Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 85


With a majestic sigh, a black hole appeared in the void, and Yun Xiao stepped out of the black hole calmly.

Qin Xiaotian looked up at the sky.

A fat man as fat as a pig, squeezed himself out of the black hole.

The man looked very young, and he looked like he was in his early twenties. The fat man looked to weigh in 200 kg or more, and the corners of his mouth showed a sneer from time to time.

Squint eyes, collapsed nose, double chin, oily face. His appearance was wretched in every way.

“That’s the real Daoist Yun Xiao?” Qin Xiaotian’s eyes almost fell to the ground.

Not only him, all the cultivators who were present at the scene were also shocked…

This wretched fatty was very far from the majestic peerless expert in their minds…

Shouldn’t such a peerless expert appear as a peerless heroic figure? How could it be a wretched fatty?

Of course, although this scene was a bit shocking, his strength is not fake.

As the powerhouse of the Dividing Spirit Stage, who would dare to look down on him?

“Master, you’ve to decide. This Qin Xiaotian is not a human at all! He’s a humanoid beast. He not only ruined my Heaven Encompassing Sect Heirloom Supreme Treasure, Suppressing Devil Cauldron, but also made your disciple’s body, my body, suffered heavy injuries, and ruined my lower body! You need to take action to suppress this little bastard and return Heaven and Earth to a bright future-” Cang Yun was sad and angry until he was cut off.

“pa!” There was a crisp sound. Yun Xiao had slapped with his backhand to Cang Yun.

Cang Yun’s whole body was frozen. He didn’t expect that his Master would slap him backhandedly.

“Evil creature, do you think you can deceive the Lord with just a petty lie? Obviously, it was you who took others’ magic treasures and bullied the weak. You overestimated your own strength, and you were almost killed because of it. From beginning to end, you reap what you have sown. Can something like this be blamed on others? If it’s not for the fact that we have a master-disciple relationship, your love for your own thousand years of honor, this Lord will save you the trouble from shaming yourself everywhere in the future!” Yun Xiao was righteous. On the fat and wretched body, there was an aura of righteousness inexplicably exuding.

All the cultivators present here could not help but develop an admiration!

Yun Xiao’s unbiased approach quickly gathered people’s hearts. It improved everyone’s impression of Heaven Encompassing Sect, who was always acting domineering.

“See! That’s the real senior expert, not an ordinary cultivator! How can a cultivator have such a grand mind!”

“People say that a one’s heart is as wide as one’s own body, and the saying really holds up. So, this is the true Daoist Yun Xiao!”

“It’s a little different from what I imagined. I didn’t expect that the real Daoist Yun Xiao, who has the exceptional cultivation base of the Dividing Spirit Stage, is reasonable. Although he has a unique appearance, he does have a Grandmaster style in dealing with people!”

“A Big shot is a big shot. He knows right from wrong, doesn’t bully the weak, and doesn’t act on bias. This is the truly admirable person!”

When there were many discussions among the cultivators, Yun Xiao’s eyes turned towards Qin Xiaotian!

“You are the Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian, correct? Many major sects in the cultivation world have recently been talking about your deeds!” Yun Xiao with admiration.

“It’s just rumors. Will the big shot give me enlightenment?” Qin Xiaotian shrugged as if he was not salty or indifferent. Even when facing a Dividing Spirit big shot, he was not respectful!

“Don’t worry. This Lord won’t make things difficult for you. Since it’s my evil apprentice that made the mistake first, I will not worry about my destroyed inheritance magic treasure. Now that the Nine States Continent is in chaos, it is possible that an unknown disaster can erupt at any time. We, cultivators, should work together to tide over the difficulties. We must not kill each other. You should keep in mind!” Yun Xiao’s remarks seem not only to Qin Xiaotian but also to all the cultivators present here.

“Senior’s words- I will remember it!” Desolate Sky City Lord said respectfully.

“I will remember!”

“I will remember!”


For a time, all the cultivators present, whether they were the Nascent Soul Stage, Golden Core Stage, or Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators, all spoke in unison.

The image of Daoist Yun Xiao Senior expert was infinitely magnified at this moment. Everyone’s admiration for him was not only in cultivation but also in his broad mind in dealing with people!

A strong cultivation base can make people feel fearful. To truly make people respect you, it’s not only enough to have a strong cultivation base, but you also need to learn to be a human being.

Yun Xiao was impeccable at the cultivation base and even with his handling of people. But Qin Xiaotian felt a little awkward from the beginning.

This seemingly upright and fair-working Dividing Spirit big shot doesn’t seem to be as simple as he seems.

It might be just Qin Xiaotian’s paranoia. He felt some sort of crafty plot is brewing behind this Yun Xiao.

Of course, it may be because he overthinks!

In a word, it is a blessing in misfortune that the peerless big shot did not attack him!


Three days later. Finally came the day when the Great Sects gathered and headed for the Demon Beast Sea. This time, there were eight Nascent Soul Great Perfection cultivators, twenty Nascent Soul Late Stage cultivators, and 72 Nascent Soul Middle Stage cultivators. The Ninety Nascent Soul Early Stage powerhouses were working together.

Of course, there was also Qin Xiaotian with a Golden Core Stage cultivation base and Yun Xiao with Dividing Spirit Early Stage Peak cultivation base.

A total of 192 powerhouses can be called the most luxurious lineup of Demon Beast Exterminators in the entire Nine States Continent’s history of the last thousands of years.

At this time, in a luxurious Cave Mansion, Cang Yun, who had lost his lower body, has his limbs attached back to him.

Although his cultivation base dropped a realm, it was still amazing to be able to recover his lower body so quickly.

“Many thanks to Master for helping the disciple to reattached my body! Master’s great grace, this disciple will remember it in his heart forever!”

“Okay, stop with the nonsense! Be careful in the future, and don’t act recklessly again!” Yun Xiao said impatiently.

“Master, the disciple is puzzled. Why didn’t you destroy the little bastard, Qin Xiaotian, that day? He has a 6th Grade Spirit Artifact in his hand!”

“Idiot! Do you know that you almost ruined my plan?! This Lord has laid out the plan for many years, and it was so hard to wait until today. You’re not allowed to make any mistakes. If you make this Lord’s plan fail, I will burn your bones to ashes!”

At this moment, Yun Xiao exuded an extremely cold aura mixed with a monstrous killing intent. Compared with the previous image of awe-inspiring righteousness, he was like two different people.

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