Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 102 A Distressing Smile


“Are you okay? Onii-chan?” Akabane Nadeshiko was worried. She helped Raishin to stand up and handed him an ice pack.

“I’m okay …”

Raishin answered with a wound caused by the puppet on his face.

“Didn’t you say that you want to learn martial arts? Why can’t you avoid such a simple attack?”

Rozen’s words caused Raishin to froze for a moment.

“Nadeshiko, you have to pay attention when using puppet technique, if you can’t concentrate, you will lose control.”

Akabane Tenzen had the character of a nice big brother and taught her patiently.

“Yes, onii-sama.” Akabane Nadeshiko accepted every word he said.

But …

“Why onii-chan is such a scaredy-cat?” When talking to Raishin, Akabane Nadeshiko’s tone became a bit rude.

At home, Akabane Nadeshiko will call Akabane Tenzen as onii-sama to show respect and will call Raishin onii-chan to show her closeness.

As for Rozen, Akabane Nadeshiko was called him Narukami onii-san, which was somewhere between respect and closeness.

However, in general, Akabane Nadeshiko and her elder brothers were very close, and they never had a fight with each other.

“I also heard that onii-chan defeated a very powerful shikigami in ​Izanagi’s forbidden area. I didn’t expect that onii-chan was that amazing.” Akabane Nadeshiko said.

But Raishin didn’t particularly care.

“I have always been like this.” Raishin said, “All I can do is just running around to bait some shikigami.”

“As I expected.” Akabane Nadeshiko nodded, and then her tone suddenly softened. “But, onii-chan must have worked very hard, right?”

“Well … almost …” Raishin was a bit embarrassed. He scratched his head.

“Of course, you are my onii-chan.” Akabane Nadeshiko said with a bright smile.

Those siblings looked so close.

“By the way, Narukami onii-san.” Akabane Nadeshiko turned to Rozen and asked, “I heard that the engagement between you and the princess of Izanagi is postponed. Is that true?”

“Yes.” Rozen replied casually, “After all, we ruined the test by destroying the building along with the token, and it would be too rude to talk about marriage.”

“Really?” Akabane Nadeshiko murmured, “This also means… “

However, Rozen was a bit suspicious.

“Seems like there is something wrong.” Rozen thought.

“Please don’t feel discouraged, onii-san and onii-chan.” Akabane Nadeshiko tried to comfort them.

“The marriage between our family and Izanagi is already a decided matter, and my two brothers will have the opportunity to associate with Her Royal Highness Princess Izanagi.” Akabane Nadeshiko said with a smile.

“What’s going on? Does she know everything about marriage between our clan and Izanagi?” Rozen thought.

“Maybe.” Raishin said, “But even if it turns out to happen, Her Royal Highness Princess will only see Narukami, not me.”

“Really? Onii-chan, why would you say that?” Akabane Nadeshiko said dissatisfied, ” Where is your confidence?”

“Nadeshiko is right, Raishin.”

Akabane Tenzen also said, “Even if you decide to practice martial arts, you should have confidence in yourself. Once you lose your confidence, no matter whether it is magic or martial arts, you will not be recognized by anyone.” Tenzen’s words were a bit strict.

Raishin has already walked away from the path of magic, and if he was lost in his new path of martial arts, then he will never come back to the right path again.

“I’m not confident in myself.”

Raishin glanced at Rozen and said, “Big brother, Nadeshiko, you don’t know this, but Her Royal Highness is already interested in Narukami.” As soon as he said that, Akabane Tenzen and Akabane Nadeshiko were shocked.

Immediately, the two of them became very interested in the topic.

“Is that true? Narukami onii-san?” Akabane Nadeshiko asked curiously.

“That …” Rozen felt a bit awkward.

“That’s what happened.” Hearing Rozen’s words, Akabane Tenzen confirmed that Raishin was not lying and could not help but smile.

“It’s awesome, Narukami onii-san. You are indeed a prodigy in our clan. Even Her Highness Princess Izanagi has been fascinated by you.”

Akabane Nadeshiko smiled sincerely and was happy for Rozen.

But Rozen realized there was a bit of sadness and disappointment in her expression.

“Narukami onii-san really can do everything, and I’m proud of you.” Akabane Nadeshiko said.

But Rozen didn’t hear her that time.

Rozen only knew that her smile felt like in a distressing situation.

Rozen just watching from the sideline, when Akabane Nadeshiko back like her usual self, and chit-chatting with Raishin and Akabane Tenzen.

“Maybe I’m just overthinking it?” Rozen thought.

Those siblings talked about various topics until dark.

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