Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 145 The Land Of Hundred Years Of War


“Rayshift preparations are starting!”

“Ready to proceed!”

“Begin to confirm the Object!”

“Begin to confirm the Year!”

“Reconfirm the singularity point!”


“Start to countdown!”

While Rozen and Mashu were listening to Roman’s explanation, the technicians focused on the system.

“After we successfully handled singularity point F, I trace human history through Sheba’s reconnaissance and found seven singularity points.”

Roman was very serious in telling them the matter.

“Those seven singularities are all leading human history in a different direction. If there are any errors, humanity can’t develop to the point where it is now.”

“Your job is to fix all of those singularities and save humanity.”

“Otherwise, 2020 will never come, and humanity will be destroyed after the end of 2019.”

After explaining the current situation, Roman explained the mission’s content.

“This time, you will be transferred to one of the seven singularities, and the location will be France in 1431.”

Mashu and Rozen were surprised when they heard Roman.

“1431 …?”

“France …?” Those two looked at each other.

Because on that year that was …

“It seems you know where I’m going with this.”

Roman was like a parent who was so happy seeing his child grew up.

“Yes, France in that era is the period of the Hundred Years War.”

“Hundred Years’ War.”

It began in 1337 and lasted until 1453. It lasted for more than 100 years and was called the longest war in the world.

The war involved Britain, France, and later Burgundy.

During that period, many new tactics and weapons were developed.

France finally won the war and allowed them to unite their nation.

Laying the foundation for future expansion in continental Europe, England lost almost all of its territory in France, but it caused the rise of the English nation.

And during that war, there was the famous hero in history-Jeanne D’ Arc.

“She was a French hero who liberated Orleans, and she was a Catholic saint, the most famous saint in the world. She set off from her hometown at the age of seventeen. The French army won a glorious victory like never before, and finally led to the crowning of Charles VII, who had the right to inherit the throne, laying the foundation for French victory.” Roman explained.

“Unfortunately, Jean D’ Arc was captured by Burgundy in Compiegne’s skirmish in 1430, and England bought her with a huge sum of money, framed and sentenced her for heresy and witchcraft, tortured, and executed in front of the public in Rouen, France. Twenty years later, the English army was completely expelled from France. The case was finally settled for her in 1456, and was named a saint by the Vatican after five hundred years.”

And such a saint was tortured in 1431.

“The time of your Rayshift is shortly after Jean D’ Arc died in the hands of England.” Roman said.

“In this time, Charles VII should have signed a truce with Philip III of England. Although there are still some small frictions between those two countries, there is no major war at that time.”

But it has developed into a singularity, and it meant that something went wrong.

“Maybe, the war continues.”

“Maybe, Charles VII and Philip III didn’t sign the treaty.”

“Perhaps, some other country suddenly joined the war for whatever reason.”

Roman calculated all the possibilities.

Either way, it could lead humanity to extinction.

“Your goal is to investigate that era, find out the singularity, and fix it.” Roman said.

“Although I don’t know what’s goes wrong in that era, to fix it means…”

Rozen suddenly said, “Get the Holy Grail and destroy it, right?”

Rozen’s words surprised Mashu.

“The Holy Grail?”

Mashu was shocked when she heard that thing.

But Roman nodded.

“Although it’s just speculation, the singularity should be related to the Holy Grail, just like the singularity F.”

Thanks to saber who possessed the Holy Grail, humanity was in danger.

“It’s the same this time, right?” Roman said, “It’s not easy to change human history if there is no Holy Grail involved.”

And …

“Moreover, no doubt, there is a hand behind the scenes.”

Romans’ words snapped Mashu.

“Professor Lev …”

Mashu whispered the name.

It was that man who caused Fuyuki City’s singularity and caused Chaldea to bear huge losses.

“And Fuyuki City’s Holy Grail is still in the hands of Lev Lenor, and the appearance of the seven singularities must be Lev’s doing. Imagine what kind of chaos he would bring like in Fuyuki City before.”

Roman said very seriously.

“Therefore, you must pay attention to the information related to the Holy Grail during the investigation and get the holy grail that caused the singularity or destroy it.”

“The rest is in the description.”

Roman’s eyes stared at Rozen and Mashu.

“This time, Chaldea will fully support you and will not let you fight alone like in Fuyuki City.”

“Perhaps we will not be able to provide you with much combat resources, but please rest assured about the support. Leave it to us.”

“And also, we have invited that, so stay tuned.” That was the end of Roman’s explanation.

Rozen’s heart moved.

“Which one?”

“Will it …”                                                                          

When Rozen had an idea in his mind, Roman ordered him to go.

“Now enter the Rayshift Capsule and prepare for the Rayshift.”

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