Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 84


When Qin Xiaotian waved his hand, his Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier appeared.

He flicked.

A fire red lotus flower, which seems to be able to penetrate the barrier of space, burned at Cang Yun’s feet in a very strange way. The flame appeared to have no temperature, but Cang Yun screamed extremely hard.

He made a water dragon to put out the flame. But the flame was so strange that it could even burn water!

Even monstrous flood seems to be unable to extinguish this little flame.

For a moment, all the cultivators present were frightened.

“Is… is that Red Lotus Karma Fire? Is that really THE Red Lotus Karma Fire?”

“It is rumored that the Red Lotus Karma Fire is a strange fire that ranked ninth in the list of strange fires. It can burn everything in the world. As long as the fire entangled a creature around Karma Power, no matter what method you use, it is impossible to put it out! Even if you’re a Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse!”

“All sentient beings in this world, as long as they’re alive, who can’t be infected with Karma Power? Who can truly mess with Karma? Any being ignited by the Red Lotus Karma Fire, I’m afraid it’ll destroy both your body and soul!”

“Does that mean the Daoist Cang Yun, Lord of Heaven Encompassing Sect Master, will die today in the hands of a child?”

The onlookers’ faces showed amazement.

Although Qin Xiaotian’s performance was terrific and repeatedly slammed Cang Yun and shamed him in various ways, no one ever truly thought that Qin Xiaotian could really kill Cang Yun.

If he has this strength to kill Cang Yun… Are you kidding me? A little brat with Golden Core 3rd Layer cultivation base, killing Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse- don’t be ridiculous!

Everyone knew a couple of stories about one or two people with a weaker cultivation base managed to kill someone higher than theirs. But killing a person with much MUCH higher cultivation base is just too much!

The atmosphere was depressing and suffocating.

At this moment, Dean Jin Chenzi’s airborne sound transmission suddenly sounded in Qin Xiaotian’s mind.

“Elder Xiaotian, please also show mercy to your subordinates. Although Cang Yun is shameless and deserves to die, he is still the Heaven Encompassing Sect Master and Daoist Yun Xiao direct disciple. It may not matter to you if you kill him, but I’m afraid that it is going to make an unending feud with Heaven Encompassing Sect and Immortal Spirit Dao Academy!”

Just when Jin Chenzi’s sound transmission was finished, Desolate Sky City Lord’s airborne sound transmission sounded again in his mind.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, I also ask you to please take the overall situation as your priority. Now that the Nine States Continent is turbulent. We cannot afford to take any chances. If you kill Daoist Cang Yun, will Senior Yun Xiao just give up? If a Dividing Spirit Stage powerhouse try to chase and kill, where can you escape?”

The two current powerhouses tried their best to persuade Qin Xiaotian, but Qin Xiaotian seemed unable to listen.

His bull temper had come up. No matter who you are, if I don’t beat you up, you won’t know how cruel the Young Master is!

“You two don’t need to persuade me. Even if I let Cang Yun go today, won’t he wait for an opportunity for revenge in the future? I ruined Heaven Encompassing Sect’s protecting treasure, Suppressing Devil Cauldron. It’ll become a deadly hatred. Who cares about one more?”

As soon as these words came out, both experts were silent.

Although Qin Xiaotian looked reckless, he actually analyzed it thoroughly.

Now that you have already feuded with others, never expect to shake hands and make peace.

The people you let go today will never thank you for your compassion. They will find ways to kill you. Even if they can’t kill you, they will try to disgust you!

Qin Xiaotian’s mind is not really that of a five-year-old child. Why should he change his mind just because of a few words from others?

His eyes were firm and full of sloppy killing intent.

Just at this time, Cang Yun, who was still lit by the Red Lotus Karma Fire, showed an unprecedented resoluteness in his eyes, as well as a strong desire to survive!

He shaped his fingers to look like a knife, swiping across the sky, and even chopped his lower body into two.

A strong man broke his wrist to survive. And Cang Yun cut off his lower body in order to survive!

Fortunately, his upper body was not affected by the Red Lotus Karma Fire. Otherwise, he could only abandon his physical body and take over a Nascent Soul cultivator’s body to escape!

The reason why Nascent Soul powerhouse is called Nascent Soul powerhouse is because hey have all kinds of lifesaving methods. Even if their physical body is destroyed, they can still use the Nascent Soul to drag out their own soul. If you can find a suitable physical body for body possession, the big deal is that you have to rebuild your cultivation a few hundred years again! Five hundred years later, he can be another man!

Cang Yun cut off his lower body. Even if this cultivation world has heavenly materials and earthly treasures that can regenerate severed limbs, he will still be severely injured. It won’t be strange if his cultivation base drops one or two realms.


Cang Yun cut off his lower body… would Qin Xiaotian let him go? That is obviously impossible!

When Qin Xiaotian was about to move his hands and kill Cang Yun completely, his upper body suddenly froze in midair and his figure and aura. And at the crucial moment, he crushed a jade talisman and shouted, “Master, save me!”


Suddenly, Heaven and Earth shook!

The sky was broken. A big hand covered the sky, covered the sky for thousands of miles away.

This giant hand flicked, and all Qin Xiaotian’s attacks were instantly bounced away, and even the burning Red Lotus Karma Fire was wiped out.

The terrifying and powerful aura was like a God descended to this world.

Millions of cultivators present shivered.

“This is the power of the Dividing Spirit supreme expert? So terrifying!”

“A mere hand shattered the sky and put out the Red Lotus Karma Fire. With this invincible World Destroying Might, who in the entire Nine States Continent can compete with him?”

“There’s such a powerhouse in this world…! I’m really a frog in well. I thought that being in the Golden Core Stage could be regarded as an expert. But in front of such powerhouse, we’re really like an ant!”

“He is the foundation of Heaven Encompassing Sect, Daoist Yun Xiao, one of the current Supreme Powerhouse, do you really think he’s just a talk?”

“That said, isn’t Qin Xiaotian in big trouble?”

“Fuck! I can’t stop shivering! I’ve lived for more than a hundred years, but I’ve not seen this many powerhouses before in my life. From now on, I can brag about it. This is too scary!”


Qin Xiaotian became like an ice cellar.

The Dividing Spirit Stage’s power is too strong as if they themselves are fused with the power of Heaven and Earth.

With each movement, the power exuded from the broken sky.

This heavenly giant grabbed Cang Yun, who was half-broken, in his hand,

Then a sigh can be heard from the void: “Oh! What a pain! This Lord asked you to come to Demon Beast Sea to assist the Desolate Sky City Lord, but you’re making trouble instead. How old do you think you are? And you still do these pointless disputes. Disciple, why are you so troublesome?”

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