Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 131 Become Your Automaton


“Woohoo, I am so fast.” Sweat was dripping from Yaya’s forehead.

Rozen looked at Yaya, who suddenly appeared there in a shocked look.

Not only Rozen, but even Akabane Tenzen was shocked when Yaya appeared out of nowhere.

“Automaton …” Akabane Tenzen knew Yaya’s identity in the first glance.

Akabane Tenzen couldn’t take his eyes off from Yaya.

“What a realistic automaton …”

Where did she come from?

Akabane Tenzen fell into deep thought.

“Urgh …” Yaya was paralyzed on the ground.

“Magic …” Yaya said softly.

Unlike Rozen, who flew all the way there riding his familiar, Yaya went there using her own feet.

For that reason, Yaya almost squeezed out all her magical power in her body to pursue Rozen; she barely caught up at the most important moment.

However, it exhausted Yaya’s magical power.

Without it, she might stop operating.

And she was about to faint at any moment right there.

Rozen asked about Yaya’s condition.

“Wh … Why are you here!?”

Yaya had the urge to laugh.

In fact, Yaya herself didn’t know why she immediately followed Rozen.

Yaya only knew …

“Without Yaya, you would have died just now, you dumb human.” Yaya replied with such a sentence.

“You …” Rozen was speechless.

Akabane Tenzen has already prepared another wave of attack.

“Come back, Hotaru.” Hotaru jumped back to his side obediently.

Akabane Tenzen crossed the fire and looked at Rozen and Yaya.

“It really surprised me.” Akabane Tenzen said.

“It seems you catch a big fish at Karyuusai’s place.”

Akabane Tenzen had guessed Yaya’s identity.

“If it is Shouko Karyuusai’s masterpiece, combined with your ability, should I be pleasantly surprised?” Akabane Tenzen said that in an expressionless way.

“Let me see… Which one is the best, Karyuusai’s masterpiece or mine?” After he said that, Akabane Tenzen released a huge amount of magical power.

All his automaton formed a formation, protecting Akabane Tenzen inside the formation.

Looking at that scene, Rozen almost enhanced magical power in his body to fight them.

At that moment … “Give… Power!”

Yaya spoke to Rozen from behind.

“Please give Yaya your magical power!”

Rozen was confused when he heard that.

“This time, only this time, Yaya will be your automaton!” Yaya said.

Rozen was still confused.

“Won’t you regret it later?” Rozen wanted to confirm.

“Yaya has a name. Don’t call Yaya by you.” Yaya answered.

“I see, Yaya… ” Rozen get prepared.

“Let’s go!”


At that point, the world’s best automaton and the world’s best puppeteer finally worked together.

“Hotaru!” Akabane Tenzen channeled his magical power into Hotaru’s body, causing Hotaru’s body to burn like a flame, and then she rushed forward.

Hotaru’s speed was faster than Yaya’s speed earlier.

However, that was Yaya’s speed when she almost ran out of magical power.


Rozen channeled a crazy amount of magical power into Yaya’s body.

Yaya felt her body was like about to melt; she was overflowing with a crazy amount of magical power.

“Haaaaaaaa …”

Yaya suddenly made a move.


The ground exploded and leaving a huge hole.

“BOOOM!” Yaya’s speed extinguished the trajectory of the blazing flame, it disappeared completely.

Yaya rushed toward Hotaru at an amazing speed and zoomed in front of her, even less than a second.


Hotaru didn’t have time to stop Yaya. She could only shoot the charged flame in her hand and blasted it into Yaya’s body.

Facing the blow with the hot wind, Yaya didn’t have the slightest of fear in her mind, concentrated her strength to her arm, and clenched her fist.


Two great power clashed.

Immediately, one of them fell down.

“Ahhhhhh!” Hotaru screamed.

The automaton that was overwhelmed by the terrific power was blown away without resistance, the impact of Yaya’s attack reached Akabane Tenzen’s place and cracked the ground in a huge parameter.


Akabane Tenzen was shocked.

He couldn’t help wondering.

“It’s amazing …” Yaya never felt like she was right now.

“Even Master can’t give me power on this level …”

Well, Shouko Karyuusai was a master for making automaton, not a master puppeteer.

Be it technique, quality, or amount of magical power, Rozen was far above Shouko Karyuusai.

That was why Rozen could control Yaya flawlessly even though that was his first time to control an automaton.

Now, Yaya was truly worthy of being called a world-class automaton.

“This is just the beginning.” Rozen activated a new Kuji-in and provided more magical power to her, while also paying close attention to Akabane Tenzen.

“Let’s see what you will say this time.”

“VWOOOM!” Yaya leaped toward Akabane Tenzen like a storm.

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