Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 69


The endless Devouring Metal Flying Ant moved towards Qin Xiaotian.

An earth colored light appeared for the two of them. They instantly dove 100 meters underground. They escaped at an incredible speed towards Desolate Sky City…

Although this Life and Death moment was terrifying but equally exciting, Qin Xiaotian did not expect that he would pick up the 5th Grade Spirit Artifact, Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier. Beautiful!

Sure enough, danger and opportunity coexist!

Although Devouring Metal Flying Ant covered above the Heaven and below the Earth with no loopholes, it was still impossible to encircle Qin Xiaotian, who used the Earth Escape Technique!

“Lord Xiaotian, did you really use Teleportation?! That’s the Space Divine Ability that many Nascent Soul powerhouses don’t have!” Chu Yun looked at Qin Xiaotian with a look of admiration.

Although he was a brat in front of her eyes, from the moment she was saved from the Wild Thunder Leopard, everything that Qin Xiaotian revealed was reverent from the bottom of her heart.

No matter what kind of danger he encountered, this Little Brat never seemed to have suffered any damage!

Keep showing off but has never been beaten in the face. The greater the danger he encounters, the more he benefits. The experience of this one day is like a legendary story!

With Chu Yun’s more than 20 years of experience combined, none of it is as exciting as today! What’s even more awesome is that the Senior Lie Yang, the famous Nascent Soul powerhouse of Demon Beast Sea, has died.

But somehow, Qin Xiaotian could still get chestnuts out of the fire. Not only did he grab the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, which was about to be lost in ant tide, but he managed to escape!

Plucking a flying goose’s feather, leaving no room!*

*TL note: 雁过拔毛 yàn guò bá máo= lit. to grab feathers from a flying goose; fig. to seize any opportunity; pragmatic

It’s so awesome that it can’t be described in words! If it weren’t for his young age, no woman in the world could resist the magical charm of Qin Xiaotian. After he grows up, who knows how many daughters of famous families will try to marry him. Even the Imperial Family Princesses, cultivation Aristocratic Family maids, and sect saintesses that will go crazy over him!

In short, all the geniuses she had seen cannot be compared to Qin Xiaotian. They’re all trash!

Even Murong Bai, the number one in the Nine States Continent Peerless Supreme Talent Ranking announced by Heaven’s Secret Pavillion, can’t compare with Qin Xiaotian.

In the face of Chu Yun’s admiration, Qin Xiaotian just waved his hand calmly.

“The Divine Ability magic spell I just cast is not a great spell. It’s just a small range Teleportation. Compared with the real Space Divine Ability ‘Void Great Teleportation’, it’s still far behind!” Qin Xiaotian said modestly.

In fact, what he said was correct. Qin Xiaotian learned a little bit of Space Rule from the space inscriptions on the Space Ring. He was far from mastering the really powerful Space Divine Ability.

From the Green Robed Old Ancestor’s memory, there was truly one powerful man who mastered the Void Great Teleportation, making that person instantly teleport beyond hundreds of millions of light-years. These powerful people shuttle among countless galaxies, just like walking through their own back door. That’s the real awesome!

Soon, Qin Xiaotian and Chu Yun arrived at the Desolate Sky City!

When he and Chu Yun got out of the ground, many cultivators flocked in the direction towards the city with horror on their faces.

Some cultivator screamed in horror while flying, “Ants!… The ant tide is coming! A lot! A lot of terrifying big ants!”

Entering Desolate Sky City, Qin Xiaotian found that countless cultivators were waiting to fight. There were also some cultivators whose everyone complexion was pale and have just fled from outside the city.

“What kind of ants is that?! How could they be so terrifying?!”

“I don’t know. Fortunately, I slipped fast. Otherwise, I would feed myself to the ants.”

“You didn’t see that even Senior Lie Yang has already died?! When I was fleeing, I saw Senior Lie Yang fighting with countless flying ants. Although he killed some flying ants, he died in the tide! “

“How’s that possible…? Senior Lie Yang is the powerhouse of Nascent Soul Late Stage. He also has a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier. In the previous Demon Beast Tide, Senior Lie Yang has made great achievements once. How could a group of ants kill such a powerhouse?!”

“I’m afraid these are not some ordinary flying ants. If I’m not mistaken, they should be the Devouring Metal Flying Ant. Ranked Second in the ant race demon beast. It’s said that this ant is as hard as iron on the whole body, and its biting force is extremely terrifying. They can devour Nine Heavens Profound Iron. They can spew formic acid that can erode the True Essence Protective Cover. They also know how to cooperate with combat. Every they appear, their numbers are endless. There has never been such Devouring Metal Flying in all previous Demon Beast Tide. Am I wrong?”

“The Demon Beast Tide… it suddenly erupts just like this?”

“Hurry up and inform all cities! Come to defend the city! Never let Devouring Metal Flying Ant continue to sweep us!”

The entire Desolate Sky City burst into a powerful fighting intent. Not only Desolate Sky City but also Nine Great Ancient Cities. For a time, the sky was densely packed with cultivators. Countless cultivators rose up holding swords. The people who saw it were dazzled.

At this time, above Desolate Sky City, a cultivator wearing Golden Armored War Clothes stands proudly in midair. He was holding a red long spear, and his whole body exuded ten thousand golden glows, and his terrifying aura swept Heaven and Earth.

“Golden Armored War Clothes, God-Destroying Spear, A Nascent Soul Great Perfection, is that… the Desolate Sky City Lord?”

“Even the mysterious Desolate Sky City Lord has appeared! It’s said that Desolate Sky City Lord is the descendant of the Desolate Sky Great Emperor. In his entire life, he guarded Desolate Sky City and has never allowed Demon Beast Tide to ravage the Nine States Continent. The Desolate Sky City Lord will appear every time Demon Beast Tide erupts!”

“The descendant of the Desolate Sky Great Emperor is truly admirable!”

At this moment, the Desolate Sky City Lord opened his mouth.

“Protect the territory of Human cultivators! Never let the Demon Beasts wreak havoc every inch of the Nine States Continent! Fellow cultivator, who’s willing to slaughter the enemies with me?” Desolate Sky City Lord roared. The sound was thunderous, and it instantly spread to every corner of Desolate Sky City.

Although the words are simple, they carry a wave of soaring pride.

The 100,000 monks in the city were full of enthusiasm! There seemed to be a flame burning in their hearts. The blood within their bodies was flowing!

Although humans are mischievous and always plotting against each other, this time, they all let go of their grievances and fought side by side. Because they are humans! Whether they are good or bad, they always have something in their hearts to protect.

“The city is here, and the city is dead! I’m waiting for the City Lord’s order!”

“I’m waiting for the City Lord’s order!”

“I’m waiting for the City Lord’s order!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Countless cultivators were indignant. Although many cultivators are greedy for life and fear death, they were full of blood at this moment.

For a time, every cultivator burst out an astonishing aura.

Qin Xiaotian looked at everything in front of him and couldn’t help to feel a little moved. He was envious.

Will the time come when I give a speech, and then hundreds and thousands of cultivators will respond?

This is a charming personality!

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