Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 103 Time Has Change


Everyone came back to Akabane Clan’s residence, Rozen was also back to his daily life. He always cooped up in his room, studying magic and never came out, like a shut-in.

But others saw Rozen’s dedication and commitment, so they gradually respect him.

“Master Narukami has worked very hard.”

“In terms of talent, Master Narukami is definitely equal to Master Tenzen.”

“Unfortunately, Master Narukami is not a descendant of our Akabane Clan.”


“It’s a pity.” The clan members praised him and also pitied him at the same time.

The reason was simple.

Because Tenzen had Crimson blood flowed in his veins, but Rozen didn’t.

That was a big difference between those two.

Because Rozen couldn’t learn the secret technique Crimson Wing Formation.

As a result, even though Rozen already used Telekinesis, Spirit Vision, Body Hardening, Magic Defense, and Heavenly Eye at the same time, he couldn’t win against Tenzen, who was using Crimson Wing Formation in the mock battle.

That was the power of Crimson Wing Formation.

Not only could it increase the magical power by tenfold, but it could also control many puppets at the same time.

And its power increased by numbers of puppets controlled by its user.

Because of that, Akabane Tenzen progressed faster than before after learning the Crimson Wing Formation, making it harder for Rozen to catch up to him.

Crimson Wing Formation required a lot of blood to be converted into magical power, and ordinary puppets couldn’t withstand the tremendous power that technique could produce.

In other words, the magic output of Crimson Wing Formation was too huge for ordinary puppets could handle, and it will be crushed instantly.

Therefore, Rozen could still counterattack Akabane Tenzen to a certain degree during the mock battle.

Because of the huge amount of magical power Crimson Wing Formation could produce, Akabane Clan started to think to produce their own puppets, which could withstand that crazy power.

However, when Akabane Tenzen learned about that, he hesitated for a while and stated such a statement.

“I have no objection if we can produce an automaton.”

In other words, Akabane Tenzen was not satisfied with the puppets made in the family, but he wanted to use an automaton.

It had a built-in magic circuit, capable of using magic, and a living puppet.

In other words, Akabane Tenzen was ready to deal with a ‘Delicate Magic.’

If Akabane Tenzen got his hands on automaton and combined with his Crimson Wing Formation, he might be a number one in that country.

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And something big in the world happened, the automaton’s creator started to collaborate with the military faction.

The one who was considered a genius in creating automaton dolls was a woman who liked to drink alcohol, and a bit lazy, she never made a doll for the country before.

But time has changed, that woman collaborated willingly with the military faction to create an unbeatable automaton.

Its name was Oborofuji.

It was a monster that could use powerful magic, even if it was controlled by ordinary magus.

The emergence of that automaton changed the country a lot.

Peoples finally began to use automatons.

And the military preparing to create a special force that used automatons to clear their missions.

And if Akabane Tenzen got his hands on such terrifying automaton, he might be able to destroy the world.

Looking at that situation, Rozen had an idea about automaton.

“If it is not good enough, I’ll make it myself.” But Akabane Tenzen had an even crazier idea that was to create his own puppet.

He didn’t want to use his family’s puppet and started to research a technology to create his own puppet.

“If Master Tenzen can make a powerful puppet which can match his abilities, no one in the country can match him.”

“I don’t expect to make monsters like Oborofuji. Only a first-class creator can make that kind of puppet.”

“I’m sure Master Tenzen will have a bright future ahead of him.”

The clan’s members put a high expectation in Akabane Tenzen compared to Rozen.

Those people did not know.

Although Rozen did not master Crimson Wing Formation, he also did a lot of research on it.

In the past few years, he has mastered many techniques and could summon Intermediate familiar with various abilities.

That day, Rozen will make breakthroughs.


A strong magical power suddenly rose from within that boy’s body.

That boy opened his eyes and glanced at a wooden sword next to him.

The wooden sword immediately flew up, as if it was held by an invisible person, and after a spin, it slashed powerfully.

Suddenly, an energy wave swept across the ground caused by the wooden sword.

“Boom!” With the sound of the explosion, the ground was crushed by that attack.

Seeing that, Rozen suddenly smiled.

“The Seventh Step – Magic Blade.”

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