Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 160


In the end, France’s army successfully withdrew from Orleans.

Even though Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and the dragons were trying their best to stop France’s army, they were still unable to stop Mashu’s charge.

Mashu was originally a demi-servant who was very good at defense.

Mashu’s defense stat was extremely high.

Plus, Rozen cast Magic Defense, Body Hardening, and Magic Blade also raised her defense and offense.

Rozen also channeled a lot of magical power to enhance her power and stamina.

Even the tyrannosaurus summoned by Rider could not stop her.

Although France’s army suffered heavy casualties, they could still break through the encirclement thanks to Mashu for being their shield.

Orleans turned into a ghost town filled with so many corpses, and bloodstains on the ground, the only living being left were roaring dragons and a group of evil servants.


The witch riding on the dragon’s back held the banner and snorted coldly.

“I think they are just sewer rats. I didn’t expect they are good enough.”

It seemed Dragon Witch didn’t take the battle against Mashu seriously.

Otherwise, if she took it seriously, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

With that happened, Saber and Rider remained silent, but Lancer, Caster, Assassin spoke one after another.

“Don’t you want us to chase them, Jeanne?!” Caster said to Dragon Wich, “As long as you order us, I will even slay god for you.”

All the other servants were not as crazy as the Caster, but they were quite messed up too.

“I can also go after it.” Lancer said with a majestic voice, full of courtesy, and arrogant, “I can fight against the shielder evenly.”

However, someone disagreed.

“It’s not okay, Your Majesty.” Assassin said with gesture respect, but she didn’t carry much respect in his tone. She said, “The blood of a beautiful girl is my thing, You can’t snatch her from me even though you’re my master.”

The Assassin was a maniac who thirst for a girl’s blood.

“That will be difficult.” Lancer sneered, and then he said, “No one dared to rob things from me in the past, but I didn’t expect to experience it after death. I can pierce your body and put it outside the gate.”

“Really?” Assassin said, and she stared at Lancer, “Do you want to fight me?”

The atmosphere between Lancer and Assassin suddenly become tense again.

Even though they were companions, they often fought among themselves.

Caster was angry when he looked at those two.

“We are in the presence of the saint!” Caster shouted.

Caster’s harsh words made Lancer and Assassin frowned.

However, even if they were unhappy, those two servants did not object to Caster’s words.

Obviously, among those servants, Dragon Witch was the leader.

Dragon Witch glanced at Caster, and then said, “I don’t need you to say it.” Dragon Witch said, “Archer is already in pursuit.”

The servants still had a dispute among themselves, and finally, Dragon Witch decided that it will be Rider and Saber who will chase Mashu.

“… Is it okay?”

Saber said with a barely distinguishable and rather soft voice, whether he was man or woman.

Archer was a hunter. She has long been good at tracking, but Rider could catch up to her by riding a mount.

Saber, although his agile performance was amazing, he couldn’t match both Rider and Archer.

Also, he was good at espionage operations.

“It’s okay, you can catch up to her.” Dragon witch sneered, “You can catch up and destroy all the cities along the way.”

“… Understood.” Saber nodded.

Saber and Rider left.

Both Lancer and Assassin watched the scene without saying anything.

“I thought the two of them would refuse the task.”

“After all, the two of them were not supposed to be on our side.”

Lancer and Assassin talked.

“Well, let them finish their job.” Dragon witch said while turning her body.

“You can finish your task.”

“Kill everyone.”

“Destroy the cities.”

“Ravage anything you found.”


Dragon witch flew away with the dragon.

“Ah, I’ll wait for the supreme ruler, our saint …”

Caster held a magic book, stretched out his hands in the direction of the witch flying away.

“Then, let’s continue on the path of blood.”

“Just as I wish, Grand Duke.”

Lancer and Assassin left casually.

The two-legged dragons which gathered above Orleans suddenly split into several groups, followed by a servant, and left Orleans.

No one found someone was hiding in a corner, suddenly he came out.

“Idiot …”

After glancing at the enemy’s movements, Rozen sat down against the wall, gasping heavily.

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