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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 86


In the last few days, the debate among millions of cultivators has gradually approached the heat. Of course, they would.

The Space Worm-Hole was about to open again, and the billions of Demon Beasts would once again raid the Nine States Continent. Who knows who spread the rumors out.

Millions of cultivators were in an uproar! Some became panicked, some became shocked, some became sorrowful, some became helpless… Various complex emotions were brewing in everyone’s mind.

On the brows of countless Foundation Establishment cultivators, a deep sorrow appeared involuntarily!

“Damn it! I was wondering why there are so many Nascent Soul powerhouses, including the Dividing Spirit big shot that came to the Demon Beast Sea. It turns out that this Heaven and Earth is about to be in another calamity!”

“Sure enough, it’s the Demon Beasts again!”

“A while ago, all kinds of weird phenomena appeared in the Demon Beast Sea. Most cultivators have gone out of town to hunt and never returned. Even some Golden Core and Nascent Soul powerhouses have died one after another. Ten days ago, a tide broke out. The Metal-Devouring Ant Tide! This Demon Beast Tide is two years ahead of schedule, and all these signs indicate a great disaster!”

“Don’t be so pessimistic, everyone! This time a large number of powerhouses gathered in Demon Beast Sea just to reseal the Space Worm-Hole. Led by Daoist Yun Xiao, a total of 192 powerhouses, they’ll go deep to the Demon Beast Sea! They’ll fight against the endless Demon Beast for the sake of the world. This battle will surely be won!”

“The current situation is much better than fifty thousand years ago. At least the Demon Beast Tide has not completely erupted, the Space Worm-Hole is still sealed, and everything is still possible to save!”

“Damn it! I can only blame my cultivation base for being too low. Otherwise, I would also go to the Demon Beast Sea!” A young cultivator said indignantly. Of course, other people were really filled with indignation!

Some people were purely speaking hypotheticals! If they really plunge themselves into the depths of Demon Beast Sea, their legs might not be able to stop shaking!


Nine States Continent. Desolate Sky Calendar, year 50,048 of the common era, autumn.

This day was destined to be a day remembered by history.

For the first time in the last thousands of years, there were so many Nascent Soul powerhouses gathered together. Regardless of their own danger, they relentlessly entered the dreaded Demon Beast Sea in order to save Heaven and Earth from calamity.

They carry the hope of hundreds of billions of people on the entire continent. This battle can only succeed. No failure is allowed. Even if they die, they have to die useful.

When millions of cultivators watched them left the Ten Great Ancient Cities and flew to the endless vast sea to the east, everyone’s mood was extremely heavy.

Qin Xiaotian followed the team from behind. He once again spotted the silhouette of Cang Yun in the crowd of people.

The lower body of this guy who had been cut off actually grew again. Although his cultivation base dropped a realm, it was still amazing.

Although the cultivation world does have some treasures that can regenerate broken limbs, his recovery is still too fast, right?

In just three days, the severed body was completely restored!

Who knows if it was because of Yun Xiao or Heaven Encompassing Sect.

However, this guy seemed to become honest after being seriously injured and no longer was arrogant. Instead, he became very low-profile. Even when he saw Qin Xiaotian, an enemy who humiliated and trampled on him, he was very calm.

As if the past went with the wind, everything was a fleeting cloud. Like for the sake of saving the world, he can completely let go of his personal grudges.

Cang Yun’s appearance made many peers’ powerhouses secretly nod their heads.

Although Heaven Encompassing Sect usually acts overbearing, but in the true matter of right and wrong, he still knows the importance.

Qin Xiaotian had a look of disbelief. If this guy can discern right and wrong, he wouldn’t have tried to snatch my Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier!

Soon, the entire group flew 500 kilometers east.

Along the way, all the Low-Level Demon Beasts encountered, including 3rd Rank Demon Beasts, were all beheaded by the Nascent Soul powerhouses.

When they flew more than 500 miles, a vast sea appeared in front of them.

A thick white mist pervades the sky above the sea. It is shrouded all year round. You won’t be able to even see your own fingers. Even with the eyesight of Nascent Soul powerhouse, the visibility does not exceed more than 100 meters.

At this time, a Nascent Soul Middle Stage cultivator stood out.

With a wave of his big hand, a violent tornado rolled up in the sky.

This tornado’s formidable power is in no way inferior to Earth’s terrifying hurricane of the eighteenth magnitude. However, under such terrifying storms, the sky-white mist seemed unable to be blown away.

“Useless Fellow Daoist Qing Ling, this fog didn’t exist for a day or two days ago. If ordinary methods can disperse it, it won’t be covered with mists all year round!” Desolate Sky City Lord kindly reminded.

“Then what do we do? This fog not only greatly limits our visions but also seems to hinder the Divine Sense scan. If I enter, my perception will be greatly reduced. Not only will it be difficult to distinguish directions, but it’s also very likely that we’ll get sneak attacked by Demon Beasts!”

Having said that, many Nascent Soul cultivators frowned.

The reason why the Demon Beast Sea was so dangerous and abnormal was largely related to the fog/mist.

This mist is extremely strange; not only can it restrict vision and hinder Divine Sense, but it also produces all kinds of poisonous gas. Ordinary cultivators would poison themselves to death if they went inside this poisonous miasma.

Nascent Soul cultivator is not afraid of this miasma, even if they’re sure to be affected.

“There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just a fog, that’s all. Even if there’s a little obstruction, what fear do I have to wait? Those Demon Beasts don’t come sneak attack. Alright, just wait here and watch, I’ll kill as many as I can, get the Demon Beast inner core, and maybe make a small profit.” A cultivator from Nascent Soul Late Stage, said extremely inflated.

“That’s right! There are so many of us, all of them are powerhouses, and Senior Yun Xiao is sitting here. We can make a bloody way!”

Desolate Sky City Lord couldn’t help but be speechless in the face of the two Nascent Soul cultivators’ inflated words.

Are these guys here to seal the Space Worm-Hole, or are they here to kill the Demon Beasts to get their cores? Will the Demon Beast Sea’s High Level Demon Beast be so easy to hunt? Where did this confidence and courage come from?

On the surface, the major experts gathered, but in fact, they were doing their own thing, and it was just a mess.

Nascent Soul powerhouses were taunting each other. Almost no one obeyed anyone.

The operation was led by Yun Xiao, but the central key figure was still Desolate Sky City Lord. With the strength of Desolate Sky City Lord, it seems a bit difficult to calm down those guys who have higher eyes, and it is basically impossible to make them follow the command!

Thinking of this, Desolate Sky City Lord’s mouth smiled bitterly.

“Everyone, please listen to me. The Ancestral Talisman on my body will emit an aura of light as soon as I approach the Demon Beast Sea. This light will guide us to find the direction of the Heaven-Sealing Mark. In the future, please, I ask you not to fall behind. The Demon Beast Sea is very dangerous, and I hope everyone can proceed with caution!”

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