Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 68


“Heavens! So many ants!”

“This… Is this Demon Beast Tide?” Chu Yun shuddered.

The scene in front of her was too shocking.

The end of Devouring Metal Flying Ant could not be seen. Connecting the entire sea and sky into a line by the densely packed black creatures undulate hundreds of kilometers across.

At a glance, they were all big black ants.

Above the Heaven and below the Earth was the same. Like coloring a painting, the entire Heaven and Earth were dyed black.

Although Chu Yun was still young and has been in the Demon Beast Sea for a long time, she has heard of the horror of Demon Beast Tide more than once, but she has never experienced it herself. The visual shock caused by the countless Devouring Metal Flying Ant was simply beyond words. Qin Xiaotian was calm on the surface, but he too was shocked!

This scene was a hundred times more shocking than the special effects of the American blockbuster’s alien invasion on earth. This was no longer a question of Demon Beast or Demon Beast; this was simply a disaster destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth.

Just when Qin Xiaotian was going to use the Earth Escape Technique, a huge flame burst into the sky not far away.

Qin Xiaotian saw an old man wearing a fire red daoist robe, exuding immortal and invincible golden flames, standing proudly above nothingness. The aura on this person was extraordinarily powerful, exuding a fierce fighting intent all over him.

He stood with his hands behind his back, and he seemed to have no intention of backing away from the endless Devouring Metal Flying Ant.

Obviously, he was very confident in the strength of his cultivation base.

“That’s… That’s Senior Lie Yang! I didn’t expect the Flame Senior to appear here! But can he stop them?”

“‘Stop them’? You’re thinking too highly of him. I think his cultivation base is just Nascent Soul Late Stage. Sure, in the eyes of an ordinary cultivator, this cultivation base is just as powerful as a god. But facing these endless Devouring Metal Flying Ant·····” Qin Xiaotian did not continue.

Devouring Metal Flying Ant may be a slightly more powerful ant in the eyes of other cultivators. Even if the number is large, they cannot withstand a single blow. But the cultivators who have experienced Devouring Metal Flying Ant Tide before will know how tenacious and terrifying the vitality of this Devouring Metal Flying Ant!

“Senior Lie Yang is the Nascent Soul powerhouse that has been famous in the Demon Beast Sea for a long time. His fire attribute Divine Ability has reached the pinnacle of creation. He also has a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact in his hand, which can burn the mountains and boil the sea. Even those amount of ants is not enough to threaten Senior Lie Yang!” Chu Yun refuted Qin Xioatian unintentionally.

With the spread of black ant tide, fire red daoist robe old man has been surrounded by countless flying ants.

The old man was calm through and through, without the slightest of panic in his eyes. He was in a robe without any wind.

Just at this time, the old man took out a Magical Artifact.

This Magical Artifact was fiery red all over, exuding a blazing flame shaped like a hood.

The moment Magical Artifact was taken out, it rose to the storm and quickly turned into a colossal fire barrier with a height of 100 meters.

Nine flames Divine Dragons flew out of the fire barrier.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” The sound of nine dragons roared resounds through Heaven and Earth. Vibrating in all directions, far away and clear.

Each of these nine Fire Dragons was hundreds of meters long, with terrifying flames emanating from all over their body.

And at this moment, a Fire Rain covered the sky and earth. As if it was a heaven flame meteor.

Countless flames fell from the sky. Under the unrestrained sweeping of Fire Dragon and Fire Rain, with the old man as the center, within 20 kilometers of the circle, all turned into a fire sea.

The blazing fire was constantly burning, and the scope of the sea of flames was also increasing. Countless Devouring Metal Flying Ants died in the fire sea.

Nascent Soul powerhouse really has two brushes(?).

This single fire sea move alone killed at least millions, even tens of millions of Devouring Metal Flying Ants. But compared to the entire ant tide, it was only a drop in the bucket.

“This Magical Artifact… could it be the legendary Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier?”

“That’s correct! The famous magic treasure of Senior Lie Yang is Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier. This weapon can not only summon nine flames Divine Dragon, but also turn Heaven and Earth into a flame domain. In such flame domain, even the Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse may not pose a threat to Senior Lie Yang!”

Qin Xiaotian nodded; his eyes were fiery.

The Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier used by this red robed old man seemed to be just a fake, not the real Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier. The real Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier was said to be an Immortal Artifact. It was made of nine kinds of strange fire between Heaven and Earth, plus Blood of True Dragon and the Soul of Divine Dragon.

Once Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier comes out, it can burn Heaven and Earth and change the entire planet.

The Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier used by Lie Yang incorporates at most a low-grade different fire, which is a thousand miles away from the Immortal Artifact. But even if it is just a fake, it is a powerful Magical Artifact with formidable power. And at the level of 5th Grade Spirit Artifact.

He was originally the powerhouse of Nascent Soul Late Stage, plus with Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, no wonder he was confident. But this guy was overconfident. It’s even quite bloated!

He used Nascent Soul Late Stage’s cultivation base to escape the encirclement of Devouring Metal Flying Ant. Like that would be a breeze!

Who knows how old this fellow is? It’s so ridiculous to act tough towards the ant tide.

Qin Xiaotian felt that this Nascent Soul big shot would likely be a tragedy!

The situation was indeed the same as expected by Qin Xiaotian.

Devouring Metal Flying Ant is not afraid of death. Even in the face of the terrifying fire sea, they still rushed up without fear. And at this moment, a group of larger Devouring Metal Flying Ants were illuminated with golden light after another.

The flying ants exuding golden light are incredibly tenacious.

It seemed that the terrifying flame was not that awesome. It only worked for a while. Even more terrifying that the Golden Light Flying Ants were surrounding the flame.

Lie Yang suddenly found himself trapped in a barrier. That’s right. It was a barrier composed of Devouring Metal Flying Ant!

This Nascent Soul Late Stage big shot finally panicked.

According to his original thought, although the ants were countless, it would never trap him because he is the Nascent Soul Late Stage powerhouse. He never thought to kill all the ants completely. He only thought to kill a few of them, and not impossible for him to escape.

Slaughtering a wave of ants first, then blazing a bloody path, and escaping with his cultivation base should be absolutely fine. After all, Devouring Metal Flying Ant’s flying speed is far worse than that of Nascent Soul powerhouse!

But the thing is, does anyone ever know that flying ants can also create barriers?

The Nascent Soul supreme expert burst waves of terrifying flames and the fire sea spread to a distance of fifty kilometers. He fought desperately for his life to get out of the barrier of Devouring Metal Flying Ants.

However, he couldn’t get out. Every time he destroyed some Devouring Metal Flying Ants, there will be more and more waves of flying ants.

They can’t be killed.

The Power of True Essence on his body was also being consumed more and more severely.

In the end, after annihilating tens of millions of Devouring Metal Flying Ant, the Nascent Soul Late Stage powerhouse killed himself to the waves!

And just as Lie Yang was drowned by ant tide, Qin Xiaotian’s silhouette suddenly disappeared. The next second, he emerged next to Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, grabbing the 5th Grade Spirit Artifact into his hand.

Just as countless Devouring Metal Flying Ant rushed to Qin Xiaotian, he disappeared again. Instantly returned to Chu Yun.

“What… That’s Space Divine Ability, Teleportation?”

“Hurry!” Qin Xiaotian had no time to explain. After grabbing Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, he grabbed Chu Yun’s hand and used the Earth Escape Technique!

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