Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 45


At noon the next day, all the students came out. Whether they were currently in seclusion, enlightenment, or even confinement, as long as they were below the Golden Core Stage cultivation base, they all came to the martial arts field to gather.

This martial arts field is a large square field! It covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters! The martial arts field’s ground is made of black iron, and the array barrier was up and running! Even if Nascent Soul powerhouse fights inside, it will not bring any damage to the outside world!

In Dao Academy, there are usually some students who want to duel with each other. Usually, they come to the martial arts field to do it! In this place, you don’t have to worry about damaging the surrounding architectural environment! You can release your own cultivation power as much as you want. Use your full strength!

This place is also the only place in Immortal Spirit Dao Academy where fights are allowed! Among the cultivators who stay in the martial arts field, the Martial Battle Department students spent time here the most! Students at the Martial Battle Department were already majoring in killing. Fighting is a common thing! You’re not allowed to fight in other places in the Dao Academy, so you can only come to the martial arts field to vent whenever you feel upset! Although there would be many cultivators in the martial arts field, there were never this many before today.

As soon as Qin Xiaotian walked into the martial arts field, he felt like he walked into the Olympic Games.

At a glance, you can tell the densely packed young cultivators wearing all kinds of daoist robes, numbered at least more than 20,000! These cultivators are male and female. Men account for about 60%, and women account for 40%. Their cultivation base ranges from Qi Refining 9th Layer to Foundation Establishment 9th Layer.

There are many students in each different cultivation base stage. In addition to this year’s freshmen, there is a small number of cultivation bases in the Qi Refining 9th Layer. The vast majority of other students are almost all Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Many Foundation Establishment cultivators are the lowest-level disciples in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. But if you put it outside of the academy, in the cities of ordinary human empires, everyone can be considered a master. If they were placed in a regular human army, almost everyone could be called a ten thousand in one man!

Of course, there is an unwritten rule in the cultivation world. Any cultivator whose cultivation base reaches the Foundation Establishment Stage or above is not allowed to intervene in the secular world’s rights struggle! They are not allowed to massacre mortals. Otherwise, they will be hunted down by all the sects!


“Goodness gracious. There are too many people. This is the first time I found out that there are so many people in our Dao Academy. Just by looking around, there are at least 20,000 people!”

“You didn’t know? The Immortal Spirit Dao Academy has been in development for tens of thousands of years. Of course, there will be more disciples than you think. What you see is only a tiny part. In fact, most of the disciples in the Dao Academy are gathering experience in Demon Beast Sea!”

“I have also heard of this Demon Beast Sea. It is rumored to be a border between Nine States Continent’s cultivators and Endless Demon Beast. It is also the mainline of defense for human cultivators against Demon Beasts. That place is full of opportunities and also dangers. Every continent will spare no effort to kill those murderous Demon Beasts, but if one is not careful, one will be buried in the mouth of the Demon Beast’s mouth!”

“Not only our Dao Academy but also other Great Sects do this too. For countless years, we don’t know how many dead bones of cultivators were buried in the Demon Beast Sea and how many powerful people have fallen because of the beast tide. One day, I will also go to this Demon Beast Sea.” A burly cultivator said resolutely and decisively*.

*TL note: 斩钉截铁 zhǎn dīng jié tiě=literally to chop the nail and slice the iron; fig. resolute and decisive; unhesitating; categorical

Qin Xiaotian was a little intrigued when he heard the words.

He has long coveted Demon Beast inner core and Demon Beast’s flesh! However, within the Nine States Continent, Demon Beasts are rare. Even if there is one, some big shots will subdue it immediately.

Qin Xiaotian found it embarrassing to snatch someone’s mount, grill it, and eat it(?)!

This is too uncivilized! The last time he ate the inner core of Earth Escaping Beast, he learned the Divine Ability of Earth Escape Technique. Obviously, Demon Beast’s inner core is far more useful to him than medicine pills.

Generally, High Level Demon Beasts has innate talent Divine Ability, which is what Qin Xiaotian needed the most! Since the Monster Beast Sea is the boundary line between humans and Monster Beasts, he must be able to devour them once he got there!

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaotian began to yearn for this dreaded Demon Beast Sea!

“Okay, enough about the nonsense!”

“The Dao Academy is enthusiastic to gather all the disciples in the martial arts field. Isn’t this for fun?”

“I heard some rumors that the Dao Academy prepared a Surveying Soul Stone. It is said that this Surveying Soul Stone can detect the soul strength of any cultivator. Do you know what this means?”

“Is it to measure our talent? Generally, a cultivator with a higher soul strength will naturally have a higher innate talent, which means the greater the probability of Core Formation!”

“It must be the case. The golden core stage cannot be broken through with cultivating technique, consuming pills, or heavenly materials and earth treasures. You must have enough comprehension to understand the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, so that the soul can transform into Divine Sense, integrating the soul with a lifetime of cultivation, and condensate the Golden Core to master Power of Heaven and Earth.”

“I am still a Foundation Establishment cultivator. At most, I can only be counted as an ant. Only by entering the Golden Core Dao, can I be considered to be really on the road to cultivation!”

Qin Xiaotian shuttled through the crowd. Hearing their discussions, he couldn’t help but frown.

He doesn’t believe that the Dao Academy seniors’ intention is purely to detect the students’ innate talent! If you really want to test such a thing, why didn’t they do this at the first examination? Don’t tell me they can’t afford that!

The reason for testing the strength of the soul was to look for the Primordial Spirit of Green Robed Old Ancestor. They were worried about a disciple being possessed by the ancestor of the green robe. If such a great devil is really hidden in the Dao Academy, the big shots won’t be able to sleep.

Qin Xiaotian thought for a moment. Then, he understood the intention of the Dao Academy executives. He started to worry!

Although the Green Robed Old Ancestor did not take him over, his soul strength is no less not inferior to that of a Nascent Soul supreme expert, and it is even better than that. If this is detected and he’s being misunderstood as the Green Robed Old Ancestor, won’t he be hunted down?

Qin Xiaotian’s initially happy little face suddenly showed an uncomfortable expression like eating shit!

Sure enough, blessings do not come in pairs; misfortunes never come singly.

Just two days after he was happy, he encountered such bad luck!

“Can’t you just let me be happy forever?”

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