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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 7



一A loud noise!

The dense sword qi and the fifty-meter-long terrifying sword qi bombarded Qin Xiaotian.

A powerful shock wave swept across instantly, spreading to a hundred meters away.

On the street, the tough granite ground exploded like a spider web.

Especially that terrifying sword qi. After slashing it in the air, it cut a huge gully of fifty meters long and two meters deep on the ground!

All of a sudden, rubbles and clouds of dust were flying everywhere, the wind became turbulent, and smoke surrounded the people there!

One Finger Asking Heaven Sword… truly worthy of the Zhao family’s secret art.

Such a huge power is really breathtaking.

“No matter how heaven-defying that little guy is, taking such a terrifying blow… I’m afraid he has turned into powder. There is no chance of surviving!”

Everyone sighed.

A supreme talent of this generation… this is how it fell.

Suppose he were given another twenty years. I’m afraid that even the peerless power of Jin Dan is not his opponent, but it is a pity… the wind will blow! (?)

At a young age too… It is truly a pity.

As the dust and smoke dissipated, the bloody picture everyone imagined did not appear.

Instead, there was a scene that made people tremble.

They saw the little brat in tattered clothes standing in a huge gully.

With one hand on his back, he stood proudly.

Although his body is still immature and small as always, he has this free and invincible domineering charisma.

In this picture, how can there be any signs of injury?

“This… How is this possible? Fighting against Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer powerhouse’s full blow unscathed????”

“My God, he’s a monster!”

“Is this brat’s body made of Nine Heavens Profound Iron? How can even with Zhao family’s One Finger Asking Heaven Sword, the skin of this little thing can’t be scratched?”

“It’s incredible! It’s crazy!”

“Did I cultivate a false immortal in the past 20 years? Why can a five- or six-year-old little kid be like this? What’s wrong with this world?”

“Compared with this brat, I found out that I was just rubbish. Heavenly Dao* is unfair!”

*TL note: The term “Heavenly Dao” to represent laws of nature that all beings in the universe, including human beings, must comply with. Basically, a god.

A crowd of onlookers even began to doubt life a little at this moment!

“Damn it, you messed up my hairstyle. You old thing, prepare to bear this brat’s anger!” (Qin Xiaotian)

Qin Xiaotian roared and stomped lightly. His small and exquisite body flew up into the air.

Standing in the air, with a wave of his small hand, dozens of black water dragons roared towards the three of the Zhao family.

This water dragon carries a frightening poison.

Zhao Lingfeng and the others were prepared.

We were underestimating the enemy the first time he strikes. It would be stupid to use the same move the second time!

As the Patriarch of the Zhao family, would there be no means to defend against the enemy?

Zhao Lingfeng made a big move. An ice blue bead emerged out of thin air in his hand. As soon as this bead came out, the temperature in the air dropped several tens of degrees.

“This is … Xuan Bingzhu(Profound Ice Pearl)?”

“Yes, it’s Xuan Bingzhu. The Zhao family really is a rich family. Xuan Bingzhu is a special spiritual bead that can be formed under millions of years of Xuanbing(profound ice)!”

“It is said that once this bead is refined into a magic weapon, it can be categorized as a real spiritual treasure. It is not only powerful, but also an offensive and defensive one. Zhao Lingfeng was originally a cultivator of Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer. With this bead, even a normal Foundation Establishment 5th Layer can also fight equally!”

“This little devil’s fleshy body is mighty, and also masters the Technique of Imperial Water and Expelling Poison? It is really amazing, but this Profound Ice Pearl seems to be just restraining Imperial Water Technique. This is difficult!”

The moment Profound Ice Pearl came out, Qin Xiaotian noticed that the water dragons’ action he controlled became very slow.

There is even a tendency to freeze quickly. Until no longer controlled.

But Qin Xiaotian didn’t care. Instead, with a pair of thieving eyes, he was staring at Profound Ice Pearl hanging above Zhao Lingfeng’s head.

The bead is so awesome, and it can control the power of Profound Ice.

Almost more potent than any treasure that Qin Xiaotian has ever seen. In fact, he hadn’t seen many treasures like it before.

“But if such treasure can be swallowed, wouldn’t I level up within minutes?”

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaotian’s eyes became fierce!

With a movement of his body, his speed was as fast as lightning, and he flew towards Zhao Lingfeng.

The three of the Zhao family knew that Qin Xiaotian was physically strong, so how could they let him get so close so easily?

With this gap, they furiously launched thunderous attacks towards Qin Xiaotian.

Various sword qi, ice thorns, and fireballs were thrown on Qin Xiaotian.

If it were any other cultivators, they would have been bombarded into dregs under such intense attacks, but Qin Xiaotian would not be moved at all. Despite your violent storms, I will only approach the Profound Ice Pearl.

With Qin Xiaotian’s desperate move, he quickly came to Zhao Lingfeng.

When Zhao Lingfeng saw his little hand stretched out, he moved towards the Profound Ice Pearl and grabbed it.

Zhao Lingfeng suddenly sneered at this moment.

“Really an ignorant and stupid little beast. This Profound Ice Pearl has already been refined by me and has almost become a part of my body. How can it be taken away so easily?”

While in the course of the battle, to snatch the magic weapon of others, this is basically an act of seeking death!

“Hehe! Since you want it, this Eminence will do it for you!”

Zhao Lingfeng sneered, letting Qin Xiaotian reach out and hold Profound Ice Pearl.

At this moment, he suddenly moved his finger with just one seal.

A sudden terrifying icy burst suddenly broke out on Profound Ice Pearl. Qin Xiaotian would be frozen into an ice sculpture almost instantly.

However, no matter how cold the Profound Ice Pearl is, this kid swallowed it without thinking about it!

 Everyone looked dumbfounded again! Even Zhao Lingfeng himself was stunned!

“This… what is this? Who even dare to eat Xuan Bingzhu?”

“If a big shot of Jin Dan period were to eat it, even they would have been violently killed by the cold contained on the Xuan Bingzhu. Is it possible that the little kid can’t think straight and felt so guilty, so he committed suicide by swallowing it?”

“Really a little devil. He dares to eat anything!”

As soon as Qin Xiaotian swallowed the Xuan Bingzhu, many system prompts sounded in his mind.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV11!”
“Ding! The host’s cultivation base has break through the Qi Refining 10th Layer!”
“Ding! The host’s cultivation base has break through the Foundation Establishment 1st Layer!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Profound Nether Divine Body!”
“Ding! The host’s Profound Nether Divine Body cultivation is completed, and the current level is full!”

【Profound Nether Divine Body: High-level body-refining secret art, which can be refined by absorbing endless Qi of Ten Thousand Years Profound Ice. Its Divine Body is indestructible and ignores all the following attacks by the Golden Core Stage. The Qi contained in Profound Nether can freeze everything!】


Qin Xiaotian is excited!

This bead, as he expected, was a rare treasure.

After devouring it, not only did he advance several levels in a row, but he also learned such extraordinary skill as Profound Nether Divine Body!

It’s so cool!

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