Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 133 Catch Up To Me


Rozen couldn’t react fast enough.

Kamakiri raised her sickle aiming at Rozen’s neck.

Needless to say, that was enough to take a normal human’s life.

And Yaya was stopped by Kagerou, but Yaya chose to break through Kagerou’s block.

“Give way to Yaya!” After yelled that, she concentrated her strength on her feet and kicked Kagerou.

Rozen wanted to tell Yaya.

“Don’t attack her!”

Because Kagerou was obviously confident that she could block all of Yaya’s attack, and Akabane Tenzen seemed to have prepared something to counter Yaya.

If Rozen still had some space, he will definitely use Forced Domination to cancel Yaya’s attack.

But Akabane Tenzen has already calculated that possibility; he will launch a sneak-attack using Kamakiri so Rozen couldn’t save Yaya.

After all, Rozen has just teamed up with Yaya recently.

Rozen immediately used Magic Defense on himself.


Magic Defense’s barrier was successfully protected him.

If it was a fire attack from Hotaru, Rozen’s Magic Defense might not be fast enough to stop that blow.

But Kamakiri’s attack was using a weapon, so Rozen’s Magic Defense was able to stop it.

“Not even a scratch?”

Akabane Tenzen was aware of Rozen’s Magic Defense.

” …!?”

Rozen fiercely turned his head and looked toward Akabane Tenzen.

In the next second, Rozen finally saw the worst scenario.

“Crimson Wing Formation …”

Akabane Tenzen’s magical power flowed like electric shocks, circulating all over his body.

At that moment, Akabane Tenzen stretched out his hands; under such circumstances, visible changes appeared on Akabane Tenzen’s body.

“Urgh …” Akabane Tenzen’s eyes turned red.

The crimson blood circulated fast in his body.

Blood came out from Akabane Tenzen’s back, and his magical power multiplied.

It was almost like a pair of red wings growing out of his back.

That was …

“Crimson Wing Formation …”

Akabane Tenzen’s eyes turned red, and he concentrated his magical power in his fingertips.

The magical power equivalent to hundreds of magus was concentrated on those ten lines, and those ten lines extended out.

Then, five links were connected to Kamakiri, and five other to Kagerou.

“BOOOM!” Kamakiri showed such a huge destructive power.


Kagerou also showed her new power.

Their power was greatly improved.

The battle came close to the final result.


Kamakiri successfully destroyed Rozen’s Magic Defense.


And Kagerou kicked Yaya from above, and then she cornered Yaya.

The ground was stained by a lot of blood.



Rozen and Yaya got cornered because of Crimson Wing Formation.

Rozen and Yaya fell to the ground one after another; they couldn’t get up again.

Hotaru, Kamakiri, and Kagerou returned to Akabane Tenzen.

Akabane Tenzen remained silent; he stared at Rozen, who lay in a pool of blood.


After a while, Hotaru stepped forward; she said, “Can I finish him off?”

Hotaru wanted to deal the final blow.

But Akabane Tenzen shook his head.

“It’s dangerous.”

Akabane Tenzen said so, making Hotaru and the other confused.


Where did that come from?

Hasn’t the enemy been successfully defeated?

The girls thought so in their hearts.


“Did you forget what I just said?” Akabane Tenzen said lightly, “I’m curious about my brother’s secret.”

In other words …

“He hasn’t used it.” Akabane Tenzen said very calmly, “It’s because of that, I will leave Tamamushi, Mitsubachi, and Himegumo around. His power is more tricky than I thought.”

In order to watch out for Rozen’s secret technique, Akabane Tenzen prepared his automaton to keep an eye, and he will use Kagerou as a last resort.

It could be seen how curious Akabane Tenzen about Rozen’s secret technique.

Rozen hid his summoning system because he wanted to learn the Akabane Clan’s technique first, and will use his summoning technique when necessary.

Of course, if Yaya didn’t show up earlier, Rozen would have used his summoning system already.

Because Akabane Tenzen’s automatons were equal to superior familiar thanks to Crimson Wing Formation.

Rozen could only use Yaya to fight against the enemy; he will use the summoning system as his trump card.

Akabane Tenzen realized that, so he left a few of his automaton on guard.

They fought each other in such restraint, and in the end, Akabane Tenzen, who mastered Crimson Wing Formation, came out as a winner.

“This is the power of Crimson Wing Formation. Without this power, you will always lose to me, Narukami.”

“You have been trying to chase after me.”

“See if you can catch up to me.”

Leaving such words, Akabane Tenzen left with all his six automatons around him.

The flames were still burning.

Rozen was enduring the pain.

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