“It’s expected that you haven’t heard of it. Even I have only seen it in ancient historical records. It is rumored that a long time ago, a very crazy and bold alchemist proposed the hypothesis of ice and fire pill refining technique! As we all know, alchemists use flames to refine pills. This is the most basic common sense. However, the power of flame is too violent. Even with the aid of alchemy furnaces, it’s still easy to accidentally burn out the pills. Learning to control the flames is a vital skill. But no matter how good your flame control is, mistakes will still occur! The principle of Ice-Fire Alchemy is to refine with fire and fuse with ice. The power of ice’s unique attributes will speed up the integration of all medicines and stabilize them to the utmost extent! In theory, this principle can not only speed up pill refining, but also greatly increase the rate of success in pill refining. Of course, it’s just a theory!

“Since Ice-Fire Alchemy is so awesome, why is it just a theory?” Someone asked.

“Are you crazy? The two attributes of ice and fire conflict with each other. If someone practices the cultivation techniques of these two attributes simultaneously, the cultivation deviation will be a trivial matter. But if you are not careful, you will burst into death. Never mind pill refining; it’s no different from seeking death!”

“Then what happened to this abnormal Qin Xiaotian? Why didn’t he explode and die?”

“You all said he is abnormal, so why are you looking at him as a normal person now?

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