Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 150 Dragon Witch


The battle was over in a matter of minutes.

After seeing Mashu’s overwhelming combat power, the two-footed flying dragons all scattered, flying away in every direction.

Could that be considered lucky?

What’s more, the dragon numbers could be a dangerous threat to Mashu.

If the two-footed dragons didn’t choose to retreat and called their comrades instead, the situation will become worse.

Fortunately, the two-footed dragon finally gave up after seeing Mashu’s strength.

The disaster was settled in such a way.

“Senpai, fortunately, I brought the dragon.”

Mashu was holding a giant shield in one hand and dragged the dragon that was unconscious, on the other hand.

A fragile-looking girl was dragging a two-footed flying dragon with one hand.

The scene was shocking everyone, and France’s army just stared at her without saying a word.

Even Marshal Gilles frowned.

“Good job, Mashu.” Rozen could not help but patted Mashu’s head.

That was a reward given by Rozen.

“Without my support, you can still beat the dragon so easily. Probably, in the past three months, you must have trained your combat skills very hard, right?” Rozen said.

Back in Fuyuki City’s incident, Mashu lacked experience and combat skills.

Although her defense was quite high, her combat power was slightly insufficient, Rozen thought he had a servant who was equally as the superior servant but only in terms of defense.

Three months ago, Mashu couldn’t be able to drive the dragon away so easily.

But now, Mashu’s combat power has been improved, and even the dragons wouldn’t be able to scratch her.

Rozen could easily guess that Mashu must have undergone rigorous training, and Mashu did not deny that.

“This is all the director’s idea.” A short sentence made Rozen completely understand.

With Olga Marie’s personality, naturally, she wouldn’t sit idly, just watching Mashu not making any progress.

Therefore, in those three months, Olga Marie must have spent a lot of resources in the Chaldea, specially formulated to build training facilities for Mashu, and allowed her to participate in a large number of mock battles before she could make Mashu’s strength fully enhanced.

If the current Mashu and Rozen were to fight against Saber in Fuyuki City before, they could win even without Holy Grail.

“It seems I’m not the only one who is trying to become stronger.”

Rozen sighed a bit and patted Mashu’s head even harder, making Mashu even more embarrassed.

“Fu!” On the contrary, Fou jumped off from Rozen, ran to the unconscious dragon, and kept poking at it with his forelimbs.

Until Gilles de Rais approached them with the army.

“Thank you very much for your assistance.”

Gilles de Rais gave a military salute to them loudly.

“If you need any help from us, you can call us right away.” Gilles de Rais offered them.

In that regard, Rozen said, “What we need is nothing more than information.”

“Information?” Gilles de Rais frowned.

“That’s right.” Rozen pointed at the two-footed dragon and said, “What the hell is going on? Why is this creature in France?”

Because Gilles de Rais might not know anything about magic yet, So Rozen didn’t speak too frankly and asked the necessary questions.

The legendary creatures shouldn’t walk around in the humans’ territory casually in that era.

Rozen believed Gilles de Rais should be able to give him a good explanation regarding that.

Sure enough …

“So that’s how it is, you are not French, and also you don’t seem to be British either, did you come from a distant foreign country?”

Gilles de Rais sounded as if he understood the reason Rozen asked for the information.

“If you are French or English, you know, just a few days ago, those monsters suddenly appeared in France and ran rampage in our country. Almost all of France was attacked by them, and even the cities were destroyed. After several days, the British in the country had withdrawn, and it was only us left here.”

Rozen didn’t say anything when he heard that, instead Mashu had already spoken in surprise.

“Did England withdraw due to dragons’ attack?” Mashu could not help but said, “Did Charles VII not sign a truce agreement?”

If a truce agreement had been signed, the English army should have retreated Rather than being forced to retreat by the dragon.

However, Mashu did not expect that it was actually the problem.

“… Don’t you even know this?” Gilles de Rais pondered for a while, then he calmly said, “Charlie VII is dead, and his army was ordered to kill Dragon Witch.”

“Who is this Dragon Witch?” Rozen asked.

The problem was even more complicated.

“Who is it?” Gilles de Rais stared at Rozen’s eyes.

“As long as you are French … no, even if you are not French, you must know her.”

After all …

“It was only three days ago that she was tortured and burned stape.”

Gilles de Rais clenched his fist.

And his words let Rozen and Mashu know who the so-called Dragon Witch was.


Gilles de Rais said frantically.

“She is our maiden, eternal maiden, Jeanne.”

“Jeanne D’ Arc revived, she decides to join the path of the wicked, carrying the hatred and vengeance, as a master of the Dragon, because her country betrays her.”

Gilles de Rais told important news to Rozen.

At that point, the singularity of that age has been found.

The resurrected Jeanne D’ Arc was the anomaly of the current singularity.

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