Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 51


Out of these seven powerful cultivators, four of them had met Qin Xiaotian.

The middle-aged man sitting on the main seat was obviously Dean Jin Chenzi. This person’s cultivation is unfathomable.

Qin Xiaotian accurately judged that his cultivation base should have reached the Nascent Soul Stage Great Perfection realm. Just one step away from Dividing Spirit Realm.

 Among the other six were Zhou Yishan, Wang Tianba, and Ouyang Xiaoyan. He had seen them before. The other three people, Qin Xiaotian, hadn’t seen them, but they were also Nascent Soul Stage powerhouses.

Although Qin Xiaotian’s cultivation was not high, his vision was impeccable. He gained 4,000 years of cultivation experience through devouring Green Robed Old Ancestor. He could see through the cultivation level of these seven bigwigs almost at a glance.

In addition to the Dean’s cultivation base at Nascent Soul Stage Great Perfection realm, Zhou Yishan’s cultivation base also reached Nascent Soul Late Stage.

The remaining five people, except for Ouyang Xiaoyan and an unknown young man who reached the Nascent Soul Middle Stage, the other three were in the Nascent Soul Early Stage.

“Elder Qin, you’re here! Sit down.” Dean Jin Chenzi said with a smile.

Although Qin Xiaotian looked very small, no one in the room thought of him as a kid. Even the Dean talked to him in a normal tone.

“Elder Qin, let me give you an introduction. This is Elder Huo Yang. Elder Huo is not only a Nascent Soul cultivator, but he is also a 5th Grade Tool Refining Grandmaster. And the only one Artifact Refining Grandmaster in our Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. If you want to refine any magical artifact in the future, you can ask Elder Huo to help!” Zhou Yishan pointed at a scumbag, a burly, middle-aged man about 40 years old who was introduced.

“Elder Huo, forgive my disrespect!” (Qin Xiaotian)

“Welcome, Elder Qin.” Huo Yang waved his hand.

He didn’t look very enthusiastic, and he didn’t really pay attention to Qin Xiaotian either.

“And this one is ‘Fang Buwei’ Elder Fang, 5th Grade Array Grandmaster, and one of the entire Nine States Continent Ten Great Array Grandmasters!”

Qin Xiaotian was slightly surprised.

The scrawny young cultivator in front of him looked like he was only at the Nascent Soul Early Stage, but he did not expect him to be a 5th Grade Array Grandmaster.

In the cultivation world, Array Grandmaster is much rarer than Alchemy Grandmaster and Artifact Refining Grandmaster.

Once Dao of Arrays reaches the grandmaster level, the array with formidable power he arranged can destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth.

Even the powerhouse of Nascent Soul Stage Great Perfection will accidentally capsize in the gutter.

“Nice to meet you, Elder Fang! This Qin is also very interested in the Dao of Arrays. I hope to have time to discuss with you someday!”

“Well, let’s talk someday!” The scrawny young man smiled and nodded.

“As for this, he is ‘Wan Fu’ Wan Elder, and concurrently head of the Rune Department. He is also a 5th Grade Rune Grandmaster!”

Qin Xiaotian became more and more frightened as he listened.

Each of the seven Elders of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy was not an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator. All of them have their own fame and own famous secret art!

But in another way to see it, it seems that someone being a powerful Nascent Soul but has no unique skills can’t become an Elder.

“As for me, Elder Wang, Elder Ouyang, and Dean, I believe you have already met. I will not introduce more. Now, let’s talk about today’s topic first!”

Zhou Yishan’s tone suddenly became serious. The atmosphere suddenly became very depressing!

“This is the case: this morning, this Eminence received the Communication Spirit Talisman from Demon Beast Sea Teacher Mo Yuan. There was a sudden Demon Beast riot over there. My Immortal Spirit Dao Academy students who were trained in the Demon Beast Sea suffered heavy casualties. Demon Beast Tide originally happened every fifty years. Now, it happened every ten years. Currently, we have two years left, but it seems the Demon Beast Tide might start early…” Dean Jin Chenzi said this with a pause.

At this time, all the Nascent Soul Elders showed a solemn look.

“How can this be good? If the Monster Beast Sea riots earlier than expected, and our army has not prepared enough, the Demon Beast Tide will break through the defense line. Won’t the Nine States Continent be overwhelmed?”

“We have not yet reached that point. This Eminence is just worried. To avoid the worst outcome, this Eminence would like to invite one of the Elders to lead three hundred elite disciples to go to the Demon Beast Sea to investigate. Which Elder is willing to personally go?”

When Qin Xiaotian heard this, his eyes suddenly brightened. He had long wanted to go to the legendary Demon Beast Sea!

It’s just that there have been a lot of things recently, and he had no chance to go.

Unexpectedly, someone brought a pillow when he just fell asleep.

“I’ll go! I’ll go, Dean! Please let me go. This Qin promises to complete the task!” Qin Xiaotian jumped up and said.

As soon as his voice fell, all the other bigwigs all looked confused!

Do some people actually want to go to Demon Beast Sea just to die?

To be honest, none of the Elders here took Qin Xiaotian seriously!

Because he is a reincarnated person, he is very likely to become a peerless powerhouse in the future. The Dean also promoted him to Dao Academy Honorary Elder.

But after all, the current him is just a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

This tide is more than a normal war! How dangerous is the monster sea? If you go near the outer edge of the sea, that’s fine.

But, once you go deep, even a powerful Nascent Soul will most likely never return! And to investigate the Demon Beast Tide’s truth, one must go deep into the Demon Beast Sea.

That’s a matter of nine deaths and still alive*!

It’s not too late for you to find a hole to hide, but you actually jumped up with excitement, still rushing to go? I have never seen such a positive death before!

*TL note: 九死一生 jiǔ sǐ yī shēng= nine deaths and still alive (idiom); a narrow escape; new lease of life

“Um, Elder Qin, the Demon Beast Sea is extremely dangerous. If your cultivation base recovers to its heyday, it may not be a big deal, but now you are like this. Isn’t going to the Demon Beast Sea seeking your own death?” Dean Jin Chenzi kindly reminded.

But Qin Xiaotian turned a deaf ear.

“Dean, please let me go. Everyone should give me a chance. Don’t robe my chance! I must go to this Demon Beast Sea!”

Everyone was speechless. What is there to rob you? You’re overthinking!

“Since Elder Xiaotian is so determined, then this task is given to Elder Xiaotian. This Eminence will send two Golden Core cultivators and three hundred elite disciples to walk with you. You must remember that killing Demon Beasts is the second priority. The main task is to find out the truth about the recent incident and rescue my Immortal Spirit Dao Academy students!”

“The Dean can rest assured. There is nothing that I, Qin Xiaotian, cannot solve!” Qin Xiaotian patted his chest and said with certainty.

The tasks were all fleeting clouds. Qin Xiaotian didn’t care about it at all. It was those Demon Beast inner core that already made him salivate!

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