Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 151 Something…


The sky gradually became dark.

Until the night came, the dragons that have been flying back and forth in the sky of France did not return to their nests.

They disappeared just like that.

In the current situation, the army, led by Gilles de Rais, decided to camp outside.

After setting up the camp in an area that was not easily seen from the sky, the soldiers finally could rest.

Rozen and Mashu followed the army and settled in their camp.

At that time, Mashu was reporting the conditions to Chaldea.

“I see, I understand the situation.”

Roman appeared on the projection screen with a cautious expression.

“The one who led the dragons was the Dragon Witch… This is indeed an anomaly that causes the singularity.”

Whether dragon species that belonged to that era appeared in broad daylight destroyed several cities, the resurrection of the burned saint and King of France’s death were all events that were enough to change the history or not, they didn’t know for sure.

But those events did not appear in the historical records, proving that was an unusual phenomenon that should not have occurred in the current era.

The stain of that world must be removed.

Mashu reported the conditions to Roman and spoke like that.

“Now, we are operating with the elite French troops led by Marshal Gilles de Rais. This is senpai’s instruction.”

Because Charles VII was killed, France was in disturbance by the flying dragons, and at that time, the entire territory of France has entered a chaotic state, even the army was barely assembled, and it looked disorganized.

If it was not for the English army, the Dragon Witch would have conquered France.

In France’s current situation, it would surely be taken down by England.

Based on that, at present, France’s army has been reorganized by Marshal Gilles de Rais and was trying their best to defend from the attack, looking for opportunities to recapture the captive land from the Dragon Witch.

That was, the current enemy of the French army is also the Dragon Witch.

The enemy of their enemy may not necessarily be an ally, but they could cooperate.

So Rozen asked a request.

“… Yeah, you can fight against those monsters, which will be reassuring for us. As long as you are willing to help us, we can provide you with food and weapons.”

Gilles de Rais agreed with such conditions.

“Very well.” Roman nodded, then he asked, “Yes, where is Rozen now?”

“Senpai …?” Mashu’s expression suddenly became somewhat subtle. It was very complicated to say, “Senpai is busy with something else right now.”

“Something important?” Roman paused.

Just as Roman was about to ask something, in the woods not far from the camp, a terrible sound was heard by all of them, and the sound was scaring the entire camp soldiers.

“This … what is this sound!?” Roman was also scared.

Rather, it was Mashu, who had a hard time to explain things to Roman.

“Actually, senpai is researching the dragon caught today.”

Just what exactly was Rozen trying to research?

Roman wanted to ask that question, but he held back.

“Forget it… forget it, I don’t want to ask anymore.” Roman flinched.

Mashu also hesitated.

“Although senpai is … busy, he asked me to ask the doctor a few questions.” Mashu asked, “Excuse me, doctor, is Jeanne’s resurrection true or false?”

That was the first piece to figure out the problem.

Because …

“Senpai said that the resurrection of the dead is something that only Holy Grail can achieve.” Mashu said, “In this case, is Jeanne’s resurrection just a misunderstanding?”

There was a chance that Dragon Witch may not be Jeanne D’ Arc, or was someone impersonating Jeanne.

“I’m not quite sure about that.” Roman shook his head and said, “We haven’t seen Jeanne in person, and we know that Jeanne’s information is limited in historical records. I can’t interpret the answer, but what Rozen said is true, only Holy Grail that might be able to resurrect the dead.”

“After all, Jeanne as likely turned into a servant.” Roman said, “There is no past and future in the Spirit Realm. It’s possible if someone summons her into her own age.”

If so, then it was no wonder the people thought Jeanne was resurrected.

What’s more, most people didn’t know the existence of servants, and when they saw Jeanne D’ Arc, they naturally mistook her for being resurrected.

“Senpai thought the same way.” Mashu agreed with Roman’s statement, and said, “If that is the case, there is an additional question from senpai. Is the Saviour of the Nation the kind of person who will seek revenge?”

“That … ” Roman hesitated, then he said,” Although it is not impossible, it is hard to believe that the saint is such a person.”

The so-called saint was not just a nickname.

According to historical records, Jeanne was originally just a farm girl in a remote village in France.

Because she was a Catholic and prayed sincerely, one day she suddenly heard the voice of a god and decided to leave the village.

Such a little girl in the countryside suddenly wanted to lead an army to fight.

The doubts, mockery, and obstacles she needed to encounter were unbearable.

However, Jeanne did not give up, and in two years, she repeatedly achieved miraculous victories.

Even after being captured, she had nothing but prayers written in the Bible, a village girl who didn’t understand anything facing the pagans as her opponents, and she will continue to debate them, making the process of punishing her in the name of pagans became difficult.

“Marshal Gilles also said the maiden was a devout believer who asked for a cross from those who called her a witch.” Mashu said.

“Such a saint should not become a hero with resentment and eventually retaliate against her motherland.”

In summary, Rozen did not believe The Dragon Witch was Jeanne.

What was more important …

“Senpai said, there was no legend related to Dragon during her lifetime.” Mashu said word by word, “The summoning of the dragon and the Dragon Witch is an anomaly itself.”

Unless …

“Unless that Dragon Witch holds the Holy Grail in her hands.”

Such a voice came from the woods.

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