Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 138 Defeat


“Cough… cough… cough…!” Raishin stained the ground with his blood.

Raishin ignored his own injuries to see Rozen.

He stared at Yaya and shocked her.

Yaya didn’t know Raishin, but she could guess that he was …

“Are you from Akabane Clan?” Yaya asked about Raishin’s identity.

“Akabane Clan?”

Raishin smiled and laughed when he heard about that.

“Does Akabane Clan still exist?” Raishin clenched his fists, screaming to the wall, “That person has ruined it! He destroys everything!”

The dojo where Akabane Raishin was staying at was located not far from there; it was on the hill.

In other words, from there, he could see what happened to Akabane Clan.

Raishin was training martial arts while watching Akabane Clan from the shadow. Until that day, he saw the mansion was on fire and rushed back.


Raishin came back and saw Akabane Tenzen was at the center of that purgatory.

Raishin, who was aware of the condition, was driven by hatred and desperately rushed toward Akabane Tenzen.

As a result, he was severely wounded.

All clan members were slaughtered, and the one who did hat was the big brother that he regarded as a close relative.

In that situation…

“I won’t forgive anyone who takes away my family from me …!”

Raishin shouted and was about to rush towards Yaya’s direction.

Immediately, Yaya’s magical power was enhanced using Eve’s Heart, and she was ready to attack Raishin.

“Don’t bring me shame, you stupid disciple.”

Raishin stopped moving when he heard that voice.

“…!?” Yaya was also startled.

He was a man who was as slim as a woman.

“Sure enough, you are late, Raishin.”

That man slowly came over; he was wearing a light blue kimono, wearing a bucket on his head, wearing sandals at his feet, and having a beautiful face like a woman.

And there were Japanese swords on his waist.

Yaya smelled danger from him.

“Hibari … Sensei …”

That person was Raishin’s master, the dojo master of the sword technique for years — Hibari.

Raishin generally referred to him as a Sensei.

Hibari, he looked around and, in a relaxed tone said, “It seems that you have lost.”

What he said was enough to lit the fire.

At least, just for Raishin.

“I… I haven’t lost yet!” Raishin shouted.

“Yes, you are still alive.” Hibari said, “As long as you are alive, you will not lose.”

That was true.

“I must kill him…! I will kill Akabane Tenzen!”

Raishin shouted out such hateful words.

Hibari didn’t feel surprised, just asked, “How?”

His words pierced Raishin’s heart.



“With your current strength, is there a chance to win?”

Hibari’s words kept piercing Raishin’s heart.

How will Raishin defeat Akabane Tenzen with his six automatons and Crimson Wing Formation at his arsenal?

“I …”

Raishin shed tears and vomited blood.

“If I didn’t learn a useless sword technique…!”

Raishin said those ungrateful words in front of his master.

“If I stayed at Akabane Clan, if I had practiced magic from an early age …!”

Raishin was thinking about that.

In that regard…

“I didn’t think that you were so naive even to use all of that as an excuse.”

Hibari said, Raishin remained silent there when he heard that.

But Hibari did not stop.

“Because I can’t win, because I can’t achieve my goal, because I was too weak, because I learn sword technique. It was…”

Hibari stared at Raishin.

“I can’t stand people like you.”

At that time, a terrifying murderous intent emerged from Hibari’s body.

“What …!?”

Raishin was shocked.

Not only Raishin, but Yaya was also shocked

Yaya felt a deadly threat from Hibari.

In other words, Hibari has the power to kill Yaya.

“How… how come?”

Yaya could not help but feel frightened.

How could a swordman possess such enormous power?

Not only Yaya, but Raishin also couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Sensei, you…” Raishin couldn’t finish his words.

Raishin didn’t know why his sensei’s behavior changed.

Hibari put his hand on the waist and prepared to draw his sword.



The ground exploded with the sound like thunder.

That was the phenomenon caused by Hibari’s sword.

Hibari suddenly drew the sword in a light-speed that no one could see it.

He slashed the ground around Raishin, leaving a deep hole.

Raishin was speechless.

And the same goes for Yaya.

“Magic Blade…!?”

That was just his normal slash.

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