Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 44


Qin Xiaotian’s tone paused. Long Xiaoyao is even more confused!

“Junior still doesn’t know. Senior, please solve my confusion?”

“The so-called assembly line manufacturing is to divide the production process of an item into several steps, and then someone is responsible for one step, mass/batch production- which is probably what it means! Although their refining skills are not high, the steps of pill refining can be done separated! For example, some people are responsible for organizing medicinal materials and matching the ingredients of medicinal materials, some are responsible for extracting essences, and some are responsible for condensing pills! After these steps are subdivided, assembly line production can be carried out! Whether it is in cost or time, it can be greatly saved! Although these medicinal pills have no effect on me, they are of great significance to countless low-level cultivators on Nine States Continent, and the profit brought by them is more than you can imagine!”

Long Xiaoyao was stunned. He has never heard that pill refining steps can be wholly separated and produced on an assembly line! If the alchemist only specializes in one aspect, then his expertise in the specialization can be quickly improved. The final fusion pill is not only guaranteed in quality, but the time and cost of medicinal materials are also unimaginable!

Long Xiaoyao’s heart trembled! The main reason why alchemy is difficult to learn is that the aspects involved are too complicated. If you simplify the distinction, almost everyone can do it!

Perhaps high-level alchemists will dismiss it. But for low-level alchemists, even alchemy apprentices who don’t even have a rank, they can play a huge role! Although in the past, high-level alchemists would accept a few apprentices and then let the apprentices handle some unimportant alchemy steps. But I have never thought about this kind of assembly line production.

The root cause is mainly selfishness! The pill that every alchemist masters are top secret and will never be shared with others. Even if it is only a low-level pill, it will only be taught to their disciples. Although each person is responsible for different assembly line production steps, as long as you observe, the pill recipes will inevitably be exposed.

For alchemists, this is unacceptable to them! The main reason why the pill is precious is that there are too few alchemists who can make the same thing. Their refined pills are not enough to supply market demand.

Suppose you follow Qin Xiaotian’s idea to do it; it is conceivable that more and more cultivators will emerge from the entire continent in the near future! Although it is impossible to reach the point of national cultivation, the low-level cultivators will at least be several times higher than now! This move affects the entire continent!

Long Xiaoyao’s soul trembled uncontrollably! His eyes looked at Qin Xiaotian as if looking up at an incredibly majestic mountain!

This child looks only six years old. He is more than just a genius! More than just a reincarnated person! He is still a great man who has the world in mind and wants to lead the entire cultivation world to prosperity!

His every move seems hasty, but his thinking is careful. All with supreme wisdom and foresight! The deep meaning contained in it is by no means understandable by short-sighted people!

Outside of the Nine States Continent, there are countless rich territories occupied by monsters. The strength of these Demon Beasts is not inferior to human cultivators. Every year, every day, every moment, countless cultivators are buried in the mouth of Demon Beasts! Humans are not Ruler of Continents!

These monsters will organize animal tides every once in a while to attack human territory. The consequences of every war are devastating disasters. Cultivators have great power, but they also have the obligation and responsibility to guard the human territory! Every year, the Dao Academy sends many disciples to slay Demon Beasts. But the Demon Beasts will still exist regardless. Especially in recent hundreds of years. Under the pressure of the tides of monsters and beasts, the human territory is shrinking continuously. If one day, the human cultivators can no longer stop the attack of the demons, then the entire continent, hundreds of millions of people, will be devastated! This will be a catastrophe!

Qin Xiaotian’s act of making money is, in fact, it is to train the low-level cultivators and prepare for the future generations!

Thinking of this, Long Xiaoyao suddenly felt a sense of pride! His eyes suddenly became extremely firm! Long Xiaoyao is just an insignificant existence among the billions of cultivators. He did not expect to be fortunate enough to participate in such an excellent plan for the common people of the world! He can die without regrets!

At this moment, Long Xiaoyao seemed to have found the meaning of his life!

Qin Xiaotian had no idea that Long Xiaoyao’s imagination would be so strong. His thinking was so far-reaching! Maybe a person with a delicate mind always thinks more.

Heaven and Earth conscience!

Qin Xiaotian is not that great. The common people in the world have nothing to do with him. His purpose is obviously simple. He is purely greedy for money!

According to Qin Xiaotian’s idea, as long as Xiaotian Pharmaceutical Corporation can be established smoothly and the production line of alchemy can be successfully carried out, the pills’ cost and time will be significantly reduced. As long as he has enough employees, he can sell the pill to every corner of the mainland.

At that time, some agents will be selected to establish a good reputation. The wealth obtained in this way is not comparable to that of 4th Grade Alchemists, 5th Grade, and even 6th Grade Alchemists. Moreover, he has a unique advantage. Any pill he consumed, he can comprehend its prescription.

Eat all the pill. Is there any pill that Xiaotian Pharmaceutical Corporation cannot provide on this continent? With complete varieties and low prices, who else can compete? Of course, this idea is good, but the process needs to be step by step! Before his strength grew, if he moved such a big piece of cake, maybe he will be attacked by countless big shots!

In the entire cultivation world, Qin Xiaotian believes that no one has thought of the assembly line’s pill refining method! Not that no one can do it. The root cause is probably too much difference in power and selfishness.

Moving the interests of too many people is too risky! If there is no strength to crush everything, those who dare to play this way is undoubtedly seeking a dead end! After all, in this realm of cultivation, where the weak are prey to the strong, we still have to speak with the cultivation base’s strength!


Not long after Qin Xiaotian left the alchemy peak, the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy’s Elder Pavilio officially issued a notice. All cultivators below the Golden Core stage in the Dao Academy will gather at the martial arts field at noon tomorrow. If there are any absents, they will be punished as treason and arrested by the Dao Academy Law Enforcement Division!

As soon as this news came out, the entire Dao Academy was in an uproar! As we all know, the management of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy has always been very loose. It rarely mandates students to do anything. Now, it’s only just an order to gather. Why is it necessary to treat it as treason for punishment?

“Could it be, the matter about the devil’s seal has not been resolved?”

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