Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 43


The examination is over.

Qin Xiaotian got the grade badge of 4th Grade Great Alchemist as he wished! It felt very good!

He had just stepped out of Alchemy Pavillion, and Long Xiaoyao followed.

“Senior Xiaotian, congratulations on your promotion to 4th Grade Alchemist!”

“It’s Xiaoyao! Good to say, good to say. You know, in this Eminence’s eyes, a 4th Grade Alchemist is nothing!” Qin Xiaotian stood with his hands in his hands, his tone very calm.

Above that small body, a powerful force exudes. People dare not look down!

“That’s for sure. Peerless expert like Senior naturally doesn’t care about the fame of 4th Grade Alchemist. Still, in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, a 4th Grade Alchemist is already second only to the Dao Academy Elder. Looking at Nine States Continent, it’s an existence with extremely noble status. However, many things must not be done personally for a person with status and status like you. If Xiaoyao is useful, Junior is willing to do the best for Senior Xiaotian!” Long Xiaoyao finished bending down. Long Xiaoyao gave Qin Xiaotian a flattering. He did not forget to express his loyalty!

Qin Xiaotian nodded.

He thought Long Xiaoyao is very good.

Qin Xiaotian really lacked a few little brothers who can listen. In any case, he is now a 4th Grade Great Alchemist!

As a teacher with identity, status, and rank, he can’t go to the trading center to set up a street stall, right? This is too low! It is impossible to set up a street stall again!

Qin Xiaotian thought for a while. Since doing alchemy can profit, why not set up a company to take advantage of the brand effect? The Dao Academy’s trading method is still too far behind. The vision is not very long-term. Although it has its own trading channels, they cooperate with other large-scale sects, and they are in the high-end market. Meanwhile, the low-end market is incomparable!

The population of Nine States Continent was over 100 billion. Even if ordinary cultivators don’t have much wealth, as long as Qin Xiaotian can take a little bit from them, it is enough to make Qin Xiaotian earn a lot of money!

There was another thing that Qin Xiaotian feels very wasteful… There were many disciples in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy’s Alchemy Department, but only a handful of students can reach the 2nd Grade Alchemist level. The remaining part of their innate talent is not enough to make soy sauce*!

*TL note: in 2008, a TV journalist interviewed a member of the public Guangzhou, asking for a comment on the Edison Chen sex scandal story. The dismissive response from the man was: “I have nothing to do with this – I’m just out getting soy sauce”. The video went viral and as a result “to get soy sauce” has come to mean: “I’m just passing by, minding my own business” or “I have no comment or opinion”. 打酱油 is also sometimes used to describe the attitude of those who are indifferent or unconcerned.
This sentence basically said “the remaining part of their innate talent is not enough to make a difference”.

Such people don’t get the Dao Academy’s attention, some were already in a state of giving up, and some were still working hard to become a 2nd Grade Alchemist as soon as possible. After all, there is no market for 1st grade medicine pills at Immortal Spirit Dao Academy! But, if Qin Xiaotian can accept all the students of the medicine department as company employees. Let them pill refine for themselves. They can’t pill refine a 2nd Grade pill, but they can always refine 1st Grade pills, right?

If you can’t even practice refining pills, you can always be an assembly line employee in charge of a pill refining process.

Since they managed to enter Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, Qin Xiaotian believed that their foundation is not bad. Sure, these low-level pills from Immortal Spirit Dao Academy don’t look good, but they can still be sold to other continent cities.

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaotian suddenly germinated a desire to start a business. He can get free staffs from students, and he has a preferential procurement channel as a teacher, so why should he have to work hard to make money by pill refining? As a 4th Grade Great Alchemist, he has a certain appeal in itself, and he will not lose money if he builds a company!

“Xiaoyao, how do you set up a company?” Qin Xiaotian asked casually.

“Senior, please forgive this Junior’s ignorance. I don’t know what this ‘company’ you talked about?”

“‘Company’… how do I explain it? It has the same meaning as what a Faction means!”

“It turns out that Senior Xiaotian wants to form a Faction, and Junior is in favor of it. In fact, there are many Immortal Spirit Dao Academy students forming Factions, especially those Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters who are about to graduate. After leaving the Dao Academy, a group of people gathered together and even established a sect directly, but most of them were small sects, and there are not many who can make a name for themselves in the cultivation world! Of course, Senior Xiaotian is naturally different from them. If you want to start a sect, you will definitely be the Grandmaster of a Generation of Megatron cultivation world!”

“Okay, that’s enough. I’ve figured out the name of this Faction, and it will be called ‘Xiaotian Pharmaceutical Corporation’. What do you think?”

“Uh, uh… a very unique name, but since Senior has named it like this, there must be some sort of profound meaning!”

“This is fine. The name of the company will be decided like this. From now on, I will be the first chairman of Xiaotian Pharmaceutical, and you will be the first CEO of Xiaotian Pharmaceutical. For the next few days, tell the Alchemy Department that Qin Xiaotian intends to accept apprentices and ask them to sign up as soon as possible. If they pass the interview, I will personally teach them alchemy in the days to come!”

“Senior Xiaotian, what position this ‘CEO’ mean?” Long Xiaoyao asked with confusion in his head.

“What CEO means is that you will be fully responsible for this Faction in the future. You can handle all other things on my behalf except for some major issues that need to be reported to me!”

When Qin Xiaotian said this, Long Xiaoyao was instantly excited!

Full responsibility for many aspects of the Faction, isn’t that the same with what Vice Sect Lord position means?

With Long Xiaoyao’s cleverness and wit, how could he not know the power of this!

Don’t look at Qin Xiaotian’s casual way of speaking, don’t look at this very sloppy establishment of the “Company”, and don’t look at the name that has gotten ridiculous; but look at Qin Xiaotian’s growth rate. This “Company” is very likely to become a giant in the future! The weight of Long Xiaoyao’s authority will be unimaginable!

Thinking of this, Long Xiaoyao’s blood began to boil! On the surface, though, he forced himself to calm down!

“Senior Xiaotian, Xiaoyao probably understands what you meant. Do you want to use the students of the Dao Academy’s Alchemy Department to refine pills in large quantities and then sell them?” Long Xiaoyao asked the key point at once.

“Yes, this is what this Eminence meant!” Qin Xiaotian nodded, taking a look at Long Xiaoyao appreciatively. Although this guy’s cultivation base is not that high, he is at least clever.

“However, Junior still doesn’t understand. As a 4th Grade Great Alchemist, you can refine a 4th Grade Spirit Pill, which is worth hundreds or thousands of times higher than those 1st Grade 2nd Grade medicine pills. Even if hundreds of 1st Grade Alchemists are together, I am afraid that it is not as good as what a 4th Grade Great Alchemist made. Will recruiting those low-level Alchemy Department’s students helpful to you?” Long Xiaoyao raised a very technical question.

Qin Xiaotian slightly smiled.

“Xiaoyao, do you know what assembly line manufacturing is?”

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